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Ruan Sixian held the car door and turned back, “What is it”

Yan’an sighed in the car, held back for a few seconds, and said: “It’s hot, pay attention to heatstroke.”

Ruan Sixian nodded, turned and walked inside.

After the car behind her drove away, she looked back.

This Yan’an, why does she feel like he is not giving up

Ruan Sixian arrived with several other young captains and co-pilots.

When she saw Zheng You’an this time, she dressed a lot lighter.

With a short jacket and jeans and her hair tied up high, she shuttled back and forth in the studio with a taut face.

The work is not that much, but she took three assistants with her.

Zheng You’an saw Ruan Sixian at a glance and took no notice of her.

But after a few steps, she suddenly stepped back in front of her and said: “Have we met”

Without waiting for Ruan Sixian to answer, she said again: “Oh, I remembered.

It seems like we met once in the business terminal last month.”

“Yeah.” Ruan Sixian nodded, “We did.”

Zheng You’an looked up and down at Ruan Sixian again and said with a smile: “You should be very photogenic.

Your company is very considerate.

They have even chosen all the people already.

It does save me a lot of efforts.”

It sounds like she is a little concerned that the flight department has directly picked the people out for her and without giving her the right to choose.

So this compliment doesn’t sound like a compliment at all.

Behind her, her assistant suddenly chuckled secretly: “It should be, isn’t it One must know whose company this belongs to.

Can they not save you the trouble then”

Zheng You’an turned around and glared at her, and scolded with a smile: “Shut up!”

Ruan Sixian understood what they were saying within seconds.

She was teasing Zheng You’an and Fu Mingyu.

He said that he had nothing to do with her, and at the same time he tried his best to help her out.

This dog man is really not human.

Ruan Sixian pouted but stood quietly because she did not know what to say.

While she was standing, she began to scold Fu Mingyu again.

This dog man is really too inhuman.

Two days ago he still hypocritically asked her if she wanted to change the photographer.


Scum man.

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“Here, come over and put on makeup.” Zheng You’an’ assistant suddenly waved to Ruan Sixian, “Let the girls go first.”

After putting on makeup, it’s time to start shooting.

When Ruan Sixian was still a flight attendant, she also had been photographed for Hengshi’s periodicals.

They also hired a photography team, so she thought she was quite familiar with the process.

But Zheng You’an is probably different from those who earn money by taking pictures.

She has been instructing on how to do her makeup for a long time already.

Whether it was the eyeshadow that is too heavy, or the eyebrows that were too thick.

Other male pilots had already dressed up and waited there, while Ruan Sixian had been sitting in front of the makeup mirror for two hours.

Isn’t it just a promotion for recruitment

It shouldn’t go as far as taking a photoshoot for a fashion magazine, right

In the end, Ruan Sixian could hardly sit still anymore, so Zheng You’an nodded reluctantly, “Just this then.

Although it is just so so.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

It’s not that I am complaining, but why is it that your behaviour is not consistent with your looks at all You are Virgo, right

At the shooting stage, the process is still not as smooth as Ruan Sixian imagined.

Zheng You’an had her assistants fiddle with the lighting for a long time.

After adjusting her posture dozens of times, Ruan Sixian’s face almost turned stiff from smiling.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, everyone thought it was almost over.

As a result, Zheng You’an turned off the camera and said, “Come, let’s go outside.”

Ruan Sixian:

No, you are going out on this 38-degree day

Apart from Ruan Sixian, of course the others are not very happy too.

“Just take a few more poses.

Is there any need to go out Isn’t there still a backstage”

“Can that be the same” Zheng You’an seems to have heard some joke, “Can the blue sky and white clouds on the back stage be the same as the real scene I’ve never used it.

Ruan Sixian was choked to speechlessness.

For the 180th time, she wanted to tell her that this is just a series of recruitment posters, not the artwork you brought to the exhibition.

At first, several pilots saw that Zheng You’an looked pure and lovely, and each of them was very attentive.

After being tortured for an afternoon, they began to wander on the verge of getting angry.

They didn’t speak, and Ruan Sixian didn’t say anything either.

Zheng You’an looked at them and stood in a stalemate for half a minute, and said, “You guys don’t want to do it, right”


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