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Chapter 8: Do I have to keep my promise

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Ji Qingyan stood up and shook hands with Tianlong when he walked in.

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“Hello, Manager Wang. Im Ji Qingyan from the Chaoyang Group. I spoke to you on the phone earlier.”

“Hello, President Ji. Please dont take offense at my lack of hospitality.”

Tianlong was very polite and didnt expose his relationship with Lin Yi.

This was because he had just received Lin Yis reminder to cooperate with Ji Qingyans request. Thus, he had to be more enthusiastic.

He could not block the boss from picking up girls.

Tianlongs attitude made Ji Qingyan grumble in her heart.

Tianlong was also very polite on the phone before, but he always maintained a sense of distance. The way he spoke and his tone were very official.

However, this time it was different. He was very warm and even a little respectful.

“Hello, Manager Wang. Im here to talk to you about the venue. Our company wants to hold a press conference. We want to see if theres any available slots for the hall of the Peninsula Hotel.”

Ji Qingyan had already predicted the outcome. She figured she would definitely be rejected by Tianlong.

As for the miracle that Lin Yi mentioned, such a thing was impossible.

After all, she had already asked before. Even if she came here personally this time, there would not be any change.

The size of Chaoyang group was obvious. She didnt have that much reputation to influence others.

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“No problem. When do you want to use it Ill arrange it right away,” Tianlong said politely.


Ji Qingyan was stunned. She could not believe Wang Tianlongs words.

“What did you say You can free up your schedule now”

Wang Tianlong nodded and said, “Yes. We will make sure that it is free on the day you need it.”

Ji Qingyan was elated. “Thank you, Manager Wang. I plan to hold the press conference in ten days time.”

“No problem. Ill arrange it right away. Do you have any other requests, President Ji As long as its within our abilities, well try our best to meet them.”

“No, no more. Well get someone to do the set. We wont trouble Manager Wang with anything else.”

Up until now, Ji Qingyan still felt a little incredulous.

Previously, they had made it clear that they did not have any open slots for half a month. Now that she was here, she could pick any time she wanted.

What the hell was going on

She was just here to try her luck and didnt have any hope at all. However, a miracle had really happened.

It was unbelievable.

“Alright, I will inform the people below to clear the schedule and ensure no other reservations will be accepted.”

“Thank you, Manager Wang.”

Ji Qingyan said, “How much is the deposit for our hotel I will have the finance department transfer it to you later.”

“No need, no need.” Wang Tianlong waved his hand and said, “With President Jis character, there is no need to pay the deposit. It is not necessary, and everything will be settled after the transaction.”

Ji Qingyan could not believe her ears.

Did she have that much influence

It wasnt possible, right!

Even so, she did not mishear.

“Are you sure you dont want the deposit”

“Of course not. Its our honor to serve President Ji.”

“Manager Wang is too polite. Its our honor too.”

After exchanging a few simple words, Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan left the Peninsula Hotel.

Wang Tianlong walked them out politely and watched them leave.

Wang Tianlong felt that his performance wasnt too bad. There did not seem to be any mistakes.

“Manager Wang, the hall has been booked by Yunkai Group on the 7th of next month. If we break the contract unilaterally, we have to pay three times the penalty fee,” the deputy manager said.

“Three times is nothing. We will pay ten times the penalty fee!” Wang Tianlong said, “If we delay the boss from picking up girls, well have to pack up and leave!”

The two got into the car together after leaving the Peninsula Hotel. Ji Qingyans excitement had not yet subsided at this point.

“Lin Yi, youre really a lucky star. You were right. There was really a turn for the better.”

“I told you. Try more and maybe a miracle will happen.”

“Yeah, yeah. Thank God I believed you. Otherwise, I really wouldnt have been able to handle this.”

“Ji, I think we should put this matter aside for now. It seems like its time for you to keep your promise,” Lin Yi said.

Ji Qingyan paused, her face turning red as well.

“Why are you still thinking about this” Ji Qingyan asked

“Are you trying to cheat me, Ji” Lin Yi asked

“How is that possible Im the CEO of Chaoyang Group, after all. How can I go back on my word” Ji Qingyan said

“Thatd be great. Lets keep our promise now,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Were in the car. How am I supposed to keep my promise Well talk about it when we get home.”

“No problem.”

Lin Yi stepped on the gas pedal as he spoke, and the Pagani let out a beast-like roar, leaving the other cars far behind.

Ji Qingyans face was dark. was there a need to fight so hard just to watch her perform an s-squat

According to the address marked on the GPS, it would take less than 20 minutes to drive the car to Ji Qingyans home.

Ji Qingyans home was in Yunshui Villa, in Zhong Hai.

Among all the villas in Zhong Hai, the Yunshui villa was not considered high-end and could only be ranked in the middle.

With Ji Qingyans social status, it was reasonable for her to live here.

Seeing the silver Pagani slowly driving over, the security guards at the entrance of the villa district were stunned.

Although the people who lived in the Yunshui Villa were all rich and powerful, most of the cars they drove were sports cars worth millions.

This was the first time they had seen a property owner driving a Pagani.

How f*cking luxurious!

“Open the door.”

As it was a private villa district, no one was allowed to enter without an access card, so Ji Qingyan greeted the security guard at the entrance.

“Got it, Boss Ji.”

The security guard opened the door without a word and let her in.

The security guard watched as Pagani drove into the villa area and trotted back to the concierge.

“Wang Bro, dont sleep anymore. Boss Ji of Villa Number Eight has been taken down!”

“It cant be that bad. Boss Ji is a famous cold and aloof female CEO. The people who sent flowers could form a line. Has she really been taken down”

“Thats right. I think the person driving the car is very handsome, and he is driving a Pagani Zonda. It seems to be worth more than 28 million yuan. He is definitely a super rich second generation.”

“It seems that CEO Ji is not that indifferent. Its just that the people who pursue her were not good enough for her.”

“Sigh, beautiful women are indeed prepared for the rich. Even a woman like CEO Ji was taken down. Life feels so bleak.”


Driving to Villa Number Eight, Ji Qingyan unbuckled her seatbelt and prepared to get out of the car.

“President Ji, did you forget something”

Ji Qingyan, who had just regained her composure, blushed again and stomped her feet angrily.

“Ah, I got it. Ten S-squats. Youre unbelievable.”

“No, thats not what Im talking about.” Lin Yi held his phone and replied.

“Since we arrived, shouldnt you pay for the ride”


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