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“I really didn’t have it at the time.” Ruan Sixian said, “I haven’t touched the money my mother gave me.”

“Huh, but why”

Bian Xuan wanted to ask this question for a long time already, “There were so many parents that got divorce.

It’s a very normal thing now.

It seems that your parents also broke up peacefully, right They didn’t tear up faces, and only remarried after four years of divorce.

It’s nothing wrong, right Why do you mind it so much”

Ruan Sixian looked up at the ceiling.

Her eyes were foggy and her emotions couldn’t be seen clearly.

After waiting for a while, she just shook her head and said: “Don’t talk about this anymore.

I will go now.”

Bian Xuan was curious, but she was helpless.

If Ruan Sixian doesn’t want to talk about this matter, no one could pry her mouth open.

After sitting down, Ruan Sixian continued the topic just now and asked: “Why did he replace you”

“He said I didn’t have the right style.”

Ruan Sixian muttered: “He is in the management field.

Can he even understand this”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Zheng You’an slapped her hand on the table several times in succession.

“I called him and asked him.

He said something like it was too delicate and not enough atmosphere.

Hey, what does he mean No one has ever said that to me.

I went to Africa last year to shoot the great migration of animals, and even won an award for it! Isn’t it atmospheric In fact, he doesn’t know photography at all!”

Ruan Sixian touched her chin, and Zheng You’an continued: “Also, last time when I took pictures for you, the money I got was not enough for me to buy a bag.

Now he says the pictures I took were not good.”

While listening to her, Ruan Sixian’s mobile phone rings.

It is a message from Fu Mingyu.

[Fu Mingyu]: You haven’t come home yet

Ruan Sixian nodded her head and said yes while listening, and quickly replied to Fu Mingyu with “”.

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“Also, that time when I took his plane to Spain together, in those more than ten hours’ time, he just ignored me.

I felt he was treating me like I was a, a…”

She was stuck for a long time and couldn’t say an adjective.

Ruan Sixian added: “Treating you as a checked baggage”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Zheng You’an got excited and began to slap the table again, “Recalling it now, I don’t even know how I endured it.”

At the same time, Fu Mingyu called.

Ruan Sixian felt inexplicably panicked when she saw the call.

She felt that she was about to be caught because of saying something bad behind someone’s back.

She immediately hung up and returned a message.

[Ruan Sixian]: What’s the matter

[Fu Mingyu]: Answer the phone.

[Ruan Sixian]: Inconvenient, can’t you type

[Fu Mingyu]: Can’t.

[Ruan Sixian]: If you can’t, then forget it.

“There are also things from the past, which are too much.” The small mouth of Zheng You’an’s kept on saying with a stop, “Every time in the past, as soon as we met, I haven’t done anything yet but he would already go far away from me.

It really felt… so…”

“It feels like he thinks that you like him very much”

Zheng You’an nodded fiercely, his facial features all wrinkled together, “Yes, yes, yes! It’s like I will definitely do something to him.

Ruan Sixian deeply agreed with this and nodded calmly.

But more than an hour later, Ruan Sixian had already begun to force herself to endure the sleepiness so much that tears were almost coming out.

Hey sister, you have been complaining for more than an hour already.

Back and forth, there are only just those few things.

Fu Ming doesn’t know how to appreciate your work.

He has no vision.

His eyes can’t see.

He is a big pig’s hoof.

He was cold towards you.

You’re going to knock him down tomorrow, and I haven’t even had dinner yet.

It’s fine if that’s all there is.

After repeating it so many times, Zheng You’an even cried while lying on her stomach.

“I haven’t suffered so much wrong since I was a child.”

All of a sudden, Ruan Sixian’s back straightened.

It’s not terrible for women to complain about men.

What’s terrible is when she started to cry too.

When that happens, it won’t end in less than three or four hours.

The sober Ruan Sixian immediately takes out her mobile phone and sends a message to Fu Mingyu.

[Ruan Sixian]: Can’t just forget it.

You come to me now.

The woman that you made cry, you come and end it by yourself.

Why should it torture me!


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