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When Ruan Sixian walked out of the canteen, she sneezed again.

She was sure this time.

Someone must be scolding her behind her back, mostly Jiang Ziyue.

This person is also insane.

Telling her to stay away from Yue Chen.

Did she do anything

For the past half a year, she has been secretly walking away when she sees Yue Chen.

She hasn’t even said a few words with him.

What else should she do Flying all day long without landing at all in the future, huh

If she really wants to have something with Yue Chen, even if they were flying in the sky, they can talk on the radio.

To put it bluntly, she still thinks too highly of her own man.

She thinks he is a treasure and a glance from others means that they want to grab him.

She doesn’t even think about Yue Chen’s reputation in Hengshi Airlines.

Who doesn’t know about him Those women who want to live a normal and peaceful day, who dares to marry him, and she is not even afraid that she will directly save money on hats[1] after marriage.

Ruan Sixian felt that she shouldn’t express her thoughts so directly just now.

She should put on a pathetic look and said to her: “I’m sorry.

I didn’t expect you to misunderstand me.

I have nothing to do with Captain Yue.

We just had a chat and talked about the past.

In the future, I will try my best to avoid contact with him.

You must not have any disagreements with him just because of me.”

With these sentences alone, she can guarantee that she won’t be able to sleep tonight.

But like now, it is fine too.

Ruan Sixian knew that other colleagues had received the invitation one after another, and she was always worried that Jiang Ziyue would still send her an invitation only to save her face.

Now she knows that the other party is so jealous of herself and shed all pretences of cordiality, there is no need to worry about it anymore.

What does this indicate

This indicates that Jiang Ziyue is praising her beauty in another way.

When Ruan Sixian thought about this, she still didn’t know that she was suffering from a wave of direct and rude rainbow farts on the Internet.

[Do you still invite a model to shoot the promotional video Can’t you use your own employees]

Two hours ago, the publicity Weibo was just posted.

Someone commented under such a post on the official Weibo of Hengshi Airlines.

The editor specifically came out to post a reply: Not a model, this is our pilot.

As a result, the official blog that usually only has a few comments immediately broke into thousands.

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[Sister pilot! I like her! I like her!]

[Excuse me, is good appearance one of the recruitment and assessment criteria If it is so, I will not come.]

[This sister is too beautiful.

Tell me the flight number, I’m going to take a ride! ]

[It is indeed one who flies in the sky.

This is a fairy in the sky, isn’t it!]

[Is this one okay… It’s already terrible enough with female drivers.

Can the airplane flown by a female captain be sat in]

[Oh, some losers look down on women.

Your mother gave birth to you just to make you discriminate against your mother Let’s see if you can do it and won’t pee yourself in the pants when we let you be a pilot Oh, no, I forgot that disabled people cannot be accepted as pilots.

Brain disability is also considered disabled.]

[I like the other captains too! Can anyone direct me to their Weibo]

After a night’s fermentation, the Weibo’s post was forwarded tens of thousands of times,and the ‘The Female Pilot of Hengshi Airlines’ quietly climbed to the top 20 in the hot search list.

When Ruan Sixian woke up in the morning, her mobile phone almost froze up.

Her Weibo that usually has a very sparse post was suddenly flooded with all kinds of comments and private messages, and the number of fans rose rapidly for several days.

Ruan Sixian was still a little confused, but finally found the root cause based on the content of everyone’s private messages.

But there are too many comments, and she has no way of knowing how these people got to her Weibo.

Her profile picture was her half body photo taken a few years ago in the Seine River, with her Weibo nickname of ‘Me and the sun side by side’ that has a little bit of second year syndrome[2] air at the first glance.

Everyone is sure that this is her just by looking at the picture.

Ruan Sixian opened her private messages again and scanned it.

Most of them were from girls.

Some say they want to know her, some also simply come to confess, and there are also some that only know how to send ‘aaahhhhhhh’ shrieking chicken sound.

Of course, there are also very simple, rude and direct private messages that directly express their wishes, usually with only two words——”Wanna date”

Ruan Sixian was very curious about where this kind of person’s self-confidence came from.

Her curiosity made her pick one out and clicked on that person’s Weibo to see it.

The desire to survive made her immediately withdraw and completely blacklisted it.

[1] hats here is the idiom of being cheated.

[2] Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome : the internet term is 中二病 or Chuunibyou, used to describe early teens who have grandiose delusions, who desperately want to stand out, and who have convinced themselves that they have hidden knowledge or secret powers.


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