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Chapter 1247 - Night Market ⑨

While having my hair washed, I lightly washed and rinsed my own front. As if timed to coincide with me finishing washing myself, Illness-sans careful washing of my hair was also over, and she used the Shower Magic Tool to cleanly wash my head.

[Theeeeere. All clean nooooow.]

[Thank you.]

Hearing Illness-san say its over, I turned around to thank her…… but that was a bad idea. Of course, the fact that she was washing my hair meant that Illness-san was right behind me.

And while I was sitting, Illness-san was standing. And in the process of washing my body and hair, its inevitable that she would also get wet.

When I turned around, my face ended up being in front of Illness-sans stomach, which had become more sensational as her see-through outer garment was soaking wet and sticking into her skin.

This was very dangerous. To begin with, Illness-san is usually like an iron fortress when it comes to exposing her skin. I had never seen her expose any skin other than her hands or face before today, and how should I say this…… Im feeling a great sense of immorality from seeing something that is usually hidden.

As I was feeling that my once calm thoughts were once again becoming chaotic, Illness-san suddenly turned her gaze toward the bath.

[……This is the effect of the bath salt, riiiiiight It smells so gooooooood.]

[Yes, I like this scent too. Ahh, thats right. If you dont mind, would you like to test it out too, Illness-san]


Hearing what I said, Illness-san had an unusually surprised expression on her face…… and immediately after, I felt the blood that had been rising to my face quickly draining away.

They were words I reflexively said, but I completely misspoke. No, the words in itself werent wrong. It was slightly poorly worded, but the intent of my words isnt wrong…… but saying that in a situation like this is fatally wrong!

If this had been said in my room after I took a bath or something like that, my intentions would have been accurately conveyed. In other words, what I meant is that “I still have some prototypes left, so would you like to try them, Illness-san”……

However, what would happen if I said this to her in the bathroom…… No matter how you look at it, it sounds like “Im inviting her to take a bath with me”.

This is bad, this is bad! That was a complete sexual harassment. Its not surprising that Illness-san would be taken aback. A- Anyhow, I should quickly explain myself……

[Well theeeeen, since youve invited me, please allow me to bathe with youuuu.]

Eeeehhhhh! T- That went through! She accepted!

M- Moreover, although she was surprised by a statement she didnt expect, her reply was almost immediate. Well, I have somewhat been thinking about this for some time, but Illness-san…… Isnt she being too lenient when it comes to me

I feel as if she would listen to me no matter what I ask her to do.

[Well theeeen, I will also wash my bodyyyyy.]

[Ah, yes.]

Even though I was perplexed that Illness-san had so easily agreed to my verbal slip, I just decided to go ahead and dip myself into the bath while waiting for her. As expected, theres no way I could just say something like “how about I wash your back too”.

I mean, I dont really know how I could wash her back over her bathing clothes, so suggesting that would just trouble her……

At any rate, as I soaked myself in the bathwater with my posture strangely straightened, perhaps from nervousness, I heard Illness-sans voice from behind me.

[Excuse meeee.]

[Y- Yes. Please come in.]

I- I was feeling a bit nervous and gave a strange response. Thereupon, Illness-san came into the bath too…… Eh No, why is she so near…… Shes almost right beside me! I mean, shes so near that our shoulders would almost lightly touch if we want, you know!

[I seeeee, this is indeed interestiiiiiiing. It seems to have a moisturiziiiiiing and relaxing effeeeeect.]

As she said this with an arm held out of the hot water, lightly stroking it with her other hand so that the hot water would sink into her skin, how should I say this…… She looked very elegant and sexy.

Every casual gesture she makes is very classy, giving the impression of a petite, but elegant lady.

[I personally feel its a bit like a milk bath. The smell is totally different though.]

[Indeeeed. It does resemble something like thaaaaat. There are many people who dont like the smell of milk baths thoooooough, so they may have taken that into consideratiooooon and changed the smell while making it similaaaaaar.]

[……Speaking of which, I heard that nobles often float fragrance sachets in their baths I didnt see many of them in the baths at Lilia-sans mansion though……]

[Yeeeeees. Fragrant herbs and flowers are often uuuuuused. Some households even have their own original fragrance sacheeeeets. Milady doesnt like to use theeeeem because she doesnt want the smeeeeeell to mix with the body oil she puts on her body after taking a baaaaaath, so she doesnt use them very ofteeeeeeen.]

[I see……]

The nice scent I sometimes smell from Lilia-san…… because Lilia-san doesnt wear perfume except when she goes out or attends a night party, perhaps a habit she got from her time in the Knight Order, but it smells different from the smell of shampoo, so I was wondering what it was…… so that was the smell of body oil huh.

While I was thinking about this, my gaze happened to move to the side…… and my eyes met those of Illness-sans, who also happened to be looking at me. Her slightly flushed skin peeking out of the water, her beautiful eyes that are focused unlike usual…… The sight was so beautiful that I couldnt help gulping.

[Kaito-samaaa Is something the matteeeeeer]

[N- No, its just that you look so beautiful…… Ah, no, ummm……]

I felt flustered at the words that reflexively came out of my mouth. Somehow, Im having a lot of slip-ups today…… I guess it must be because Im feeling strangely nervous

In contrast to me though, Illness-san giggled and responded to my words with a smile.

[Kuhi, thank you very muuuuuch. You also look very dreamy, Kaito-samaaaa.]

Giving me such a composed and mature response, as to be expected of Illness-san.

Serious-senpai : [Uwabraaaghh!]

: [S- Serious-senpai spouted out sugar from all over her body and exploded! ……How amusing can her ecology be…… She became a sugar pillar before and now, she turns into a sugar explosion…… ]-

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