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KT Chapter 204

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Happy Monday!

Here’s the chapter, enjoy.

Persuading my companions was a success, so next, were the two cat beastkin.

It was my duty to ask the two of them to come to the orphanage.

Because I was the only one who could have a proper conversation with them.

After asking the bear peddler, according to what he knew, it seems that their language was a common one.

Certainly, even in the farming village over the mountains, we were able to communicate with them normally.

I understood.

However, it seems that there was something similar to a dialect, so we wouldn’t know if we could communicate with them if we didn’t try.

It seems that it was also difficult for the others to understand the two cat beastkins, so until they’re accustomed to it, it would not be easy.

And, the discussion was soon over.

As expected, it seems that it would be difficult for the two of them to live by themselves.

In addition, it was good that they had started to become attached to my younger sister and Sakuya-chan.

They were watching over them even when in the middle of the discussion, so the two cat beastkins seemed somewhat happy about that.

Now then, there was the matter of protecting the cat beastkins, but other than that, it seems that things were going smoothly.

The merchant group did business at the guild and was able to buy a large amount of salt.

It seems that they were going to exchange it for materials and it would take a few days to prepare.

Maa, even if we sold the materials, we would have to look for the other party, and there was a certain amount of inventory for the salt, but if we exceeded that, then it must be procured.  

It didn’t matter if we had to stay for a few more days.

The adventurer group, unlike us, was not in town and it seems that they went directly to the fishermen to buy seafood.

There, they bought the things that couldn’t be bought in the shops.

They showed me what they had bought, but a lot of it seemed to be small fish and seaweed that could not be found at the stalls.

We went around the stalls, so we bought the popular and ready-made foods. 

For the time being, there was no urgent business, so I will decide on the schedule tomorrow and that day, I went to bed early.

The next day, we decided on the schedule as we ate breakfast.

The merchant group will go to the Commerce Guild to see if there was anything to buy.

The adventurer group will go to the Adventurer Guild to see what kind of requests there were.

Of course, they could take on those requests, but it was fine even if they didn’t.

We will recover the luggage of the two cat beastkins while watching over them.

In addition, if there was time, it might be interesting to go to where the fishermen were and look around.

After breakfast, I checked on the two cat beastkins, but although they were not brimming with health, it seems that they had no problems with moving around, as they had eaten.

After asking them where they had been living, we immediately had them lead us there.

「Over here nya.」

「Follow us nya.」

Following them, we arrived at the outskirts of town.

Perhaps this was where the fishermen’s huts were, as the boats and the netting could be seen nearby.

「Could it be that you’re living inside this hut」

「No nya.」

「They would get mad at us if we went inside nya….」

Saying that, the two of them went around to the back of the hut.

And, started digging at the ground.

「Here it is nya!」

It was a dirty bag. 

「Could it be, that’s all the luggage you have」

「Yes nya.」

「It’s Okaa-san’s nya.」

It seems that when they had been dropped off here, they were only able to take their luggage.

Even so, they were able to take their mother’s memento.

It seems that they had been living outside the hut as well.

It seems that they were here because there was a small roof and it would shelter them from the rain. 

「What did you do about food」

「We ate fish nya.」

「We could pick it up sometimes nya.」

The fishermen probably threw them away or they had eaten things that had fallen onto the ground.

Fortunately, we met them early, so nothing major happened, but if we were late and missed each other, then what would happen to these children….


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