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“Did you say…the guest is the son of the Hengshi Airlines’ boss “

Bian Xuan nodded: “Yes.”

No wonder he’s at W.T Airport today.

Ruan Sixian could hardly describe her mood right now.

She even wants to leave the yacht now.

The yacht is floating towards the very center.

She can jump into the river.

As she spoke, Bian Xuan waved to the crowd.

“On! My boss told me to go over!”

Ruan Sixian immediately looked over.

Under the bright lights, the man in formal wear walking out beside Alvin was holding a glass of wine, his fingers were well-proportioned and slender.

More symmetrical and slender than the ten fingers are his legs, standing far away, in a well-fitted suit, and has a temperament heavier than that of all the guests present.

Who else could it be if it wasn’t Fu Mingyu.

He seems to be feeling something as Fu Mingyu also looked over.

When she met his gaze, Ruan Sixian almost subconsciously wanted to turn around to avoid it, but her feet could not move.

In the crowd, Fu Mingyu tilted his head and handed the cup to the Secretary beside him.

Seeing that he was leaving, the Secretary asked, “President Fu, are you going for a rest”

Fu Mingyu shakes his head and walks towards the fence.

He’s coming.

He’s coming.

He’s coming here confidently.

Ruan Sixian grabbed the bottom of the cup and clasped the chain of her shoulder bag with her other hand.


Ruan Sixian suddenly thought that she brought the letter written by Si Xiaozhen with her when she went out today.

She eagerly hoped that Fu Mingyu could take a look at the content.

Whether he will change his mind is not important anymore, as long as he doesn’t misunderstand her.

Before Fu Mingyu came over, Ruan Sixian immediately flipped through the bag and took out the letter.

“President Fu.”

Fu Mingyu stood still in front of Ruan Sixian.

His expression was not as cold as before.

Maybe because he had drunk the wine, his eyebrows were a little frivolous.

He hung his head and his eyes curved in a nice arc.

“Really…What a coincidence.

Ruan Sixian: “…”

You say it is a coincidence.

It is indeed a coincidence.

Ruan Sixian curled her lips, “Don’t think too much about it, I was invited by a friend to come here.”

Fu Mingyu obviously didn’t believe it.

On such occasions, it is impossible to invite Ruan Sixian, unless she is the daughter of some invisible rich man.

“But none of this matters.” Ruan Sixian handed out the letter in her hand, “You didn’t read this letter before.

Please have a look, so as not to misunderstand my intention.”

Fu Mingyu just looked at her, the corners of his mouth was pursed into a shallow arc.

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Clearly, he was smiling, but there was no smile in his eyes.

Seeing that Fu Mingyu had no intention of picking it up, Ruan Sixian planned to open the letter and pasted it to his face for him to see clearly.

However, with wine in her right hand and no waiter beside her for the time being, it is impossible for Fu Mingyu to condescend to such a person and help her held a glass of wine.

So Ruan Sixian opened the letter with only one hand.

When she took out the paper inside the letter and tried to get rid of the envelope, Ruan Sixian’s hand slipped and she watched as the paper was blown by the wind and fell into the river precariously.

The lingering music stopped abruptly at this time, and there was only the sound of flowing water in her ears, which aggravated the embarrassment into the stagnant air.

The lack of energy and blood is no longer enough to describe Ruan Sixian’s current mood.

She closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, she saw the expression of ‘Let’s see how you will explain it’ on Fu Mingyu’s face for the second time.

It’s useless to say anything now, and she can’t jump into the river to pick up the letter.


Fu Mingyu suddenly took a step closer and interrupted Ruan Sixian.

Ruan Sixian subconsciously wants to retreat, but behind her was a fence, which was against her waist, so she had nowhere to retreat to.

The river breeze blew by, and the water surface was rippling colorfully.

Ruan Sixian’s hair was blown up, and it frequently brushed past in front of her eyes.


Fu Mingyu opened his mouth and said this.

Ruan Sixian breathed a sigh of relief when she heard that Fu Mingyu meant not to care anymore.

The next second, Fu Mingyu put a card in Ruan Sixian’s hand.

Ruan Sixian looked down at the card in her hand.

A room card.

While thinking about what he meant, she heard him say: “Give you a chance.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

You’re f*cking sick!!!


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