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The scene on the third day of the Six Kings Festival was also very different from the scenery on the first and second day.

Yesterday's forest-shrouded landscape disappeared, and the city was lined with stalls…… It was as if a really huge summer festival was happening.

[Ohh, it's quite crowded, isn't it]

[……Unnn…… Today…… No matter who it is…… if they apply for it…… they can open a store.]

With my hand intertwined with Isis-san's, we set off from the Central Tower, and the first thing we saw was a stage set up in the middle of the huge plaza.

The auction, the main event of the third day, was to be held on this stage, and it was to begin at 10 am…… So we had about an hour to spare.

However, neither Isis-san nor I had much interest in the auction, so we'd probably just take a quick peek at what it's like later.

We decided to just leisurely look around the stalls, and just walk around together with Isis-san.

Isis-san would usually be floating in the air, but this time, she was on a date with me, so she was walking by my side.

She looked happy from the start of our date, as she would occasionally squeeze my hand, as if to show her happiness. She's completely an angel.

I feel happy to be able to look around the festival with Isis-san, and I knew that we would have a fun time. However, I'm not without any concerns.

I'm particularly concerned about Isis-san's magic power of death…… I have no problem with this because of my Sympathy Magic, but for the people who didn't have such magic, Isis-san was an object of fear.

Before her magic power of death, how strong a person's will is doesn't matter. Isis-san is a kind-hearted person. But even if they knew that, beings who didn't have the magic power to withstand Isis-san's magic power of death wouldn't be able to approach her.

Those who possess life have the instinct to fear Isis-san. That's why, when Isis-san comes to visit the royal capital or other places, people disappear from the main streets.

This is the reason why Isis-san felt so lonely for so long, and it was also the most traumatic thing for her.

So now, she was a little worried about that. Most of the shopkeepers were apparently under the control of the Six Kings, and those who possessed strength such as the Peerage-holders were chosen first.

However, that didn't apply to the participants of the festival or those who had applied to open a store. I hope it doesn't turn into a situation where they would run away or something like that, hurting Isis-san's feelings……

With such worries in my heart, I walked together with Isis-san…… this was when I heard the other participants talking with each other.

[Oi, look at that. It's Death King-sama……]

[Ohh…… S- She's really intimidating. As expected of one of the Six Kings.]

When we heard those words, Isis-san and I looked at each other. Yes, because it wasn't the reaction we had expected.

The two who were talking with each other didn't look like they had much magic power even from my point of view…… but they didn't run away when they saw Isis-san. Well, they were just trying to look from a distance……

[I heard that one would faint at just the sight of the Death King-sama, but it doesn't seem like that though]

[You idiot. Those idiots were just exaggerating and spreading such rumors. She certainly has an atmosphere around her that makes it that I can't get any closer to her, but she's one of the Six Kings, you know Something like this should be expected from them.]

[I guess so…… Well, I guess we're lucky to see one of the Six Kings this close.]

[Yeah, at the Festival of Heroes, ordinary participants like us can only see them from a distance.]

……Arehh Really positive responses…… What does this mean

[……Arehh ……No one…… is running away]

Apparently, Isis-san was also surprised, as she began looking around with a curious expression on her face.

It's true, just as the two of them said, everyone was keeping their distance from Isis-san. But at best, it felt like they were just looking at them from a few meters away, which was the same feeling I had when I walked together with Lillywood-san the other day.

[……Speaking of which, Isis-san's magic power of death…… Didn't I hear someone mention that when Isis-san is happy, her magic power of death would be weaker]

[……U- Unnn…… It won't completely disappear but……]

[Then, could it be……]


Isis-san and I realized what was happening almost simultaneously.

Isis-san's magic power of death fades when Isis-san is in a good mood. If I'm not just being conceited, Isis-san should have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and she should be feeling a great amount of happiness right now…… In other words, the magic power of death that Isis-san was clad in now was thinner now than ever before.

That's why the fear they're feeling was just to the extent that they would think "As expected of one of the Six Kings, she's really intimidating"……

Perhaps, the distance where they could look at her…… About three meters should be their limit, and I don't think they could get any closer than that…… But even if that's so, that's still a drastic change.

For Isis-san, a scene like this…… The sight of so many people present without running away from her must be refreshing and delightful. As if she was overcome with emotions, her shoulders trembled before she tightly hugged my arm.

[……Kaito…… I'm glad.]

[That's great, isn't it, Isis-san]

[……Unnn…… It's all…… thanks to Kaito…… Thank you…… I love you.]

This change…… The sight of the weak not running away from her was what Isis-san longed for. Of course, this didn't mean that they were no longer afraid of her. If she were to get any closer, they would probably run away.

But still, this was a huge step forward. This change makes it possible to see a faint possibility…… A future where Isis-san will be able to walk the streets without anyone being afraid of her.

[……That person walking beside Death King-sama…… Could he be that rumored otherworlder]

[Yeah, most probably. Don't make eye contact with him…… "You'll get killed".]

……Unnn Arehh

[……Rumor has it that he fought War King-sama and won…… He must have a strength that one can't imagine from his appearance.]

[……I've even heard that he defeated the War King's General Bacchus-sama with one shot.]

P- Please wait a moment, what's with their conversation That's strange, something is strange……

[It seems that he also had an "oni-like winged being" under his command, and if you apparently look down on him, you will be erased……]

[Y- Yeah, I've heard that too. I've also heard about how that being was going around telling people how great that otherworlder is…..]

[D- Did you know…… That on the first day of the Festival, a Count from Archlesia was apparently captured by that winged being and had them swore allegiance to that otherworlder……]

[Y- Yeah, but I heard that "Underworld King-sama" dragged her away after that……]

Oi, wait a moment there! Why the heck am I hearing unbelievable conversations over there!

That winged being…… That's Eden-san, isn't it What the heck are you doing, Eden-san! You said that you were just going to sightsee by yourself…… but seriously, what the heck are you doing!

Their assessment towards me was turning strange…… Or rather, what do they mean when she had a count swore allegiance towards me I haven't received any information of anyone swearing their allegiance towards me from anyone, you know!

Also, Kuro, please hang in there! You're the only one who can stop an irrational person like her!

Dear Mom, Dad————- I was happy to see that Isis-san's magic power of death had faded, and feeling her happiness made me truly happy. Well, that aside…… Somehow————- Their assessment towards me were turning strange, you know!

~~ Rumors about Kaito-kun known by the Commoners ~~

> It seems that he is an otherworlder "with power comparable to the Six Kings".

> It seems that not only the Six Kings, but he has also caught the eyes of the only the Supreme Gods, and even the God of Creation herself.

> It seems that he has Phantasmal King-sama as his subordinate, holding all the information of the world at his disposal.

> It seems that the King of Symphonia was so terrified of him that he bowed down in a dogeza in front of him when they first met.

> It seems that when you insult him, "a winged being under his command" would appear out of nowhere.

> It seems that "he had won against the War King in battle".

> It is rumored that he might be the Seventh King.

……I wonder if these rumors were really a misunderstanding

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