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After getting off the plane, Ruan Sixian turned on her mobile phone, and all kinds of WeChat and missed calls were about to overflow.

After getting on the bus to the hotel, Ruan Sixian sat down and started to reply to messages.

Jiang Ziyue moved faster than Ruan Sixian.

She sent a message to a group of colleagues, saying that she had already arrived in London.

She asked if any of her colleagues were still in London and made an appointment to go out together.

This group was built privately by them.

There were flight attendants, pilots, co-pilots, and some accompanying maintenance and safety officers.

Someone asked Jiang Ziyue who was in the cabin crew this time.

Jiang ziyue said one by one, and then asked: Why Is there any meaning behind this

Ruan Sixian glanced at the heated discussion in the group and knew that Jiang Ziyue was talking about her.

But before she had the time to frown, two private conversations came.

One is Captain Yue, who is stationed in London base this year, and he invited her to dinner.

The other is an astronaut who went to London yesterday and he invited her to have fun in the afternoon.

This is not the first time that they have tried to court Ruan Sixian, and of course they are not the only one.

For some reason, Ruan Sixian felt that her peach blossom luck this year was particularly good, and she was overwhelmed by the endless stream of pursuers.

Especially after she took the cover of the March issue of the Hengshi Airlines this year, several people added her wechat through various channels every week.

Ruan Sixian rejected the two men and said that she had an appointment today.

At the same time Ruan Sixian sent the message, Jiang Ziyue teasingly glanced at her mobile phone, “It’s Captain Yue and you even refused him”

Captain Yue’s thoughts about Ruan Sixian are not known to everyone, but anyone with a discerning eye will somewhat see it.

But in the end, it’s still a private matter.

Being pointed out and so blatantly said by the other, and what’s more, it was by looking at her mobile phone without permission, naturally no one will be happy about it.

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“I made an appointment with a friend in London today.”

Jiang Ziyue didn’t believe what she said, or thought it was just a pretext.

She looked down at her mobile phone with her mouth curled.

“I’m still curious about the reason why you never had a boyfriend all this time.

Is it because you have too high of a requirement”

Ruan Sixian: “No… I’m just not thinking about it now.”

Jiang Ziyue raised her eyebrows and swayed her head lightly.

“In the entire Hengshi Airlines, Captain Yue could be said to have the best looks.

He’s only 28 years old with an annual salary of one million.

The position of the Chief of Reserve Pilot, there’s so many people in the company who are eyeing it.

But in the end, he still didn’t meet your requirements.”

Ruan Sixian glanced sideways at her, and saw her expression in full view.

Is Jiang Ziyue interested in captain Yue

Captain Yue is very excellent, but at the same time, he is also well known as a ladies’s man outside.

In the airlines’ world, waves of beautiful flight attendants emerge one after another endlessly, causing him to change his girlfriends at a speed comparable to changing clothes.

“It doesn’t mean that I look down on him.” Ruan Sixian whispered, “He is just not my type.”

There was a soft snort next to her, with a taunt of seeing through everything.

How to explain this kind of thing Ruan Sixian felt that she and Jiang Ziyue were not able to talk to each other, so she stopped talking.

She continued to scroll her WeChat to the bottom and found that Si Xiaozhen had sent her several messages four hours ago to inquire about the situation.

Ruan Sixian replied with six words: Didn’t send it out, no show.

Si Xiaozhen did not reply because she was already on the flight to New York at this time.

After arriving at the hotel, Ruan Sixian and Jiang Ziyue stayed in the same standard room.

Now at 10:30 a.m.

London time, Jiang Ziyue is removing her makeup and getting ready to go to bed.

Ruan Sixian did not have the ability to overcome jet lag like her.

She was afraid that if she fell asleep at this time, she would be sleepy and mentally disturbed on the return flight in the morning two days later, so she made an appointment to meet her friend during the day.

“By the way, Ruan Ruan, what happened on the plane today” Jiang Ziyue was applying the face mask while opening and closing her mouth.

“I saw you sitting on President Fu’s thigh.”

Ruan Sixian, who was changing her clothes, was stunned: “…”


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