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Chapter 29: Didi Is Only for Entertainment

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Ji Qingyans expression changed slightly.

“He has enough wealth.”

“Qingyan, dont joke around. What wealth can a person driving for Didi have” Wu Yongbo said.

“With Brother Yis level, he easily crushes him.”

“What are you talking about” Ding Yi said, “He is still Qingyans friend. We have to be polite when we speak. There are three hundred and sixty lines. Every line has its own champion. There is no distinction between noble and lowly professions. We cannot look down on others.”

“Haha, what you said Is right. Although there are no distinctions between noble and lowly professions, there is a distinction between noble and lowly salaries,” Wu Yongbo said.

“You have a PhD from Harvard. After you returned to China, you received 60 million in venture capital. A few days ago, you even took out a fully-equipped Mercedes-Benzes G-glass. I reckon that even if he drives for Didi for the rest of his life, he will never be able to afford such a car in his lifetime.”

The group of women nodded one after another. The words were not pleasant to hear, but they were very reasonable.

Ding Yi had just returned from overseas, and the venture capital had come to him on their own accord. With just a few words, he had received 60 million dollars.

Although he was handsome, he might not be able to earn so much money in his lifetime.

Therefore, his words were indeed a little arrogant.

Ji Qingyan was speechless and even felt a little embarrassed.

If she had known that they would be like this, she would not have attended this class reunion.

“Its getting late. Lets go back,” Ji Qingyan said.

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The two of them walked out together, and Ding Yi and the others followed.

Di Di —

Just as they walked out, they saw a white Mercedes-Benz G-class with its headlights turned on.

“This car is really beautiful.”

A few women could not help but exclaim, “My husband loves this car, but he was short of money and ended up buying a domineering car.”

“Everyone says that owning a Mercedes-Benz G-class is every mans ultimate dream. Ding Yi, it seems that you also had such feelings!”

“I also bought it blindly,” Ding Yi said. “The main thing is that this car is not considered expensive. It is only slightly more than two million yuan, which is within my budget.”

“Haha, Brother Yi, you are already very pretentious when you say that. A car that is slightly more than two million yuan, and you still say that it is not expensive Arent you trying to anger me” Wu Yongbo teased.

“To be honest, after I work hard for a few more years, Ill buy a sports car to drive. Thats a mans ultimate dream.”

“I remember when I was in university, you said that your favorite car is the Pagani Zonda. After you buy it, you have to let us experience what it feels like to ride in one,” Wu Yongbo said.

“Forget about the Zonda.” Ding Yi said regretfully, “The price of the son of the wind is now as high as 28 million yuan in the country. Even if I work hard for my whole life, I might not be able to drive it. At most, Ill buy a Lamborghini. I dont even dare to think about the Zonda.”

“Damn, damn, damn. Ding Yi, look, there seems to be a Zonda parked there!”

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Hearing the other boys words, Ding Yi and the others looked over.

It immediately caused waves of exclamations.

“Oh my God, it really is the Zonda!”

Ding Yi and the others walked over, wanting to take a closer look. This supercar had a price of 28 million dollars.

“Ding Yi, is this your ultimate dream” A girl asked.

“Thats right,” Ding Yi said enviously. “This car has a 6.0L dual-supercharged V12 engine with a maximum power of over 700 horsepower and a 0-100 speed of 3.2 seconds. There are only a few of them in China. I didnt expect to meet them in Zhong Hai.”

“There are too many rich people in Zhong Hai,”Wu Yongbo said. “Although we are all successful in our careers now, in the eyes of the top rich people, we are probably nothing.”

“Yeah.” Ding Yi smiled. “Lets just earn some money. If we cant afford a Zonda, we should at least buy a Lamborghini to play with.”

“Cough cough cough...”

Lin Yi coughed a few times as he stood behind them.

“Youve been watching for so long. You should be done, right Can you give way”

“What, you want to look at it too”

Wu Yongbo teased. “Go ahead, but dont touch it. If you damage it out, youll make Qingyan suffer.”

Lin Yi pressed the car keys in his pocket.

Paganis xenon headlights lit up, and the gull wing door opened slowly like a wing.

Ding Yi and the others were stunned by this action.

“F*ck, whats going on The owner is here”

Ding Yi frowned slightly. “Maybe the owner is unhappy to see us standing here. Lets stand back.”

“Its possible. This car is almost 30 million dollars. If it is damaged, not only will the owner feel sorry for it, we wont be able to afford the compensation.”


Ding Yi and the others stepped back. If they offended the owner of the car and got scolded again, it would not be worth it.

“Kid, the owner of the car is here. What are you still doing there Get out of the way quickly. Dont embarrass yourself there.”

Ji Qingyan was embarrassed to death. How could she have such a bunch of arrogant classmates!

“Lets go.”


Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan got into the car together, leaving Ding Yi and the others dumbfounded.

“Kid, what are you doing If the owner sees you, you wont even know how you died...”

Wu Yongbo stopped mid-sentence.

Because they saw the car keys in Lin Yis hand!

They froze on the spot as if they were struck by lightning.

“This... This Car Is Yours”

“Is it not allowed” Lin Yi asked.

“Arent you a Didi driver How can this car be yours!”

“Who said you cant drive for Didi when you own a Pagani” Lin Yi said with a smile. “Dont let poverty limit your imagination.”

Ding Yi and the others froze on the spot!

Their faces were filled with awkwardness, and they wanted to find a place to hide in.

Using Pagani to drive Didi You rich kids sure know how to play!

They soon saw the headlights of the Pagani turn on.

“As expected, someone who can get Qingyan is not an ordinary person. Sigh...”

“Thats what Im saying. With Qingyans status, how could she ride an ordinary Didi Thus, her boyfriend is a top-tier rich kid. Driving Didi is just for entertainment.”


“Lin Yi, Im sorry. I didnt know theyd be so snobbish.” Qingyan said apologetically.

“Its fine.” Lin Yi said indifferently. “Should we go home”

Qingyan thought for a moment. “I drank a glass of red wine just now, so Im a little dizzy. Lets go out for a walk so I can sober up.”

“Thats fine too. Lets go out for some fresh air and get rid of the smell of alcohol.”

Ji Qingyan fiddled with her phone. “Ive already placed the order. Hurry up and snatch it.”

“Uh... okay.”

Lin Yi didnt intend to charge her at first, but since she had placed the order on her own accord, he didnt refuse.

Ji Qingyans order was displayed on the phone very quickly, and Lin Yi grabbed it firmly.

[System mission: received a five-star rating. Reward: 100,000 experience points (6/10)]

Lin Yi noticed that he had received six five-star rating since he started using Didi.

He was now on the seventh mission. If everything went as planned, he would be able to complete the mission tomorrow.

100,000 experience points meant 10% of the job completion rate!

Just thinking about it was exciting!


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