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Ruan Sixian stretched out her hand and touched the material tremblingly.

The texture, the feel, the degree of fineness… Probably the lifespan of these aircraft models can be compared with that of a tortoise’s.

“Do you like it”

Fu Mingyu’s voice sounded in her ears.

Ruan Sixian trembled all over for a while.

He did it on purpose.

He definitely did it on purpose!

But she really likes it! She likes it! She likes it very much!

The villain in Ruan Sixian’s heart was already spinning and jumping frantically, but she had to restrain herself from acting like she had never seen the world in front of Fu Mingyu.

“I thought you would give me a real plane instead.”

“It’s not impossible.” Fu Mingyu lowered his head and said with a smile, “But there is a condition.”

This person’s eyes seemed to be able to speak and Ruan Sixian’s heart jumped when she met his gaze, feeling that there was something in his words.

No, there is indeed something in his words.

Ruan Sixian turned her back to him and looked at the display stand on the other side.

“Are these all your collections”


“You really want to give it to me”

“Just choose.”

Then I won’t be polite anymore.

Ruan Sixian touched this for a while, touched that for a while, and still hesitated even after a long time.

Fu Mingyu had been looking at her by the door.

After waiting for a long time, he saw her tangled and added: “I didn’t say that you can only choose one.”

Ruan Sixian looked back at him, “Really”

Fu Mingyu: “In this room, whatever you like can be given to you.”

I like it all! I like everything in this room!

This dog man is really too much like a human today!

He asked: “Do you like it all”

Ruan Sixian stared at him, wanted to be reserved but at the same time also wanted to be honest, so she nodded slightly.

Fu Mingyu: “But I can’t.”

It took two seconds for Ruan Sixian to realize what he meant.

——All you like in this room can be given to you.

——But not me.

——I can’t give myself to you.

Seeing Ruan Sixian instantly regain her indifference, Fu Mingyu stayed quiet for two seconds, and then began to laugh.

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Still laughing

Deserve beating.

Ruan Sixian couldn’t hold back anymore and greeted him with a claw on his shoulder.

But although she was angry, she didn’t use any strength at all.

When she touched him, he grabbed her hand and held it in front of his chest.

“And you still want to hit me”

Ruan Sixian didn’t want to speak.

She struggled twice and couldn’t pull her hand out, so she moved her leg.

It’s just that she originally wanted to kick him, but he felt the movement and preemptively stretched his leg first to hold her calf.

“Still want to use your legs now”

Ruan Sixian is a person who eats soft but not hard.

The more Fu Mingyu resists, the more she wants to move.

But wearing a skirt and high heels, she was easily suppressed by this person.

Both of her hands were clamped and her thighs were also pinned by his legs.

When he leaned over and pressed down, Ruan Sixian was completely pinched.

At this moment, the two of them suddenly fell into a strange silence and were staring at each other in this strange posture, motionlessly.

The torrential rain outside the window was like the instrument’s sounds, spluttering, clear and strong.

The light in the room was gentle, the air was quiet, and the lingering sound of breathing and heartbeat covered the sound of rain in their ears.

She saw that Fu Mingyu’s eyes were getting deeper and darker under the light.

And his breath is gradually approaching.

Ruan Sixian frowned, her breathing became tighter, and her palms were slowly getting hotter.

She didn’t want to look strange, so she didn’t avoid looking at each other until Fu Mingyu’s face turned slightly to the side, leaning against her ear and saying something.

His voice is very small, almost like a breathing sound.

At this time, if there is someone else here, they absolutely won’t be able to hear what he is saying.

“You are really beautiful today.”

The rain was violent and the room was quiet.

Such direct language coupled with his low voice made the atmosphere even stranger.

Suddenly, a thunder in the sky, accompanied by lightning bolts, pierced the night sky and the room suddenly lit up.

As if the two people had recovered their senses, they both let go of their hands.

At the same time, Fu Mingyu stepped back and looked out of the window.

Ruan Sixian picked up De Havilland Comet next to her, pressed it against her chest and suppressed her heartbeat.

“I’m going back.”


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