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In the park after Kuro left, basked in the still silence of the night, I met the woman who looked exactly like my mother that I had met during the day again.

She had brown hair that reached just above her waist and black eyes. Pants that resemble jeans that are easy to move around in, a black jacket and a white shirt…… She reminded me of a bubbly girl, just like my Mom that I know of.

I think that's why I reflexively called her "Mom".


[……You're quite rude to someone you first met, aren't you Do I look old enough to have a big kid like you]

[Ah, n- no! I'm sorry.]

[Ahaha, it's not like I'm mad at you.]

The expression on her face as she spoke with a wry smile on her face, her gestures, all of her movements overlapped with the Mom within my memory.

Even though they resemble this much…… They really are…… different people huh……



[Thank you for your help earlier. I will return your money.]

[Don't worry about it. I just happened to see you troubled there earlier, and besides, it's just 2Rs.]

[No, that's not something I can……]

[……Hey, hey, if people want to help you, all you need to do is accept their kindness.]

[Eh Ah, yes!]

How should I say this…… Rather than being swept by her tune, I kind of feel like I can't go against her words. I guess it must be because she looks like Mom.

It makes me feel as if Mom is telling me those words……

[Ahh, speaking of which, I've never introduced myself, didn't I My name is "Luce", nice to meet you.]

[……Luce-san…… is it]

[Unnn. It may just be fate that we met here again tonight. If you don't mind, can I ask your name]

[……I'm Miyama Kaito.]

Her face and voice were exactly the same, but her name was different. I should have known that would be the case, but I couldn't help but feel a strong sense of disappointment.

I guess I really was hoping for it somewhere within my mind…… That this person is actually my mother……

[Miyama Kaito That's an unusual name…… Ahh, could it be that you're one of those otherworlders]

[Y- Yes, that's right.]

[I see~~ This is the first time I've ever talked to someone from another world. I kinda feel like I have an advantage compared to the others now…… wait, arehh You don't look so good.]

[……Ahh, errr……]

I've been told a lot of times that I'm the type of person who shows my emotions on my face. It seems like my depression seemed to have shown on my face, and Luce-san voiced out her concern.

This is bad. I should somehow fool her……

[I got it! You must be hungry, right]


[Unnn, unnn, you can't be lively with an empty stomach after all!]

[N- No, ummm…… It's not like I'm hungry……]

[In that case, here! I'll give you my special sandwich that I just happened to have!!!]


She isn't listening to me at all! Not only am I not hungry, heck, I'll have you know that I just ate earlier, okay

……Ah~~ Speaking of which, Mom was the type who didn't listen to others either. Since their faces look alike, do their personalities also resemble each other

I mean, this sandwich that she held out to me…… What should I do about this H- Hmmm, even with my Sympathy Magic, I can only sense good intentions from her, so it's kind of hard to say no.

[……T- Thank you very much.]

[You're welcome. Now, now, go ahead and gobble it up!]

[Eh, ah, yes……]

Pushed by Luce-san's liveliness, I took a bite at the sandwich in my hand.

And at that moment, I was convinced that this person wasn't my mother.

[……It's delicious.]

[Really That's great.]

This is different. This is not…… my mother's cooking.

Mom was a very bad cook. She chopped vegetables in different sizes, added too much or too little seasoning…… and couldn't even make a sandwich in such a neat shape.

She was helplessly clumsy…… but she was very cheerful and positive about things…… She was the kindest mother anyone could ever have.

Luce-san was just like my mother…… but she was different. This person isn't my mother. She's just another person who looks like her……

[A- Arehh Why do you look worse than before Could it be that you're not feeling well]

[N- No, I'm alright.]

[Hmmm. You shouldn't push yourself too hard…… I think you should go home early and get some rest already.]

[……I guess you're right.]

I knew there was a good chance that she was someone else, but when I became certain that she really wasn't my mother, an inexplicable feeling flooded within my heart.

[I'm sorry, even though you've gone out of your way to call out to me……]

[It's okay, you don't have to worry about it. Let's talk again when we get the chance.]

[Yes…… Ahh, thank you for the sandwich. It was really delicious.]

[You're welcome~~]

I couldn't wrap my mind around things, so I decided to follow Luce-san's advice and went back to Central Tower.

Bowing to Luce-san, who was greatly waving her hand in my direction, I began walking away from the plaza.

Dear Mom, Dad—————- Despite my disappointment, I was also relieved to find out early on that she was a different person. Unnn, I'm alright. I was shocked, but thanks to Isis-san and Lilia-san, I don't feel that bad. I can properly take in something like this————— The fact that Luce-san and Mom are different people.

[……I'm sorry…… Kaito. Forgive me for not being able to say anything right now……]

After seeing off the departing Kaito until he was out of sight, Luce…… no, "Miyama Akari" quietly muttered, before walking into a dark alley.

Her whisper was drowned out by the night wind…… never reaching anyone's ears.

~~ Rejected Scene ~~

Akariii~n/ : [Do I look old enough to have a big kid like you]

Kai-chan (Powered by Intel) : [……There are plenty of people in this world whose age doesn't match their appearance. I mean, in a world where Demons are common, it's rather strange to judge someone by their appearance! Did you really make such an obvious mistake If you can say something like that, then you must be an Earthling like me!!!]

Akariii~n/ : [……Stop it, the story won't progress, so seriously, stop it……]

Serious-senpai Act3: [The enemy invaded the Afterword! Oiiii! The chapter was nice already! It was filled with great seriousness already! So why the heck are you invading my place and breaking off the seriousness!!!]

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