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Ruan Sixian’s raised hand was still frozen in the air, and there was a mess of emotions in her mind for a long time.

There was shock, horror, guilt, and a little bit of… distress.

The slap in the face was not that heavy, but it attracted the guests around and they turned their heads to look over.

Then one after another, almost all the guests in the bar looked over and whispered.

They were very interested in eating melons[1].

Bian Xuan recovered from this tremendous change.

She happened to have ice cubes on her hand, so she immediately wrapped it with a towel and rushed out to hand it to Ruan Sixian.

Ruan Sixian’s heart was still beating.

Seeing Bian Xuan’s movements, she didn’t think much about it.

She raised her hand to help Fu Mingyu apply it on his cheek.

But he tilted his head, avoiding the ice cube and looking straight at Ruan Sixian.

“Do you feel relieved now”

When she heard Fu Mingyu ask this question for the second time, Ruan Sixian’s explanation that had already reached her throat was suppressed again.

She pressed the tip of her tongue inside her mouth and remained silent for a moment.

Then she nodded her head and said: “Yes, I feel relieved.”


Our accounts have been cleared then.” Fu Mingyu had no superfluous words or even superfluous glances before he turned around and walked out.

Bian Xuan didn’t quite understand the direction of this development.

“No, why didn’t you just explain it to him You didn’t mean to hit him.

It was a misunderstanding! What are you doing He is your boss!”

Bian Xuan was talking in her ear, but Ruan Sixian was still looking at Fu Mingyu’s back.

It wasn’t until he closed the door that Ruan Sixian said: “If I explained to him that I had hit the wrong person, that I didn’t mean to hit him, then what Our problems won’t end by that.”

Bian Xuan nodded somewhat knowingly, “Then if you admit it, the matter will be completely over”

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It was only at this moment that Ruan Sixian realized that Fu Mingyu’s sudden change of attitude towards her should be because he already knew about it.

It’s just that this person is used to being proud.

That’s why he never thought of apologizing to her.

However, these days, his connivance to her is actually a special apology.

Moreover, she found that she was no longer angry anymore, but there seemed to be no clear conclusion about this matter.

Instead of being so tangled, it would be better to let this slap as an opportunity to completely turn over the previous matter.

“For me, it’s already the past anyway.”

Bian Xuan thought for a long time, but didn’t understand what she meant.

She looked at the time and waved to rush the other party out: “Forget it.

Just go back and have a rest.

Isn’t there a flight tomorrow”

Ruan Sixian was indeed tired, so she just picked up her bag and prepared to go home.

However, as soon as she opened the door, she saw Fu Mingyu still standing on the side of the road.

Fu Mingyu’s driver sent Zheng You’an home and it was already so late at night, so he felt too lazy to call someone to pick him up.

He looked up at the traffic flow in the distance and from this angle, Ruan Sixian could see the palm prints on his face under the shadowy lights.


Was her slap so powerful

There was only one place to wait for cars in this intersection, and Ruan Sixian had to stand there too.

Feeling that there was another person next to him, Fu Mingyu looked back.

Their eyes crossed, but they didn’t seem to know what to say, so they moved their eyes away tacitly.

A wave of embarrassment suddenly envelops the two of them completely.

The midsummer night was thick, and the evening breeze also felt hot.

After standing in the open air for a while, Ruan Sixian felt that she had begun to sweat.

Fortunately, a taxi finally arrived.

The driver stopped in front of the two of them and asked probingly: “Do you want to take a taxi”

Fu Mingyu turned his head and said: “You first”

Ruan Sixian: “You go first.”

As she spoke, she casted her eyes at Fu Mingyu’s face.

Fu Mingyu turned his head away and didn’t want to show it to her.

“You first.”

“You go first.

I can wait again.”

One slapped and the other got slapped.

It’s quite magical to still be able to be humble here.

[1] eating melons: watching a play.


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