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Chapter 23: To Use a Sports Car to Drive For Didi, Confusion For Anyone Who Witnesses It

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Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

The roar was repeatedly heard, and Zhou Haitao as stood in the middle of the track, shouting,





At the sound of a command, two supercars leapt out like beasts!

Just a few dozen meters out, Lin Yi was a body length ahead of Qin Han!

“How is this possible!”

The 911s owner exclaimed in shock, “Young Master Qins cars strongest point is its starting point, and now hes lost”

This scene stunned Qin Hans friends.

No one had expected this to happen right from the start!

“Dont panic, Old Qins curve-taking skills are second to none. Behind him are continuous curves, and thats where hell show his true skills!” The Aston Martins owner said.

A few minutes later, as they were halfway through the race, Qin Hans friends hearts were in their throats. Ahead of them were consecutive curves.

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It was time to test their skills!

“F*ck, whats going on Young Master Qin has already slowed down and is ready to take the curve, but why doesnt that Zonda have any reaction at all Does he want to rush it at this speed” The 911s owner gasped.

“Nonsense. Even professional racers wouldnt dare to enter the corner at this speed. One moment of carelessness and the car will be destroyed!”

“That kid is definitely crazy!”

A few seconds later, Qin Hans friends were stunned again.

They could not believe what they were seeing!

“He actually went through two corners in a row If Im not wrong, he entered the corner at a speed of 130 miles per hour.”

“This guys definitely crazy!”

“His car, in all aspects, isnt as good as Old Qins Aventador, yet hes still able to take turns at this speed. Its as beautiful as a painting!”

Lin Yis car stopped in front of everyone after taking a few turns in a row.

He was at least ten seconds ahead of Qin Han.

Qin Hans eyes turned into admiration when he got out of the car.

“I admit defeat,” Qin Han said.

“But I want to know, how could you start faster than me”

“Because your starting method is wrong, so its only natural that youre not as good as me.”

“Not as good as you”

“Before you start, step on the clutch, put it in first gear, and then step on the accelerator. Control the speed of the clutch, coordinate with the accelerator, and floor the pedal to accelerate. After squeezing out the engines power, change the gear. Thats the best way to start.”

Qin Han and the others were stunned.

This was the first time they had heard of such a way of starting after all these years of driving.

This was too unconventional!

“How did you do that”

Lin Yi shrugged and said casually, “Practice makes perfect. This is a technical problem.”

“If it wasnt my first time driving on this track, I might have been even faster.”

“Awesome!” Qin Han gave him a thumbs up. “I saw a master today.”

Qin Han took out his phone. “Bro, can you add me on WeChat Letskeep in touch.”


Lin Yi took out his phone and added Qin Hans WeChat.

“Ill find a place to hang out tonight. Lets have a drink and treat it as our opportunity to be friends.”

Before Lin Yi could reply, his phone rang. It was from Ji Qingyan.

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“Come pick me up at the office. I need to call a car. Let me know when you arrive.”

“No problem.”

Ji Qingyan knew that Lin Yi was out experiencing life, but she did not say that he should give her a free ride. On the contrary she was going to get him to come over before placing an order.

“Im afraid I cant do it today. I have a job to do.” Lin Yi said before hanging up. “Lets do it another day.”

“You have work to do”

“Someone called for a car. I have to go to work.”

“Ah A Car Work”

“Yeah, Im a Didi Driver. I cant say no if someone wants to place an order.”

Qin Han and the others were speechless. “Dont tell me youre driving a Pagani Didi.”

“Whats wrong Whats wrong with that”

“F*ck!” Qin Han said. “You seem to be joking with me. You cant even earn back the gas money from a trip with Didi.”

“I can still make a little money. Otherwise, how am I supposed to support my family” Lin Yi said

Qin Han: “...”

Buying this racetrack in one go and saying that he was going to support his family by running Didi Who the hell would believe that!

“Ill be going now. You guys can continue playing.” Lin Yi said

Lin Yi waved his hand and got into the car before heading toward Chaoyang Group.

Zhou Haitao didnt know how to describe his complicated feelings.

He had thought that a rich young master like Qin Han would already know how to race.

He did not think that his boss would be even better at it.

He took the sports car and started dribbling with it.

About thirty minutes later, Lin Yi drove to the underground parking lot of the company and sent a WeChat message to Ji Qingyan.

He then waited for her to come out of the car.

Lin Yi looked around and found his old Shari, which was still parked there alone.

He had to drive to the Jiuzhou Pavilion when he had the time. This was the first car he had owned in his life. Although it was now considered a second-tier car, he had to deal with it properly.

Not long after, Ji Qingyan carried her bag as she stepped off the elevator.

“Youre really fast. I thought it would take a while to get here.”

“Dont say fast. This word is cursed.”

Ji Qingyan paused for a moment, then smiled. “I didnt mean anything by it. Youre overthinking.”

“Im going to place an order. Look at your phone before someone else takes it away.”

“Dont worry, Im watching.”

The order was successful, and Lin Yi headed toward Ji Qingyans villa.

“Oh right, I have a class reunion tonight. You have to come pick me up.”

“No need to be so polite. Im just a manual worker. Theres no reason for me not to do business.” Lin Yi said

“Whos going to believe that youre a manual worker” Ji Qingyan rolled her eyes at Lin Yi. “Even Im not driving a Pagani yet.”

Lin Yi smiled. “Arent you going to a class reunion Why are you going home Its so troublesome to plan it that way.”

“Ive been wearing this outfit for a whole day. I need to change and tidy up.”

“Theres still eight s-squats left,” Lin Yi said.

“Tsk, you stinky men, you keep thinking about these things in your head.”

“I originally wanted to forget about it, but you were the one who said youd keep your promise. Im just reminding you. How can you blame me for that”

“Of course. I cant believe you could even think of something like that. All men are pigs.”

Lin Yi was speechless. Ji Qingyan was too naive.

A mere s-squat was not exactly complex, right

Soon, Lin Jiang drove the car to the villa.

The two entered the house one after the other. Ji Qingyan put down her handbag and said,

“Theres drinks and coffee in the fridge. Help yourself to them.”

“I wont stand on ceremonies then.”

Ji Qingyan went upstairs and Lin Yi went into the fridge to get a bottle of iced coffee. However, he was surprised to find more than ten pairs of stockings in the fridge.

The iced coffee in his hand instantly lost its fragrance.


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