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The tone is also quite stiff.

“How do you know I live here”

“No, I’ve already eaten.”

“It’s dark and still raining.

You can go back.”

THe other side said something on the phone again, then Ruan Sixian sighed and turned to see the heavy rain outside the window.

She frowned and said: “Okay, wait a minute.”

She didn’t relax her eyebrows even after she hung up the phone.

She didn’t want to go down to take the stuff, but Dong Xian insisted that if she didn’t take it, she wouldn’t leave today.

This is too annoying.

Ruan Sixian’s eyes finally fell on Fu Mingyu.

She looked at him from top to bottom twice and whispered: “Boss, do you have an umbrella”

“What are you going to do”

“Go downstairs and get something.”

Fu Mingyu looked out the window.

The sky was dark and heavy.

The big raindrops pattered mercilessly on the window and was flying wildly with the strong wind.

“Can you go in such a heavy rain”

“Well, that’s why I want to ask you to get it for me.”


After two seconds of silence, Fu Mingyu stood up helplessly and said: “Go wash the dishes.”

“Okay.” Ruan Sixian agreed almost without hesitation but seeing the rain outside, she felt a little guilty, “Boss, go slowly.”

After speaking, the two moved separately.

Apart from these two sets of dishes and chopsticks in the kitchen, Fu Mingyu had already washed the others, so it only took Ruan Sixian less than three minutes in total.

She walked to the floor-to-ceiling window and looked down.

The floor was too high and the heavy rain made it almost impossible to see the ground clearly.

She doesn’t know how long the time has passed before Fu Mingyu finally came back.

The white shirt on his body was almost drenched.

It was clinging to his body and his muscle lines were looming.

He put away the umbrella and put the cake on the table beside him.

His dark eyes looked over and there was water vapor on his eyelashes.

Then he stared at Ruan Sixian closely.

“You really can torment people so much.”

Ruan Sixian stood in front of him with her hands behind her back, feeling a little flustered by his eyes, and immediately threw the towel hidden behind her onto him.

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“Hurry up and wipe it.”

Fu Mingyu caught the towel, wiped his arm and said carelessly: “I saw her when I came back today.

Do you know her”

“Oh, my mother.” Ruan Sixian paused, “You know each other too, right”

Fu Mingyu: “Yeah.”

Ruan Sixian didn’t feel surprised about it.

Fu Mingyu and Zheng You’an know each other, so he must have known Dong Xian too.

She said nothing more.

Fu Mingyu added: “She just asked us what our relationship is.”

Ruan Sixian was taken aback and suddenly felt a little nervous, “Then, what did you say”

Even if it’s not Dong Xian, if someone else sees Fu Mingyu help her get the cake, they will be curious about their relationship too.

“I said we are…” He tilted his head, seeming to hesitate intentionally, “friend”

“Yes.” Ruan Sixian nodded along with his words, as if telling herself, “We are friends.”

Fu Mingyu threw the towel aside, walked to the door of a room, held the doorknob in his hand and signaled with his head towards Ruan Sixian, “Come here.”

He looked so wet and his voice was also low and deep.

There is an inexplicable feeling of being invited into the refrigerator.

Ruan Sixian stood still.

“What for”

Fu Mingyu: “Since we are friends, I will give you a birthday present.

Will you accept it”

Ruan Sixian thinks that Fu Mingyu is a little strange today.

First, she celebrated her birthday silently, then bluntly praised her for her beauty, and now he still wants to give her a birthday present.

He could just directly give the gift.

Why let her enter the room then

With his ‘awesome’ personality, he wouldn’t be giving himself as a gift, right

Ruan Sixian walked slowly towards him, “What do you want to give Is it a plane “

Fu Mingyu didn’t speak and only pushed the door open.

Ruan Sixian’s eyes lit up, and her breathing stopped for a second or two.

In the study room of more than fifty square meters, there are four two meter high display shelves with at least 200 aircraft models neatly placed in it.

All models of Boeing, all models of Airbus, Bombardier Aerospace Challenger series, Dassault Aerospace Falcon series, Hawksherly Trident…


What’s more, as Ruan Sixian walked in, she could see that these models are not the ones sold on the market.

They are all exclusive high-end customized and ultra-high-precision restoration.

Even the instrument panel in the cockpit can be seen clearly through the glass.


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