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Chapter 15: Didnt My Car Only Have Two Seats

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“What did you say”

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“Your car only has two seats”

Forget Xia Hongyuan and his wife, even Xia Xinyu couldnt accept it.

All cars have four seats, no

How could it only have two seats

Was Didi now in the motorcycle business

Before this, because of Lin Yis looks, Xia Hongyuan decided to give him a chance even if he was working for Didi.

Now, it turned out he was actually riding a motorcycle.

Xia Hongyuan could not accept this!

His own daughter could not be with such a person!

“If thats the case, then lets take a taxi. We dont need your car anymore.”


Lin Yi didnt care. Xia Xinyu had already placed the order anyway. He would give her a five-star rating later and it would be done.

Xia Xinyu wanted to kill herself. She really wanted to shoot herself in the foot right now.

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She would definitely be scolded when she got back at night.

After leaving the house, Lin Yi walked to the front, and the three of them walked to the back, ready to take a taxi.

“You damn girl, did you grow eyes on the back of your head You actually found a motorcyclist as your boyfriend!” Xia Hongyuan lectured.

“If we didnt call him to our house in advance, we would still be left in the dark. If others learned that I found a motorcyclist as my son-in-law, they would laugh at me!”

“Alright, stop talking.” Xia Xinyu was already on the verge of tears.

She thought that with a handsome man, this matter could be concealed from the world.

She didnt expect things to turn out like this. Although he was handsome, he was indeed a motorcyclist.

It was natural for his parents to object.

“Your father is right. Hurry up and tell him clearly. In short, I wont recognize such a son-in-law!” Mother Xia said angrily.

“Even if its a domestic car, I wouldnt say anything. What future can I have with a motorcyclist!”

Di Di –

The three members of the Xia family heard the sound of a horn.

They looked up and froze on the spot.

“This... This should be a sports car!” Xia Hongyuan stuttered.

“This is the Pagani Zonda! There are only a few of these super cars worth more than 20 million in China.”

Xia Xinyu was very surprised. Tianyi Homestead was just an ordinary neighborhood. It was the first time she had seen such a good car parked here.

Seeing Paganis gullwing door open, Xia Xinyu was filled with a feeling of longing.

If only she could ride such a good car for once in her life.

“Baby, Baby, whats going on That Lin Yi, doesnt he ride a motorcycle Why is he walking towards that car” Xia Hongyuan said in surprise.

Xia Xinyu was also very surprised. Not only did Lin Yi walk over!

He also got in the car!

“Lin Yi!”

Hearing someone call him, Lin Yi, who was closing the door, glanced at Xia Xinyu.

“Whats wrong”

The three people from the Xia family hurriedly ran over, “Is… is this your car”

“Yeah, I wouldnt be in here if it wasnt mine.”

“Arent you riding a motorcycle Do… do you also drive a sports car” Xia Hongyuan was almost too puzzled to ask.

“Who said Im a motorcyclist Can a motorcyclist register on Didi”

“You said it yourself. Your car has two seats.”

“Isnt my car a two seater”

Xia Xinyu felt like an idiot.

Sports cars had two seats. This was the most basic form of common sense. Why did she not think of it

Howwever, who would have thought that you would drive a supercar while working for Didi!

“If theres nothing else, Ill be leaving first.” Lin Yi waved his hand. “Remember what we talked about on the phone Give me a five-star rating.”

“Hey hey hey, son-in-law, youre already here, so dont be in such a hurry to leave. Lets find a place to have a meal and talk about our daily life.” Xia Hongyuan said with a smile.

“Didnt you guys have something to do”

“Its fine, its fine. Its just an ordinary colleagues gathering. Its fine if we dont go.”

“Then theres nothing else I can do. I still have other things to handle. Im sorry.”

“Its alright, its alright. If theres anything you need to do, go ahead and take care of it.. If you get too busy, Ill get Xiaoyu to help you.”

As he said that, Xia Hongyuan even gave Xia Xinyu a push. “Dont stay at home all the time. Help him out.”

Xia Xinyu got into the car half-heartedly. After all, she was the one who had called for the car, so she had the right to take it.

Seeing the luxurious interior of Pagani, Xia Xinyu felt like her eyes werent big enough to take it all in. Moreover, the seat below her was a little hot.

“Where are you going Are you going to the destination listed the order” Lin Yi asked.

“Im not going anywhere. Where do you want to go I just want to experience it, and then Ill get out of the car.”

“Im going to the mall to buy something, but you have to change the destination, or else the order wont be completed.”

“Okay, which mall do you want to go to”

“Times Square.”


Soon, Lin Yi received a message to change the destination on his phone and drove toward Times Square.

“You drive such an expensive car, and you definitely dont lack money, so why are you still driving for Didi” Xia Xinyu asked in the car.

“To experience life, whats the point just living everyday as if waiting for death” Lin Yi said in a high-class manner.

“Youre amazing,” Xia Xinyu said sincerely. “There are a lot of second-generation rich kids who arent as good as you, living a luxurious life every day. Its not easy for you to think of so many things.”

“Everyone has their own aspirations. You cant force it.”

“Yeah, youre absolutely right.”

“Brother Yi, I have a small request. Can you agree to it” Xia Xinyu asked carefully.

They were the same age and they did not know who between them was older and who was younger, but Xia Xinyu had already taken the initiative to call him brother.

“What request”

“Im a female streamer. Can I stream in your car for a while”

If she could stream in such a good car, it would definitely increase the popularity of her streaming room.

“It doesnt matter to me,” Lin Yi said. “Just give me a five-star review after the event.”

“Okay, no problem!” Xia Xinyu said happily. “As soon as the order is completed, Ill give you a good review immediately.”


Xia Xinyu took out her phone and started the livestream. After ten minutes, there were already dozens of people in the livestream room.

“Xiaoyu, where are you Are you the co-partner of a tycoon”

“Haha, Stop Fooling Around Upstairs. Xiaoyu is a 10,000-year-old single dog. How could a tycoon like this be interested in her”

“Maybe its the passenger seat of a Wuling Hongguang (TL Note: A type of mini Chinese electric car).”

Xia Xinyu was speechless when she saw that everyone in the live broadcast room was mocking her.

Was she really that bad to them

“Let me tell you, the car Im riding in this time isnt a Wuling Hongguang. Its a real luxury car. The kind that youve never seen before in your life!”

“Haha, stop bragging. Show me the logo!”

“Youre wrong. Shes a woman. She doesnt have the guts to do so.”

“No, youre wrong. Shes a cross-dressing boss. I saw her once that night.”

“Tch, didnt you just want to see the logo Theres no harm in showing it to you!”

Xia Xinyu slowly turned her phone and aimed it at the steering wheel.

After that, the entire live broadcast room fell silent.


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