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The two people were carrying cats wearing tattered clothing in their arms.

They were big, so they were probably not kittens.

There were also cats in this world.

However, for them to pick up stray cats….

If this were Japan, then I would ask them if they could take care of them properly, but even if I, who asked everyone at the orphanage to help take care of the familiars, asked, it probably wouldn’t be convincing. 

As I was thinking about what to do with the two cats that they brought with them,

「I’m hungry nya~.」

「…it talked!」

The cat that my younger sister was holding in her arms spoke.

「Of course it would.

Because these children are cat beastkins.」

Behind me, who was surprised, Ilya-chan told us this.

I see, cat beastkins, huh….

I had not seen them even in the hidden village and the beatmen district, so I had inadvertently said that. 

「But, are they not children from around here It doesn’t seem to be the language used in the nearby area.」

They sounded normal to me, but it seems that that was not the case.

I didn’t know if the language was different or if it was something like a dialect, but it seems that it was a little difficult for Ilya-chan and the others to understand.

Perhaps I could understand thanks to『Different World Language』 Perhaps the「nya~」at the end was what was different

For now, it seems that they were hungry, so we moved to a place where we wouldn’t get in anyone’s way, and served them Milhorn milk on a plate.

I didn’t know if they would drink the milk, or if they would be alright if I gave it to them, but somehow, the cats gave off a milky feeling. 

TN: actually, most cats are lactose intolerant, so it would be best to not give them milk as it could cause them serious health issues.

When my younger sister and Sakuya-chan brought the cats closer to the plate, their noses twitched and they started licking up the milk.


After drinking all of the milk, a cute sound could be heard coming from the cats’ stomachs. 

Should I buy something from the stalls, or should we go somewhere to eat, just as I was thinking this, my younger sister stood up and ran out.

That direction was where the stalls were.

I gave Cruz-kun some money and asked him to chase after my younger sister.

If she was with Cruz-kun, then they would definitely buy a lot of things back.

「Onii-chan, we bought food!」

As Sakuya-chan and Ilya-chan were petting the cats who finished drinking the milk, my younger sister and Cruz-kun came back with a lot of food in their arms.

「It seems delicious nya.」

「I’m jealous nya.」

Smelling the food that was brought back, the hungry cat beastkins seemed like they wanted to eat it. 

「Do you want to eat this」

My younger sister held out a grilled fish skewer to the cat beastkin child.

「Is it ok to eat it nya」

「Let’s eat it together!」

「Thank you nya.」

「I’m glad nya.」

The cat beastkin children, my younger sister, and Sakuya-chan were happily eating grilled fish.

In a place further away, Cruz-kun and Ojii-san were heartily eating grilled fish and shellfish.

At that pace, it seems that I need to go buy more.

「So, what are we going to do with those children」

「What are we going to do, huh If they’re lost, then we can look for their parents.」

「What if they’re not」

「Then we can only take them with us to the orphanage, right」

As I was talking with Ilya-chan, it seemed that the cat beastkin children had finished eating.

Their bodies were small, so the amount that they could eat was probably not a lot.

「We’re full nyaa.」

「It was tasty nya.」

I approached the two of them and started talking to them.

「Do you two live in this town」

「Yes nya.」

「But, our home is gone nya.」

「Then what about your otou-san and okaa-san」

「Both otou-san and okaa-san are gone nya.」

「Okaa-san died nya.」

Saying that, the two of them burst into tears. 


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