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She was about to stumble, but her shoulder was firmly held.

Ruan Sixian raised her head and suddenly ran into Fu Mingyu’s eyes under the bright light of the hall.

It seemed that he had drunk, and Ruan Sixian smelled a scent of alcohol on him.

Alcohol made his face even whiter, and there was no blood color, but the light in his eyes was faintly beating.

Ruan Sixian asked subconsciously, “Why are you here”

Then Ruan Sixian regretted it.

He has a house upstairs, and it’s normal to be here.

Ruan Sixian curled her lips, feeling that she must have been dizzy from the sun today.

When she turned her head to the side, she saw Fu Mingyu’s hand was still supporting her.

Ruan Sixian tried to avoid it.

This action made Fu Mingyu’s eyes sink and he said, “I’m waiting for you.”

His voice after drinking was very low, but very clear.

Ruan Sixian could not convince herself that she had heard it wrong.

She looked at Fu Mingyu strangely: “What are you waiting for me for”

He looked to the side and let the evening wind blow to his face.

“Where have you been today”

It was still fine when he does not mention this, because Ruan Sixian gets angry immediately when he mentions it.

His younger sister You’an, in order to show her ability to him, just tossed her all afternoon.

And he still has the nerve to ask her now.

“Where can I go, besides taking pictures with your photographer”

Fu Mingyu looked down at her, “You know I’m not talking about this.”

Ruan Sixian didn’t get it, “What else could it be if it wasn’t this I’m just taking pictures today.

If you don’t believe me, you should ask others.”

After that, she muttered again, “If I had known it was for you, I would not have involved myself in it.”

Her chin was suddenly raised by his fingers, and Ruan Sixian had to look at him, but her face was choked by this sudden movement for two seconds.

“What are you doing”

“Are you with Yan’an today”

“That’s right.” Ruan Sixian turned away her face.

Her chin broke away from the touch of his fingertips.

“He was going to the same place so he dropped me off.

What’s the matter”

Fu Mingyu’s fingers fell flat and there was nowhere to put them, but the tips felt hot.

He looked at Ruan Sixian and gradually let go of suppressing the puzzlement in his eyes.


Why can she still talk and laugh with Yan’an even after their relationship has come to this point, but in contrast, she avoids him for thousands of miles

“What do you mean by why”

Ruan Sixian said, “I told you already.

He dropped me off on his way.”

After that, Ruan Sixian felt annoyed for a moment.

Why does she have to explain so much to him

Ruan Sixian turned her head and left, “You drink too much.

Go to bed earlier, President Fu.”

Fu Mingyu suddenly grabbed her wrist.

His strength was a bit strong and his palm was very hot.

It made Ruan Sixian inexplicably feel that things are not good.

Men who drink too much are dangerous, as it has been from ancient times to the present.

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Ruan Sixian looked back and glared at him: “What are you doing! Do you even care who I am in contact with Don’t you feel that you controlled a little too much You’re my boss, not my dad.”

In the moment of Fu Mingyu’s silence, an idea suddenly flashed through Ruan Sixian’s mind.

She curled her lips slowly, “What is it President Fu, you don’t want to be my boss anymore”

“Caring so much about me, do you want to be my boyfriend then”

As she expected, she saw Fu Mingyu’s eyes getting deeper and his Adam’s apple was rolling slightly.

Before he could speak, she smiled and said, “You might as well just dream about it.”


Although he had guessed the result when he heard her say the last sentence.

But after hearing her say this in person, Fu Mingyu’s heart sank to the bottom.

Is it really…all him flattering himself only

As far as Ruan Sixian is concerned, there is no better time than this moment.

With a deeper smile, she threw away Fu Mingyu’s hand and walked away.

However, just after taking a step, her hand was held again.

This time, his strength was stronger, and he directly pressed Ruan Sixian to the wall.

The temperature of his palm gradually increased, and his breath also slightly brushed the tip of Ruan Sixian’s nose.

A bit hot, and also a bit scorching

“Do you really…” He said, “doesn’t have any feeling at all towards me”

His eyes were deep and when he looked at a person intently, it was as dark as the deep sea, and the dark tide surged only in his pupils.

The curvature of Ruan Sixian’s lips slowly disappeared.

At this moment, Ruan Sixian felt that his hand had increased its strength and held her more tightly.

“You hesitated, didn’t you”


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