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It turned out that Ruan Sixian hurriedly called him over was not for the purpose of seeing him, but just to let him clean up Zheng You’an’s mess.

Her tone was still so indifferent, as if he was a completely unimportant and unrelated person, and she didn’t want to care what he was like with other women, and even deliberately pushed him to other women.

All of a sudden, he feels like he is asking for contempt by himself.

“I have too many women crying out of anger because of me.

It’s them who want to find trouble with me.

Do I have to go and apologize to each of them then”

After saying this, he suddenly realized what was wrong.

When he looked at Ruan Sixian, he really saw her face changed.

Fu Mingyu frowned and regretted in his heart, so he softened his voice: “I didn’t mean that.”

Ruan Sixian glared at him: “There is nothing such as an apology in President Fu’s dictionary, right”

Fu Mingyu admitted that part of what Ruan Sixian said was correct.

Since he became an adult, he has rarely made mistakes.

Due to his status, an apology is even rarer.

However, in the few months of thinking about Ruan Sixian, he thought about apologizing several times, but it was hard for him to open that mouth when he saw Ruan Sixian frowning and looking coldly at him.

Until now, Fu Mingyu knew that the incident was still a thorn in her heart.

If it wasn’t let out in the open, it would forever become her heart knot.

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“I apologize to you now.” He opened his mouth suddenly, as if without any extra thought.

Ruan Sixian didn’t react for a moment.

She saw his head hanging slightly and he was looking into her eyes, as if conveying something.

“I misunderstood you before.

It’s me who has wronged you.”

“You…” Ruan Sixian felt a little incredulous.

“Have you remembered”

“Yeah.” He continued, “Can you forgive me If you can’t, just ask whatever you want and as long as I can do it, I promise that I will do it for you.”

Ruan Sixian froze in place, a little at a loss.

For countless times, she had imagined that Fu Ming, the dog man, would apologize to her in a very humble manner, and then she would just turn around and leave.

But when it really happened today, her mood seems to be different from what she had imagined, and there is no feeling of getting a big revenge anymore.

Thinking back carefully, it seemed that it was because she hadn’t recalled the past for a very long time already.

However, recently, every time she sees Fu Mingyu, she would still sing against him and confront him, but she knew very well that she was never angry because of the matter in the past.

It seems to be a kind of subconscious childish behavior, like a primary school student.

“Don’t be quiet.” Fu Mingyu’s voice sounded in her ears, “What do you want me to do to relieve your anger”

As soon as he spoke, Ruan Sixian’s heart became more confused.

Because she felt that she had f*cking unexpectedly not angry anymore since a long time ago, but it was a very shameless thing to say that out!

Exactly at this time, Zheng You’an came out of the bathroom.

Ruan Sixian frowned and said: “You send Zheng You’an back first.

She drank too much and vomited in the toilet.”

Fu Mingyu pressed his heart heavily, then sighed and turned to walk towards Zheng You’an.

When he pulled Zheng You’an to the door of the car and stuffing her inside, Zheng You’an was still struggling hard.

“Hey! Don’t touch me! I can go back by myself.

My driver will pick me up! “

If she doesn’t go in, Fu Mingyu can’t move her either.

He can only say in a deep voice: “Be calm and don’t make trouble for me.”

“Who caused you trouble Fu Mingyu, let me tell you, I have never suffered this kind of grievances since I was a child!” She raised her hand in front of Fu Mingyu, “I, Zheng You’an, will sever all relationships with you from today onward.

You walk your broad road and I will cross my single-plank bridge! No, you walk on the single-plank bridge, and I cross the broad road, anyway! We will not be related to each other in the future!”


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