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I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Lin Yi Will Forgive Me

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“He called Lin Yi Director Lin!”

Liu Sisi was so shocked that she almost lost her footing!

Was he not just a lousy salesman

How could he be the boss of the Peninsula Hotel!

The Peninsula Hotels annual revenue was over 100 million!

One months revenue was enough to cover the annual earnings of the Yun Jie family. She had missed out on such a rich man!

At this moment, Liu Sisi felt like she was a sand sculpture, the kind that was super big.

Looking at the manager of the Peninsula Hotel, Lin Yi nodded and said lightly,

“Lets go. From today onwards, we are colleagues.”

“Yes, yes, yes. You are right, Director Lin.”

Lin Yis words shocked the middle and upper management of the hotel!

The person who bought the Peninsula Hotel was so young and so amiable.

It was unbelievable!

“Director Lin, lets go to the meeting room upstairs. You are the owner of the hotel now, so we need to report to you about our work.”

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“Okay, lets go.”

Lin Yi was trying his best to adapt to his identity.

This was his business now, he had to get to know it better.

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“Boss Lin, this way please.”

Under the escort of a group of executives, Lin Yi arrived at the meeting room on the fifth floor.

“Boss Lin, these are our financial statements, as well as the recent expenditure reports. You can take a look at them first.”

Looking at the pile of documents on the table, Lin Yi realized he had underestimated the management costs of a hotel.

He was not even a professional, while even someone experienced would need a few days to finish reading everything.

“Im not going to read these anymore. Everything will operate according to the old business model,” Lin Yi said:

“You dont need to be so suspicious. Even though Im the new boss and weve never interacted before, I see sincerity in your eyes. I believe that you wont make a mistake.”

Lin Yi had been in sales for more than a year, and he didnt even hesitate to say such things.

Lin Yis words made the middle and upper management of the hotel extremely grateful.

It was their first meeting today, and they didnt expect the new boss to trust them so much!

It was so touching!

“Thank you for your Trust, boss. Well do our best and strive to achieve greater things!”

“Okay, I believe in you.”

Dang dang dang…

Just as Lin Yi was about to leave, there was an urgent knock on the door.

“Come in,” Lin Yi said.

A female employee of the Peninsula Hotel came in. She was very anxious.

“Manager Wang, the customer of room 1704 wants to file a complaint against us. We couldnt stop them. Please handle it quickly.”

“A complaint against us For what”

“She submitted an application for a car rental service to our hotel yesterday, but the Mercedes Benz she wanted to rent happened to be forcefully borrowed by a VIP customer instead. We provided a car exchange service, but she didnt accept it and insisted on filing a complaint against us, so...”

Tianlong didnt say anything. The boss was here, so he had to see what the latter wanted first.

“You guys go handle your own matters. Ill go check it out.”

Lin Yi got up and walked out. Although he didnt know much about the rules and regulations of the hotel, VIP users did indeed enjoy more privileges than ordinary guests.

The hotel seemed to have acted appropriately.

Lin Yi took the elevator to the 17th floor and knocked on the door of room 1704.

“Im telling you guys, if you dont give me a reasonable explanation for this, Ill...”

The door opened and Gu Jingshu was stunned when she saw the person standing at the door.

This, where did this little brother come from Hes too handsome!

“Are you the one whos going to file a complaint against us” Lin Yi asked.

“No, its fine. Its not a big deal. Just arrange for another car for me,” Gu Jingshu said in a ladylike manner. Who would have the heart to file a complaint against such a handsome little brother!

She actually yelled at such a handsome brother. Her ladylike image was ruined.

“I have a Pagani. If you dont mind, you can drive it.”

“What, what did you say You want to lend me a Pagani to drive”

“Thats right. In terms of quality, it should be better than a Mercedes-Benz.”

“Forget it. With my financial resources, I can afford to rent a Mercedes-Benz, but I cant afford a car like a Pagani,” Gu Jingshu said.

“Besides, even if I could afford it, I wouldnt know how to drive it. Its said that supercars handle differently from other cars.”

“How about this Where do you want to go Ill drive you there.”

She was a guest of the hotel. After such a thing happened, he could only drive her for free. It would not be counted as a Didi order.

“You want to drive me there” Gu Jingshu was so surprised that she could not close her mouth.

Such a handsome young man was giving her a ride to the wedding in a Pagani

Did she save the world in her previous life

“Thats not good, Id be troubling you.”

“If you dont want to, then forget it. Ill try to get you a Mercedes-Benz as soon as possible.”

Lin Yi didnt have any connections, so it was impossible for him to borrow a Mercedes-Benz.

Even so, money could make the world go round, and he still had ten million in cash on his card. Getting a Mercedes-Benz wasnt a difficult task.

Gu Jingshu, “”

Were all good-looking people that honest

I was just being polite!

“Im in a hurry, so Ill have to trouble you to send me off.” Gu Jingshu quickly said

“Sure, Ill leave the decision to you.” Lin Yi said

“Okay, okay. Give me a minute, Little Bro. Ill go change.” Gu Jingshu replied.


Ten minutes later, Gu Jingshu changed into her new clothes. Her light blue skirt accentuated the full peaks in front of her, and her black high heels made her look different.

“Im done changing. Lets go now.”


At this time, the hotel entrance was already noisy.

“Yun Jie, you should go. Lin Yi will be out soon. I dont want him to misunderstand,” Liu Sisi said.

“What are you talking about Arent you with me now”

“The moment Lin Yi turned around, I realized that I still love him. So now, I have nothing to do with you.”

“You b*tch, do you really think that Lin Yi will fall for you F*ck, youre dreaming!”

After cursing, Yun Jie drove away with his friends.

He left Liu Sisi and her other two best friends behind.

“Sisi, you just such mean things about Lin Yi. Will he really come back” Liu Sisis best friend asked.

“He will. Although I did something wrong, we were in a relationship. As long as I sincerely apologize to him, he will definitely forgive me.”

“You have a point.”

“Lets not talk about this for now. I think he will be out in a while. Lets not just sit idly. Lets clean his car first. After all I still have to sit in it later,” said Liu Sisi.

“I really envy you. Im afraid I wont have a chance to sit in Pagani in my life.”

“Dont feel sorry for yourself. After our relationship has eased up, I think he will give this car to me to drive. When that time comes, I will take you for a ride.”

“Thank you in advance then.”

“Alright, theres tissue in your bags. Start wiping now.”

Lin Yi and Gu Jingshu walked out of the hotel just as Liu Sisi and the others were having a good time.

“What are you doing”


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