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“Then you are very lucky.” Captain Fan said, “This instructor is not ordinary.

He was born in the Air Force and has made outstanding achievements.

After he retired, he joined Hengshi Airlines’ corporation.

At that time, Hengshi Airlines’ corporation had just set up its fleet.

He was very good and became the first chief captain at that time.

Few people could match him in terms of technology.

I remember that in one particular year, because of the tower command error, his plane was close to another Airbus 320 in the air and they almost collided.

Even the air traffic control was stunned at that time, and really fainted.

As a result, he just turned the situation around and avoided an air crash.

At that time, he was commended by the Aviation Administration.”

When Captain Fan spoke, everyone at the table pricked their ears to listen.

“What’s more, this old senior was very good.

He was the best at everything he did.

Later, he transferred as a faculty member, and his teaching results are extremely impressive.” Captain Fan said and sighed, “But later, his daughter got sick and he wanted to stay at home with her daughter more.

So it was very difficult to fly with him anymore.

At that time, anyone who was scheduled to fly with him would have to show off.

Four or five years ago, I seemed to have heard that he was hired abroad to be an instructor in a foreign Flight Academy.

I thought he would not show up anymore.

Why did he suddenly come back to take the flight…”

Originally, Ruan Sixian’s excitement had passed, but when Captain Fan said that, she became excited again, completely ignoring his doubts.

“Is it the flight in 2007 I watched the news.

So, it was him!”

“Yeah.” Seeing Ruan Sixian’s eyes full of expectation, Captain Fan said in a deep voice, “But he is also famous for being strict.

Once, he took a Co-pilot with him, but the latter didn’t fly well, so he directly sent the person to fly the five sides field.”

Flying the five sides field is also a way of flying, but instead of performing flights, they practice taking off and landing with an empty plane at the airport.

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No Co-pilot is willing to go this way, because it means that they are not technically skilled.

A new flight attendant next to him tweeted, “Is the instructor still so powerful”

“Not to mention whether the instructor still has such great power.” Captain Fan smiled and said in a low voice, “Do you know who he is He is President Fu’s uncle, CEO Fu’s brother-in-law.

Even if he wants to send a Captain back into a Co-pilot, it’s just a matter of one word.”

After that, he turned his head to look at Ruan Sixian again, “So you are lucky, but you must also pay attention.

He is very strict.

If you make even a low-level mistake, be careful, you may end up only flying five sides field too.”

Ruan Sixian nodded repeatedly: “I will be sure to perform well.”

Because of this incident, Ruan Sixian was in a good mood all day.

When she returned home from her flight in the afternoon, she took the flight case and went home leisurely.

When she waited for the elevator, she sang a song.

“I want to fly higher ~ fly higher ~ dance crazily like a wind ~ break away from the embrace ~ I want to fly higher ~ fly higher…”

But the moment the elevator door opened, Ruan Sixian’s ethereal singing stopped abruptly.

Fu Mingyu stood inside, holding a bag of medicine in his hand and wearing a mask on his face, looking at her lazily.

“Will the Air Traffic Control allow you to fly higher”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

She walked in silently and stood side by side with Fu Mingyu.

There was no communication between them at all.

As the elevator went up slowly, Ruan Sixian glanced at Fu Mingyu’s mask, then looked at the medicine in his hand, and asked: “Have you caught a cold”

Fu Mingyu looked down at her.

Instead of speaking, he took off his mask.

“Do you think it’s exciting for me to go to meetings, meet my subordinates and employees, like this”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

It couldn’t be, right It’s already been three days but Fu Mingyu still has a faint mark on his face.

Her 50kg arm push was really not in vain, and her pull-up was really not in vain either.

Ruan Sixian looked at his face, pondered for a moment, and asked in a low voice: “Does it hurt so much”

Fu Mingyu said with a smile that was not a smile: “Of course.

It hurts so much that I will never forget you in my life.”


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