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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

The next day, we headed towards the location designated for the hut.

Incidentally, perhaps the two people from yesterday were tired, as they were sleeping in bed today.

Although they were older than us, subjugating a boar on the first day mightve been going too far.

However, their levels had subsequently risen as well, and things should be physically easier for them.

Arriving at the designated location, I immediately began making the preparations to build the hut.

Firstly, I processed the trees that had been collected for a month.

Using magic, I prepared a large amount of pillars that had the same thickness, and planks that had the same width and thickness.

I will cut them to length and adjust them later, so I didnt worry too much about them.

When I had processed about two-thirds of the large amount of wood, it was already lunchtime, so I stopped working.

Cruz-kun was training with Ojii-san in the morning.

Ilya-chan and my younger sister were, sewing with Sakuya-chan and Obaa-san.

As a prerequisite to becoming an adventurer, it seems that when they finish making the things that they were currently working on, they will make leather armor.

Sakuya-chan will make them as well and she was in high spirits because she will do it together with my younger sister.

After finishing lunch, it was now the afternoon, and if it was like usual, Cruz-kun would go hunting with Ojii-san and the familiars, or fight the goblins that Ojii-san brought back.

My younger sister, the others, and I would continue doing our work.

However, it was decided that starting from today, everyone will go hunting, and start combat practice. 

Firstly, we went into the forest, a little deeper into the forest, and came to an open space. 

「Now then, lets start doing a little goblin subjugation.」

「Master!! If its goblins, I always defeat them though」

「Not you.

Its the little girl and the others.

At our place, they barely do any fighting, right」

「Thats true, theyve only fought things like boars and Horned Rabbits.」

「Thats right.

If youre going to be adventurers, then it would be better for you to have experience fighting with various monsters.

Thats why, Ill have you fight different types of monsters from now on.」

「I understand.」「Aye!」

「This time, its about perfectly understanding your role.」

And, just as I thought that Ojii-san would go somewhere, he caught a goblin.

If Cruz-kun, the familiars, and I fought it one-on-one, then we wouldnt lose, but this time, the girls were the stars of the show, so we were the ones covering them. 

To start with, Cruz-kun was the only vanguard, so Cruz-kun controlled them using a shield, and I provided support with magic.

Ilya-chan was a rear guard who used a bow and arrow.

Only, she hadnt used the bow and arrow much and her aim was not great, so we needed to be careful to not be accidentally shot at. 

My younger sister did not have a weapon yet, so we had her keep vigilant of the surroundings.

Lets consider having her throw stones or something from time to time to obtain the throwing skill. 

Our preparations were in order and we gave Ojii-san the signal. 

When Ojii-san released the goblin, he backed away from it.

After the goblin looked at Ojii-san, it headed towards us.

Cruz-kun stood between us and the goblin, and attacked it.

The goblin had a club…or rather, it was a tree branch that it brandished, aiming it at Cruz-kun.

Cruz-kun received the attack with his shield and then immediately forced it back. 

The goblin who had been pushed back was thrown off-balance and fell on its back. 

「Alright, now!!」

At Cruz-kuns signal, Ilya-chan let loose her arrow, and my younger sister, her stone.

The arrow did not hit its target, but the stone struck the goblin.

However, it seems that the stone barely did any damage. 

Before the goblin got up, Ilya-chan fired another arrow, and this time, it splendidly pierced into its arm.

The goblin who had an arrow in its arm was writhing in pain.

Taking the opportunity, Ilya-chan and my younger sister continued to fire their arrows and stones, but because the goblin was acting violently, their aim was not good. 

I used magic to fix the goblin in place, and Ilya-chan continued to fire her arrows at the goblin who could no longer move, and after shooting about five arrows, the goblin stilled….


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