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Chapter 9: A Man Sits at Home While His Father-In-Law Comes up From the Sky

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Ji Qingyans face was completely dark.

It was only right and proper to pay for a taxi you rode it, but it should not be such a serious matter, right

Although it was quite embarrassing to do an s-squat, that was probably the main point.

“This little bit of money isnt even enough for you to refuel, so why do you care so much about it”

“It adds up. I still have to earn money to buy a house in Zhong Hai.”

Ji Qingyan laughed.

“Youre already driving Pagani. Who would believe that you cant afford a house”

As she spoke, Ji Qingyan paid for the trip.

Lin Yi sighed to himself. Im really a poor guy with only 60 million in cash!

After getting out of the car, the two entered the house one after the other.

The layout of the villa wasnt big. It was about 400 square meters in total, and the modern and simple style decorations were very sleek.

Furthermore, there was the faint fragrance of Jasmine.

“What would you like to drink Coffee or tea”

“Tea, itll quench my thirst.” Lin Yi did not bother being overly formal.

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Soon, Ji Qingyan brewed a pot of tea and handed it to Lin Yi.

The atmosphere in the room also fell into silence. It was a bit awkward.

“You want to watch it now” Ji Qingyan asked, embarrassed.

“Yes, I have something to do later, so its best if I can hurry up.”

The farewell banquet his colleagues were holding for him was about to start. As the main character, he couldnt be late.

“Lets be clear, Ive never done this before, so dont blame me if I dont do it well. “Lin Yi said.

“Dont worry, I wont,” Lin Yi answered with a smile.

She walked to the coffee table and grabbed onto the chair as she recalled the movements in the video.

Then, she completed the first s-squat stiffly.

Her back was straight, her waist was slim, while her legs were long.

It wasnt very standard, but after watching Ji Qingyans squats, Lin Yi felt that all the female anchors on the internet were weak!

This was especially true for the feeling of it coming out, as it wasnt something an ordinary person compete with.

Especially Ji Qingyan, who was wearing a body-hugging skirt and black silk. If she had not taken off her high heels, she would have gotten even more points.

Lin Yi sighed as he drank his tea and watched Ji Qingyan do the s-squats.

This was life!

“W-what are you doing”

They heard someone talking halfway through the second s squat.

Both of them froze when they saw a middle-aged man in a black polo shirt standing at the door, looking at them in shock.

“Dad, why are you here!”

The middle-aged mans name was Ji Antai, Ji Qingyans father.

“I… should I not be here”

Lin Yi almost vomited blood. It was indeed a bad time for you to be here.

You should be under the car, not here.

“Dad, dont misunderstand. Hes my new yoga instructor, hes teaching me new yoga moves,” Ji Qingyan explained.

“I want to know which yoga instructor teaches his students with his legs crossed!” Ji Antai said.

“Shouldnt he be teaching them directly”

Lin Yi, “”

That was a pretty good idea!

“Hes a high-level yoga instructor. Hes only in charge of verbal guidance and doesnt usually do it himself,” Ji Qingyan said nervously.

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“Stop lying, do you think I dont watch live broadcasts”

Lin Yi, “”

He watches live broadcasts

Does your wife know about this

“Dad, listen to me...”

“Stop talking. Go to the side. I have something to say to him,” Antai said as he pointed at Lin Yi.

“Uncle Ji, what do you want to say”

Antais expression softened a lot in front of Lin Yi.

This person was very likely to be his future son-in-law, so he had to be nice.

“Young man, Whats your name”

“Lin Yi.”

“What do you do for a living”

It looked like Ji Antai was going to get to the bottom of this.

“Didi.” Lin Yi answered honestly.

“What did you say Didi” Ji Antais eyes widened in disbelief.

“Im really a Didi driver.” Lin Yi said helplessly.

What was wrong with this world Would no one would believe the truth anymore

“Stop fooling around. How can a Didi driver chase after my daughter”Antai said. “Unless youre driving a sports car.”

“Youre right. The sports car at the door is mine.”

“Youre really driving a sports car” Antai was surprised.

When he came in, he saw a sports car parked at the door.

He thought it was his daughters new car, but it was actually her boyfriends.

“Although my car is a little nicer, I really drive for Didi.”

“Thats right.” Antai laughed.

“To be able to use a sports car to drive a Didi, you must be a rich kid who doesnt want to be ordinary. Youre much better than those rich kids who only know how to eat, drink, and play. I dont need to worry about giving my daughter to you.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

How did your daughter suddenly belong to your son-in-law just because she did an s-squat

Was this not a forced sale.

Ji Qingyan sat down again, her face red.

It was really hard to explain now.

“Little Yi, my fathers 80th birthday is in a few days. Since you two are together, theres no need to hide it. You two can go together and let the rest of the family see you.”

“That wont be appropriate.” Lin Yi resisted. After all, they did not have a special relationship.

“Theres nothing bad about it. Since you two are together, you have the right to participate in such a big event.” Ji Antai said:

“Alright, I wont say anything else. You two continue with your matters. Dont let me affect your mood.”

Antai stood up and left, leaving Ji Qingyan embarrassed.

“Lin Yi, dont listen to my dads nonsense,” Ji Qingyan pretended to be calm.

Lin Yi nodded and looked at the time on his phone. “President Ji, I have something else to do, so Ill leave first.”

“Leave There are still eight more squats to do.”

After saying that, Ji Qingyan realized that something was wrong. Wouldnt it be better if she didnt finish this embarrassing task

“Thanks for reminding me,” Lin Yi said.

“Ill owe you the remaining eight.”

“Alright then.”

Since she had already said it, there was no way she could go back on her word, so she had no choice but to acquiesce.

After watching Lin Yi leave, Ji Qingyan returned to the villa and called her secretary.

“Secretary Guo, theres someone called Lin Yi in the sales department. Send me a copy of his information.”

After giving her instructions, Ji Qingyan hung up.

She wanted to investigate Lin Yis dismissal.

After leaving Ji Qingyans house, Lin Yi drove to Yi Pin Ju.

It was not a big deal that he was a few minutes late because of Ji Antais appearance.

“Im really sorry. I was stuck in traffic and was late.”

When he arrived at the private room, he found that everyone in the sales department was already there. Thus, Lin Yi said embarrassedly.

“Its okay, we just got here too.”

The person who spoke was Wang Ying. She had been taking care of Lin Yi for a long time.

She was about thirty years old and had long hair draped over her shoulders. She was wearing a green floral dress, looking very charming.

“Come, Yi, sit here. Ive already reserved a seat for you.”

Wang Ying took down the clothes on the empty seat next to her and gestured for Lin Yi to sit next to her.


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