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Everyone turned around and saw that the person who came was wearing a uniform, tall and straight, imposing and with an outstanding look.

At first sight, one can see that the person was related to Fu Mingyu by blood.

However, even the wrinkles on his face were filled with the word ‘serious’.

The meeting room was full of girls, and the atmosphere instantly became solemn.

When Helan Feng walked into the meeting room, he was a little surprised when he saw Ruan Sixian and then her uniform.

But a few seconds later, he seemed to think of something, even lowered his head and smiled.

A room full of people was a little confused.

Isn’t it rumored that this instructor is particularly harsh That he is particularly difficult to please Why did he smile before he even spoke

Everyone does not understand and dare not ask either.

Helan Feng also found that he seemed to have made a small gaffe.

He put a fist against his mouth and coughed, “Well, let’s get started.”

After the entire collaboration meeting was over, Ruan Sixian began to doubt the rumors she had heard.

Isn’t this instructor very kind and talkative

She didn’t get interrupted throughout the whole process of the collaboration meeting by him, and also got praised that she had read the aeronautical chart carefully.

“Come on.

Let’s go there.”

Helan Feng picked up the cup to drink, and suddenly a person came over from outside, knocked on the door, then stood there and said: “There’s a change in the crew list today.”

Everyone looked over, and the person said, “Today, President Fu is going to Xicheng to attend the meeting, but there is heavy fog and the flight cannot be flown, so he will fly to Lincheng first.

Your flight time happened to fit his schedule.

He and Secretary Bo will be added to the crew locked seat.”

Helan Feng choked his sip of water and bent down to cough.

Ruan Sixian leaned over to help him pat his back: “Are you okay”

Helan Feng shook his head and said: “I’m okay.

I’m just a little surprised.”

Ruan Sixian didn’t know what was surprising about it.

There were frequent aircrews on business trips, and it was common to add crew members.

However, Ruan Sixian thought that when she looked at the passenger list just before, there was only one empty seat in the cabin on this flight.

Does that mean Fu Mingyu and Bo Yang will be crowded together in a seat

The person at the door saw Ruan Sixian’s doubts and said again: “President Fu will be added to the cockpit.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Okay, it’s easy for him to get special permission from the certificate holder to enter the cockpit, because he is the certificate holder himself.

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But when Fu Mingyu sat in the back of the cockpit, Ruan Sixian still felt that the atmosphere was very strange.

She did not expect that Fu Mingyu would be sitting in the cockpit one day.

When she brought the headset, she glanced back and saw that the marks on his face had completely disappeared.

Fu Mingyu’s face was calm and his expression did not change when he caught Ruan Sixian’s eyes.

Helan Feng, who was on the other side, kept looking back at Fu Mingyu and smiled meaningfully.

“How come that you even run into the cockpit”

Fu Mingyu knew what his uncle was laughing at, but he didn’t care.

He said flatly: “Xicheng is foggy, and the flight can’t fly.”

He didn’t give too much explanation.

This is the fact.

If he can fly normally, who is willing to save the country with an indirect path He can’t control how much his uncle wants to think about.

Helan Feng was indeed deliberately teasing Fu Mingyu.

After he attended the training of aircraft refitting, he had not started to fly officially yet.

However, Fu Mingyu took the initiative to mention to him that he would arrange a shift for him.

Usually, this kind of thing is not necessary for Fu Mingyu to personally intervene.

So Helan Feng thought that this time the Co-pilot is mostly a pilot he admires very much.

However, the moment he saw Ruan Sixian, as a man, he understood.

Fu Mingyu was very quiet in the cockpit and didn’t say a word, because he closed his eyes and went to sleep as soon as he came up.

At this time, Ruan Sixian checked the preparation list and did not speak either.

When she found out that He Lanfeng was actually very easy to get along with, her nervousness was completely relieved.

But since Fu Mingyu came in, she found that she didn’t seem to be so comfortable anymore.

Well, he is the boss.

Who is not nervous being watched by the boss at work

Seeing that Ruan Sixian’s eyebrows were frowning tightly, Helan Feng asked with a smile: “Are you particularly afraid of me”

“Huh” Ruan Sixian raised her head and said, “No at all.”

“I think you are quite nervous.”

“If the instructor is there, the captain will of course be nervous.” 


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