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There was a row of small spotlights at the head of Ruan Sixian’s bed.

Usually, there were some small ornaments and incense placed there too.

These are not her decorations.

When she first moved here, Si Xiaozhen thought her room was too monotonous so she did the decorations for her.

After taking De Havilland Comet today, Ruan Sixian could not find a suitable place to put it, so she vacated a place for it there.

Coincidentally, the light from the spotlights that hit it just magnified the shadow of the airplane model and projected it on the opposite wall.

Ruan Sixian was lying on the bed and could see the arrogant shadow of the plane as soon as she opened her eyes.

This shadow is as haunting as Fu Mingyu.

Even if the spotlights are turned off, the street lights outside the window that pierce in will still somehow outline it a little bit.

Ruan Sixian turned over and couldn’t sleep, so she got up and drew the curtains tightly.

After a series of operations, Ruan Sixian felt that she could finally sleep peacefully tonight.

But as soon as she lay down, although she couldn’t even see her fingers in front of her eyes, her senses became clearer and more sensitive.

In this quiet room, the low voiced phrase of ‘You are really beautiful today’ lingered in her ear repeatedly.

What does a man mean by repeatedly praising a woman’s beauty It wouldn’t be simply appreciating beautiful things, right

Originally, Ruan Sixian had only been guessing what his thought was, but tonight she was so sure that Fu Mingyu was interested in her.

The sky fell and the ground cracked[1], and someone (FMY) had been beaten into madness.

Ruan Sixian pulled the quilt to cover her head, and the person’s WeChat messages were still lingering in her mind.

[Fu Mingyu]: You forgot to take your cake.

[Fu Mingyu]: I will send it down to you

Ruan Sixian understood now.

The dog man was not only interested in her, but also became tempted after seeing the beautiful her today.

Now, his heart is itchy.

He even dares to press her on the wall just now.

Wouldn’t he just press her on the bed if she really let him come to her house now

It seems that after that slap, the man’s waist had straightened up and he had confidence again in the way he talked.

He still wants to enter her house in the middle of the night.

Huh, he was thinking too beautifully.

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[Ruan Sixian]: I don’t want it.

[Fu Mingyu]: Shall I handle it then

[Ruan Sixian]: Whatever, I’m going to sleep.

[Fu Mingyu]: Wait, what time is your flight tomorrow morning

[Ruan Sixian]: Why

[Fu Mingyu]: I will send you off.

At six o’clock the next morning, Ruan Sixian opened her eyes and reached out to touch the light switch.

At the moment the light turned on, the shadow of De Havilland Comet appeared on the wall.

Ruan Sixian stared at the shadow for a moment, and it seemed like her consciousness had not been clear yet.

After a while, the alarm in her mobile phone rang.

Ruan Sixian recovered her senses and cursed ‘Dog Man’ in her heart.

——Also harasses me in my dream.

She sat up and opened the curtains.

It was so blurred that she couldn’t see clearly.

The rain hasn’t stopped all night.

Today’s flight may be delayed a lot.

But even so, Ruan Sixian had to arrive at the airport on time.

After getting up and having a simple wash, Ruan Sixian had breakfast and prepared everything, then afterwards she dragged the flight case to go out.

Fu Mingyu was very punctual.

When Ruan Sixian opened the door, he was about to ring the doorbell.

“Have you had breakfast”

The moment she saw Fu Mingyu, Ruan Sixian felt that his whole person seemed to have changed.

He stood in front of her and was dressed up like a gentleman, completely unlike the way he whispered in her ear last night.

On the contrary, Ruan Sixian was a little uncomfortable and only hummed a response.

“Let’s go.

It’s raining today and there will be traffic jams on the road.”


At the lobby on the first floor, Fu Mingyu’s driver had already parked the car outside.

Bo Yang came over with an umbrella and handed it to Fu Mingyu.

He took the umbrella, opened it and held Ruan Sixian’s shoulder.

“Let’s go.”

At the same time, Bo Yang took Ruan Sixian’s flight case and put it directly into the trunk.

Ruan Sixian felt that something was wrong.

Isn’t this action of yours a little bit too natural

[1] Major changes happened, as FMY’s mind turned crazy (for liking her instead) because of being hit by her.


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