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Chapter 30: Do They Dare to Stop My Car

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Lin Yi hummed a tune as he brought Ji Qingyan to the beach.

There werent many people on the beach at night, and the white waves were very eye-catching under the lights.

Lin Yi looked to his right and saw his own Jiuzhou Pavilion.

If others wanted to see the ocean, they had to drive here. If he wanted to see it, all he had to do was open the window.

The life of a rich man was so boring.

“Turn your head away.”

Ji Qingyan said after they parked the car.

“Huh You want to change into a swimsuit”

“I dont have a swimsuit with me. How could I change into it” Ji Qingyan said, “I want to take off my stockings and walk on the beach.”

“If you just want to take off your stockings why are you acting as if you are changing your clothes”

“Im wearing a skirt, so of course you have to turn your head away.”

“Its not like you have a vacuum inside, whats there to be afraid of”

Qingyan pinched Lin Yis waist. “What kind of person do you think I am”

“You women are really weird animals. If others see you wearing underwear, you will scream and call them indecent. On the beach, you can wear a bikini and let others look at you. Isnt that weird”

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“How can it be considered the same” Ji Qingyan said. “Everyone on the beach wears that. Besides, Ive never worn a bikini before.”

“Why dont you just take it off now That way, well be even and you can also get change.”

“Thug!” Ji Qingyan said. “If you dont turn around, Ill go down and change.”

“No, you should stay in the car.”

Lin Yi turned his head to avoid Ji Qingyan calling him a thug again.

However, he could see the reflection from the car window.

He took off his black stockings, revealing Ji Qingyans snow-white legs.

He had to admit that Ji Qingyan was very sexy when she took off her stockings.

Hed better enjoy this scene by himself.

“Lets go for a walk on the beach.”

“No problem.”

When they reached the beach, Ji Qingyan took off her high heels. The sea breeze blew against her long hair. For a moment, it was hard to tell which was more beautiful, her or the sea.

“By the way, theres something I want to tell you,” Ji Qingyan said after walking for a while.

“What is it”

“Just now when we were having dinner, my dad called. He said that I must take you to Grandpas birthday.”

“What do you think” Lin Yi asked

“I know you didnt want to go, and I refused on your behalf, but they didnt agree and insisted that I bring you over, so...” Qingyan said shyly.

“Are you going to pretend that I am your boyfriend then” Lin Yi asked.

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Qingyan nodded shyly.

“Im at a disadvantage.” Lin Yi said

“I didnt say that I was the one suffering a disadvantage, but you were the one who complained first.”

“Alright, since you put in so much effort to perform the squats, Ill go with you and help you deal with them.”

“At least you have a conscience.”

After walking for a while, Ji Qingyan felt much better.

“The sea breeze at night is a little cold. Lets go back first.”

“No problem.”

Ji Qingyan held her phone. “Ill make an order first.”

“No need, this trip is free for you. All the orders Ive taken in the past few days came from you, I cant keep picking your wool.” (TL Note: Chinese idiom to mean keep taking advantage of.)

“Tsk, youre the one with wool.”

The two returned to the car and headed toward Ji Qingyans Yunshui Villa.

“Eh, why are all the lights on in Jiuzhou Pavilion” Ji Qingyan asked curiously.

“Isnt that normal” Lin Yi said. “Otherwise, it would be so dark and creepy.”

“You dont know, do you” Ji Qingyan said.

“The Jiuzhou Pavilion is the most luxurious villa in Zhong Hai. There are a total of nine villas of different styles. The cheapest one cost more than 800 million yuan. Its been built for more than half a year, but because of the high price, it hasnt been sold. Therefore, at night, almost all the lights in Jiuzhou Pavilion are turned off. This is the first time Ive seen lights from Jiuzhou Pavilion on at night.”

“Ill drive closer then. Ill take you there.” Lin Yi said

“Sure, its a way to burn time anyway.” Ji Qingyan said

Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan arrived at the entrance of the pavilion together.

“Our company took part in the bidding for this piece of land back then, but we didnt have enough budget, so we were rejected in the first round. I didnt expect it to be end up bring turned into a mansion like this.” Ji Qingyan said

“At the end of the day, youre a female CEO. You dont have to be so envious, do you”

“Im not envious of the house, but I heard that the scenery inside is very beautiful, and the plants are all rare species.” Ji Qingyan combed her hair to the side, “I heard that the swimming pool inside uses air-transported water. I dont know if its true or not.”

“Whats the big deal Ill show you around and youll see for yourself.”

“Stop, stop, stop, stop.” Ji Qingyan quickly stopped Lin Yi. “This is private property. Do you think this is an ordinary residential area You cant just go in like that.”

Lin Yi smiled. “Im driving a Pagani Zonda. Would they dare to stop my car”

“Dont say that youre driving a Pagani Zonda. Even if youre driving a Boeing 747, they will stop you as long as youre not the owner of one of the Jiuzhou Pavilion residences.”

“I dont believe you.”

“I think youre being overconfident.” Ji Qingyan rolled her eyes at Lin Yi and said, “Just take a look from outside. Dont have any unrealistic thoughts.”

“Dont say that. What if I really can go in”

“If you really can go in, Ill go for a swim and let you feast your eyes on the sight.” Ji Qingyan said with a smile.

She wasnt afraid of swimming naked, let alone going for a swim.

“Then I really have to give it a try.”

Lin Yi started the car and drove toward the door.

“Are you crazy You really want to go in” Ji Qingyan shouted.

“Youre a rich kid after all. Isnt it embarrassing to be chased out”

“Its okay. Im a thick-skinned person. Im not afraid of embarrassment.”

“But Im afraid of being embarrassed!” Ji Qingyan said, “Hurry up and leave. I was just joking. Why did you take it seriously”

“You already said that it would be a feast for my eyes. If I didnt take it seriously, wouldnt I be a monk”

“Pervert.” Ji Qingyan ridiculed, “But try as hard as you want, theres no way they will let you in.”

“How would you know if you dont try”

Ji Qingyan was speechless. She could not persuade him anymore.

Was Lin Yi not a little too conceited

He would be at a massive disadvantage!

As Lin Yi drove to the entrance of the Jiuzhou Pavilion, Ji Qingyan was nervous.

She did not know what would happen next, but it would not be good.

At this moment, Ji Qingyan saw more than a dozen people running out of the duty room. They were all wearing security uniforms and had serious expressions on their faces.

Her heart was beating fast.

The management of the Jiuzhou Pavilion was too strict. They sent out such a huge force just to stop Lin Yi

What if Lin Yi started fighting with them!

At that moment, she saw more than a dozen security guards standing in two rows, saluting to the car!

The most surprising thing was that the door opened automatically.

No one came to stop them!


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