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Chapter 28: Ji Qingyans admirer

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“Whats wrong with this woman Why is she here” Lin Yi asked

He had not expected to run into Xu Yang here, either.

She looked like she was here to apply for a job as a personal butler.

“What does it have to do with you where I am How dare you show your face Here Do you know what kind of place this is!”

Xu Yang crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked at Lin Yi arrogantly.

The thought of being scolded out of the car made her furious.


Pei Hao could not take it anymore and slapped Xu Yang in the face.

“Are you f(cking crazy How dare you talk to Mr. Lin like that!”

Xu Yang was stunned. “You… Why did you hit me...”

“Mr. Lin is the owner of the Jiuzhou Pavilion. Why do you think I hit you!”

“H-hes the owner of the Jiuzhou Pavilion!” Xu Yangs jaw dropped, and her eyeballs almost popped out of her head.

“Hes just a Didi driver. How can he be the owner of the Jiuzhou Pavilion” Xu Yang said. “I came here in his car, and theres even an order history on my phone.”

“Cant he buy a villa in the Jiuzhou Pavilion if he drives for Didi” Lin Yi asked back.

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Suddenly, Xu Yang had a moment of realization.

Perhaps she had misunderstood from the beginning.

That Pagani Zonda might really be his car, and he might only be driving for Didi to experience life!

“M- Mr. Lin, I know Im wrong. I hope you wont lower yourself to my level. Please give me another chance.”

“Zhou Xuan, get this person out. The meeting room is filled with the smell of trash. Its a little pungent.”

The other women couldnt help but snicker. Mr. Lin was really humorous.

If they could work for such a tall, rich, and handsome man a job, they would even take less pay!

“Ms. Xu, youre not welcome here. Please leave quickly, otherwise Ill have to call security.”

Xu Yang turned around and looked at Pei Hao. This was her last lifeline.

“What are you looking at me for Get lost!”

Pei Hao cursed. If Mr. Lin found out that he knew her, he might be implicated as well!

Without any explanation, Pei Hao pulled Xu Yang away so that he would not be implicated!

The meeting room became quiet after this. The few women who came to apply for the job were all restless.

They had to leave a good impression on Mr. Lin so that their chances would be higher.

“Mr. Lin, the remaining five are the personal stewards weve selected for you,” Zhou Xuan said.

Lin Yi looked at the five of them. They were all decent looking, but their temperaments seemed a little lacking.

“None of them are satisfactory.” Lin Yi shook his head:

“Let them all go back. Give each of them 5,000 yuan. Dont make their time coming here have been for nothing. Ill reimburse you later.”

Zhou Xuan shook his head secretly. He had carefully selected the five women here, but Mr. Lin wasnt satisfied with any of them. The taste of rich people was really particular!

The five women were very disappointed that they werent chosen by Lin Yi. Although they could get 5,000 yuan as compensation, it was still a pity that they could not stay.

After returning home alone, Lin Yi walked around once more and took a comfortable bath. He enjoyed it very much.

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Buzz Buzz Buzz…

At around 9 pm, Ji Qingyan sent a WeChat message.

“Come pick me up at Zhongtang Hailu. Ill be done soon.”


After hanging up, Lin Yi took his car keys and drove to the hotel parking lot.

“When are you coming out” Lin Yi asked through WeChat.

“Right away. Give me a few minutes. Theres a place to rest in the lobby. You can go sit there for a while.” Ji Qingyan said very considerately.


Bored, Lin Yi went to the lobby and ordered a cup of coffee. He turned on his phone and started to kill time.

A few minutes later, the elevator door opened and a dozen people came out.

“Yan Yan, we havent had a gathering together for a long time. Lets find a place later to have round two.”

The woman who spoke was half a head shorter than Ji Qingyan and her face was slightly red. It was obvious that she had drunk quite a lot.

“Its getting late. I have to go back.”

“What are you afraid of With our escort, Ding Yi, here, we will definitely be able to send you back safely after the games. Dont worry.”

After this, a man named Ding Yi, who was wearing a casual suit and a cartier watch, smiled and said,

“Yan Yan, we havent seen each other for a few years. Its not easy to get together, so we should have fun. We might not have the chance again in the future.”

“I still have work to deal with when I go back, and Ive already called for a car.”

“A car Using Didi”

“Yes.”Ji Qingyan nodded and said.

“Yan Yan, Didi is not safe these days,” the short woman said. “Its been reported on the news several times. If they meet a good-looking girl, the driver will often plot against them.”

“Ive seen the news too.” Another girl said, “Qingyan, with your figure and face, even a driver without any inappropriate thoughts would be seduced and forced to commit a crime. I think its better to let Ding Yi send you.”

When they were in school, the two of them were like a beautiful couple. Now, the gang were trying their best to set them up.

“Its okay. The Didi driver is my friend. Dont worry,” Ji Qingyan explained.

“Yanyan, youre really amazing. You even know friends at this level.”

Ji Qingyans classmates could not understand her behavior at all.

She graduated from a famous school and came from a wealthy family. Her path to starting a business was smooth, so how could she know friends who drove Didi

People of such low status werent even in the same world as Ji Qingyan.

Ji Qingyan nodded with a smile. She didnt say anything else, but instead looked around.

Then, she saw Lin Yi on the sofa in the lobby.

“Lin Yi.”

Lin Yi stood up when he saw Ji Qingyan walking toward him. “Lets go.”

“Yan Yan, is he your friend”

Ji Qingyans female classmates were all stunned when they saw Lin Yi.

He was so handsome that he could easily debut at a C-level position!

“No wonder Yanyan would make such a friend. Its because hes handsome enough.”

“Yeah, if it were me, I wouldnt mind making this friend either.”

The boys couldnt stand it anymore when they saw the girls whispering to each other.

“At the end of the day, you guys graduated from a famous school. Youre behaving a bit too much like a nymphomaniac, arent you”

The person who spoke was Wu Yongbo. He had been Ding Yis roommate in college, and they were very close.

“Were just admiring him.”

“Whats the point of being handsome” Wu Yongbo said nonchalantly. “No matter how handsome you are, youre still a Didi driver.”

“Whats wrong with being a Didi driver” Lin Yi asked back.

“Nothing.” Yongbo smiled playfully. “I just think youre lucky to have a friend like Qingyan.”

“Whats wrong with making friends with her Im not a bootlicker. I dont feel honored.”

“Qingyan, your friend isnt that capable, but hes got quite the temper.” Yongbo smiled. “He drives for Didi, yet hes got a sense of superiority.


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