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Chapter 2: Only Rich People Can Have Beautiful Women

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The two turned around and saw a young man talking.

He was wearing a casual suit and a Vacheron Constantin watch, appearing very high-profile.

Lin Yi had some impression of the man in front of him. He seemed to be the young master of the Navigation Group, known as Li Yunhang.

The Navigation Group was a little bigger than Chaoyang Group, and he had been madly pursuing Ji Qingyan for the past six months.

However, Ji Qingyan never had the slightest feelings toward him. Though he seemed helpless, the other party had not given up and continued pestering her until today.

“Why are you here” Ji Qingyan asked coldly.

“I originally wanted to come here to discuss some matters, but it just so happened that your car has broken down. Coincidentally, I just bought a Lamborghini Huracan that costs more than two million dollars. If you want to use a car, you can just take my car.”

Ji Qingyans Maserati wasnt as expensive. It was only worth a million yuan, half as much as Li Yunhangs Lamborghini.

However, she still had the right to show off.

Even so, Lin Yi felt that this was rather strange.

How did Li Yunhang happen to appear right after Ji Qingyans car broke down

He was probably behind this whole thing.

“Forget it, my colleague has a car too. Ill just take his car.”

As she spoke, Ji Qingyan gave Lin Yi a look. “Lets go.”

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“President Ji, I heard what you guys said just now. Hes just a small employee in your company. He only drives a domestic car. It cant be compared to my Lamborghini.”

“So what if its a domestic car” Ji Qingyan said. “Its fine as long as I like it.”

Ji Qingyan didnt want to bother with Li Yunhang anymore and walked toward Area C alongside Lin Yi.

As soon as they reached Area C, Ji Qingyan and Li Yunhang both froze.

They were all attracted by the Silver Pagani Zephyr.

Ji Qingyan was a little puzzled. Whose car was this Why was it parked here

If there was a big shot around, why didnt she know about it

“President Ji, this Pagani Zonda seems to be worth more than 28 million yuan. It couldnt be that you just bought it, right”

Li Yunhang was trying to trick Ji Qingyan.

This car was enough to buy ten Lamborghini Hurricanes. If it really was hers, then it would be a little awkward.

“This car isnt mine. Youre overthinking things.”

Li Yunhang instantly became confident again. “Thats why we should take the Lamborghini. No matter what, itd be faster than his domestic car.”

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“Im not interested in sports cars. I like to take domestic cars.”

Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi. “Wheres Your car Lets go now.”

“Its over there.” Lin Yi pointed at the Pagani.

However, Ji Qingyan and Li Yunhang misunderstood. They thought that Lin Yi was referring to the shabby Shari.

After all, Lin Yi was just a small employee, so how could he afford to drive such a luxury car.

“Haha, its a shabby Shari. Looking at the sorry state of this car, its probably more than ten years old. Its probably not even worth as much as one of my tires.”

Li Yunhang was about to burst into tears. “President Ji, with your condition, I dont think youve ever sat in such a shabby car in your life.”

“Whats wrong with the Shari Its fine as long as it can fetch you around. Dont tell me your Lamborghini can fly in the sky”

As she spoke, Ji Qingyan walked toward Lin Yis shabby Xia Li in her high heels.

“Lets go, get in the car,” Ji Qingyan said as she stood by the passenger seat.

Lin Yi didnt say anything as he pressed the car keys in his pocket.

Di Di!

The Paganis headlights lit up, and the gull wing door opened automatically, giving both Ji Qingyan and Li Yunhang a fright.

Was the owner here

“President Ji, youre standing at the wrong place. This Pagani is mine too.”

“What did you say This Pagani is yours” Ji Qingyan asked in shock.

He was just a small employee in the sales department. How could he afford to drive such a luxurious car

It was not possible, right

“It really is mine. Otherwise, I wouldnt be able to open the door.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

As she walked to the passenger seat of the Pagani, Ji Qingyan still couldnt believe it.

As the boss, even she didnt drive such a good car. How could he own it

“Bro, driving a Huracan and trying to hit on our President Ji Thats a bit lacking.”

Lin Yi meaningfully patted Li Yunhangs shoulder and got into the drivers seat.

Li Yunhang was dumbfounded. He felt a burning pain on his face.

You cant slap my face like that!

“Ji Qingyan, didnt you say that you dont like to ride in sports cars Why did you get into his car” Li Yunhang asked hesitantly.

“I dont like other peoples sports cars. I just like riding in his sports car!”

The door closed with a smack.

It was as if he had slapped Li Yunhang in the face again.

Inside the car, Lin Yi was a little nervous. After all, it was his first time driving a sports car, so he wasnt used to it yet.

Fortunately, he had watched a lot of sports car test driving videos online, so he knew how to drive this thing. Otherwise, he would lose face in front of Ji Qingyan.

“Lin Yi, arent you a sales employee Why are you driving this car”

Questions filled Ji Qingyans mind, and she simply could not figure out what was going on.

“Ah, I just wanted to experience the life of an ordinary person, thats why I came to work. I didnt expect to be fired for no reason.”

Lin Yi sighed. “Ok, Ill stop pretending. Im actually a rich second generation kid. My next job is to drive Didi and experience the life of an ordinary person.”

Ji Qingyan was stunned for a second before she burst out laughing.

“Dont tease me. Do you really think Id believe you”

“No one will believe me if I tell you the truth. I wont explain further.”

“Alright, hurry up and drive. I still have urgent matters to attend to.”

“No problem. Dont forget to give me a five-star review after this,” Lin Yi said.

“I think youre too deep in character and really think youre a Didi driver.”

“Why would I lie to you See for yourself.”

Lin Yi took out his phone, and Ji Qingyan was shocked when she saw it. Was he really the owner of a Didi car!

Was he really a rich kid who was going out to experience life Was that not a little too weird

“Youre really the owner of a Didi car”

“Of course, President Ji, do you want to place an order to support me Youll be my first passenger.”

Ji Qingyan laughed. “Looks like Ill have that honor.”

As she spoke, Ji Qingyan took out her phone and signed up for the Didi app. Under Lin Yis guidance, she registered an account and placed an order.

According to the rules regarding the nearest delivery order, Ji Qingyans order was snatched up by Lin Yi.

Thus, he began his journey as a Didi driver.

He stepped on the accelerator and a roar that sounded like it came from a monster sounded. Such strong waves made Ji Qingyan a little scared and she subconsciously fastened her seatbelt.

Lin Yi Glanced at Ji Qingyan.

“What are you looking at Hurry up and drive,” Ji Qingyan scolded.

“No problem.”

As they drove, the 28 million Paganini Zonda instantly became the focus of attention on the road.

“F * ck, its the Paganini Zonda! I heard that its worth 28 million!”

“Look at the woman in the passenger seat. Shes even prettier than the car.”

“As expected, only the rich can have beautiful women.”

Lin Yi drove Ji Qingyan to her destination amidst the envious glares of the crowd.

“Thank you for bringing me here.”

Lin Yi was no longer his employee, so she had to be more polite.

“Its okay, when you go back, if youre not willing to take a taxi, remember to place a request for me. Didis driver will be at your service.”

“Add me on WeChat. Will it be convenient for me to contact you”

“Of course.”

The two of them added each other on WeChat and Lin Yi drove off.

At the same time, the system notification sounded in Lin Yis mind.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the first order. Reward is 50,000 experience points.]

[Job completion 5%. Reward is 50,000,000 dollars!]


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