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But a few seconds later, he turned back to Ruan Sixian’s pictures again.

It was unknown for how long it would take again this time.

Bo Yang wants to get off work.

He stepped forward and said: “Do you need me to send these pictures to your mobile phone”

Fu Mingyu raised his gaze and stared directly at Bo Yang.

Bo Yang suddenly became sober, and there was no more sleepiness.

However, in the next second, he heard Fu Mingyu say a word.


At the same time when Fu Mingyu turned on his mobile phone, dozens of messages poured in instantly.

He glanced over it and ignored the unimportant ones automatically.

When he saw that Zheng You’an had sent several messages to him in succession, he was a little curious.

Six hours ago.

“Have you seen it What do you think “

Four hours ago.

“Brother Mingyu”

Two hours ago.

“President Fu Have you seen it “

Ten minutes ago.

“President Fu, just take your time in having a look at it and you can also make some suggestions [smile].”

Seeing that she was so eager, Fu Mingyu recalled those pictures again.

The selected frames, shooting angle and frame structure of the pictures are very characteristic, and the lighting is also very cleverly done.

But the exquisiteness is a little bit too much and the atmosphere in the moment is not enough.

To sum up, it is a group of very delicate portrait works, but as a promotional film, it is putting the cart before the horse.

But it doesn’t matter.

It’s just enrollment promotion.

It doesn’t matter if he gives it to Zheng You’an as a practice.

Fu Mingyu got up with his coat and was ready to go home.

At the same time, he gave Zheng You’an a brief reply.

“Not bad.”

This message was like a stone dropped into the sea, and Zheng Youan didn’t reply anymore.

When getting into the car, the driver asked Fu Mingyu where to go back to.

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Fu Mingyu closed his eyes and said, “Mingchen Apartment.”

The night is dense and the lights are blazing.

The windows are closed, and the inside of the car is quiet and cool.

Fu Mingyu untied his tie and slept for a while, then naturally opened his eyes when he was about to arrive at Mingchen Apartment.

When he tilted his head slightly and looked out the window, he suddenly said: “Stop.”

Ruan Sixian had moved here for several months already, but has not been able to understand the surrounding environment well.

Until this evening, when she wanted to cook by herself and opened the map to find a supermarket nearby, she found a pedestrian street two or three kilometers away instead.

She took a shower, went out and walked slowly.

Before she entered the supermarket, she saw a long line in front of an eatery.

She walked over there and smelled the tempting aroma.

Ruan Sixian unconsciously stopped and stood at the back of the line.

With such fragrant aroma, why should she cook

She had been waiting in line for nearly 20 minutes and the line only moved forward for less than two meters.

She tiptoed to have a look and saw that the store was preparing to deliver a take out again.

Ruan Sixian touched her stomach and began to think about whether or not to forget it.

She would starve to death if she waited any longer.

Just then, her mobile phone rang.

She opened it and found that it was a message from Fu Mingyu.

[Fu Mingyu]: Let’s have dinner together

As soon as his name appeared, it reminded her of the situation in the car in the morning.

When Ruan Sixian recalled it now, she can still feel that something is not right.

Why she couldn’t tell how he was different from Yan’an.

She also wanted to know why she just couldn’t talk to Fu Mingyu calmly.

Even when Fu Mingyu said ‘Are you afraid that you will be moved’ She found that she was really scared.

This feeling was too irritating, and she doesn’t want to feel that kind of atmosphere anymore.

[Ruan Sixian]: No, I have eaten.

After she replied to the message, she let out a breath.

But then, his message came again.

[Fu Mingyu]: I am behind you.

Ruan Sixian’s breathing suddenly tightened, and her back instantly stiffened.

How can this man come and go just like a shadow!

Without looking back, Ruan Sixian lowered her head and typed.

Ruan Sixian]: Behind me is the pig farm.

Her perception at this time is particularly sensitive.

Ruan Sixian feels that someone behind her is approaching her.

But she never looked back.

Until a few seconds later, an aunt carrying a trash can passed by her and went back to the store.

Fu Mingyu did not come, but his message came.

[Fu Mingyu]: Well, I have been thinking about raising a pig recently.

Ruan Sixian: “…”


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