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Zheng You’an even heard some disgust in Ruan Sixian’s words.

She looked at Ruan Sixian curiously, and asked, “Really”

Ruan Sixian felt that she had really talked a lot today, and there was no need to explain to Zheng You’an, so she turned around and left.

Zheng You’an grabbed her.

“It’s rare to meet a person who hates Fu Mingyu.

Let’s go to have a drink together tonight”

“… No”

“Come on, it’s my treat.”

“No, I have an appointment tonight.”

“What’s the appointment Is it important Just push it if it wasn’t important.”

It seems that this sister belongs to the kind that likes to release pigeon[1].

But Ruan Sixian did hesitate for a while at this moment.

On the one hand, her emotions towards Zheng You’an has always been something that can’t be explained clearly nor understandable, and her desire to investigate thoroughly is always out of control.

On the other hand, she was really curious about how Fu Mingyu offended this young miss that made her turn into this.

She wondered whether it was the same frequent “You might as well dream” like hers.

When approaching Bian Xuan’s bar, Ruan Sixian was still in infinite confusion.

However she thinks about it, she would never have expected that she would drink at the same table with Zheng You’an, and their matchmaker was even Fu Mingyu.

More than half of the wine in front of Zheng You’an has gone down, while Ruan Sixian hasn’t had two sips of her juice yet.

“Obviously it was the people from your Hengshi Airline who called and invited me to shoot.

I have everything ready, and I’ve even rejected an exhibition recently, but now he says to replace me and I am just replaced like that.

Based on what!”

“It’s not that I begged to come and take pictures for them.

I’m very busy too! And what’s the relationship between our two families He doesn’t even give me this little face.

Is he going to hit my face or my father’s face I’ve never suffered this kind of grievance since I was a child!”

Hearing the noise here, Bian Xuan took advantage of the opportunity to deliver snacks and blinked at Ruan Sixian.

Ruan Sixian coughed softly, “I will go to the toilet first.”

Zheng You’an waves her hand in annoyance, “Go quickly and return quickly, I feel very stuffy inside.”


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Ruan Sixian winked at Bian Xuan, and the two went to the toilet together.

“Who is she Your friend Why haven’t I seen her “

“Zheng You’an.”

“The name sounds familiar.” Bian Xuan pulled out her ears, and suddenly said in surprise, “How did you get mixed up with her”

This reason is really hard to tell.

Ruan Sixian bit her teeth and said after a long time, “Fu…”

The last two words were cut off by Bian Xuan before she could say them, “Can this also be related to Fu Mingyu”

Ruan Sixian rolled her eyes halfway and looked at her, “She was responsible for taking my pictures, so we got to know each other.”

“Oh, it turned out to be like that.” Bian Xuan mocked, “I thought it was because of your President Fu.”

Ruan Sixian wanted to leave, but Bian Xuan held her again.

“But does she know who you are”

Based on these few meetings, Ruan Sixian concluded that she did not know.

“I am sure she doesn’t know.”

This made Bian Xuan’s heart feel twisted, “Have you never met that side at all”

Ruan Sixian shook her head.

Bian Xuan thought to herself, it seems that her mother never mentioned to that side either.

“You still have no contact with your mother at all until now”

Thinking that she would get an affirmative answer, but instead she heard Ruan Sixian say, “It’s not like that too.”

She leaned against the wall, looked up and exhaled, “She has been giving me money.”

This time, without waiting for Bian Xuan to ask, Ruan Sixian took the initiative to say, “She has been giving me money all these years, and I always receive it every two or three months.”

“How much”

Ruan Sixian gives her an angry stare, wondering whether this friend of hers has only money in her eyes.

“I don’t know.

The total may be two or three million.”


Bian Xuan took a breath of hot air instead and said, “Then, you are really too much, you rich woman.

I asked you to borrow money for a turnaround the year before last and you said you didn’t have it.”

[1] Likes to release pigeon: internet buzzwords for people who like to break an appointment.


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