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Chapter 12: Private Property

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“I cant do it today,” Lin Yi said.

“I have to go on a business trip. Ill drop by on another day.”

“My husband will be back from his business trip in a few days. You wont dare to come then.”

“Its fine. Ill visit the next time hes on a business trip.”

“Damn it.”

Lin Yi drove off after saying goodbye.

He looked at the time and realized that it was already past seven.

However, Lin Yi had been in sales before, so he knew the rules.

The sales center had a shift system.

During the day, everyone was on standby, and at night, a small portion of the sales team would be left behind until eight oclock at night.

If he drove fast, he would still make it in time.

After about thirty minutes, Lin Yi arrived at the Jiuzhou Pavilion area.

Like its namesake, there were a total of nine villas in the Jiuzhou Pavilion (TL Note: Jiuzhou translates to Nine Region Pavilion in Chinese.) Each of them faced the river and looked at the sea, appearing magnificent and magnificent.

However, depending on the size, style, and location, the prices of each unit were different.

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Even so, the difference in price wasnt big, so any one of them could be regarded as the king of buildings in Zhong Hai!

Sitting in the car and looking at the view of the Jiuzhou Pavilion, Lin Yi was very satisfied. He would have a place here in the future.

Despite this, he didnt know which building the system had give him.

After enjoying the scenery outside, Lin Yi parked the car and pushed the door open before walking into the sales hall.

Seeing a guest enter, the saleswoman glanced at Lin Yi and her expression changed.

“What are you doing here!”

Lin Yi was a little surprised to see the person who spoke.

The saleswomans name was Mengyu. She was Lin Yis former colleague.

Back in the company, she had pursued Lin Yi crazily. After being rejected sternly, she became the laughingstock of the company and left in anger.

“I want to look for your manager.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

This world was too small for him to actually meet her here.

“Hehe, our manager has to meet a big client in a while. He doesnt have time to deal with you.” Mengyu said.

“But you, what are you doing here Did you get fired and come here to apply for a job”

“I got fired today and you already know about it”

Lin Yi was a little puzzled. Why would she say that so quickly

“You really got fired”

Mengyu was just gloating a bit, but she actually hit the nail on the head

“Yeah.” Lin Yi nodded with a smile. “Just help me get your manager please.”

“Well talk about it when I have time.” Mengyu said indifferently.

“And let me remind you, dont expect me to put in a good word for you. When you think about our job application, its all about strength. Dont think that just because youre handsome, you have an advantage.”

Lin Yi rubbed his chin. He had just rejected her, so was there a need for all this drama

“Let me explain first. Although Ive been fired, Im not here to apply for a job.”

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“Then what are you here for” Mengyu crossed her arms in front of her chest, her expression arrogant.

“Dont tell me youre here to buy a house.” Mengyu said.

Lin Yi nodded. “Im really here to buy a house. Thats why Im looking for your manager.”

“Lin Yi, stop messing around. Weve been colleagues for a few months. Do you think I dont know your situation” Mengyu said disdainfully.

“You live in an old neighborhood, and you own a shabby Shari. Yet, you say you want to buy a house in the Jiuzhou Pavilion Can you stop fooling around Any one of them is worth more than 800 million. What can you afford You cant even afford a toilet if I were to try to sell it to you.” Mengyu said.

“Forget it if you dont believe me. Ill talk to your manager later.” Lin Yi sighed.

“Haha, do you think our manager works for free How would he have time to receive you” Mengyu rolled her eyes. “Who do you think you are!”

At that moment, the sound of high heels could be heard. A woman in a grey work dress was walking toward Lin Yi.

“Manager Wang.” Mengyu said politely when she saw the woman in the uniform.

“Go Away! Ill deal with you later!”

Mengyu was stunned after being scolded for no reason.

She didnt do anything, so why was she being scolded

After scolding Mengyu, the female manager changed her expression and smiled at Lin Yi.

“You must be Mr. Lin Yi. Let me introduce myself. Im Wang Hui, the sales manager of Jiuzhou Pavilion. I went to the washroom and couldnt come out to greet you personally. I hope you dont mind.”

“Its okay, you dont have to be so formal.”

“Should I show you the rooms first Or should I give you an introduction to the situation here”


Mengyu interrupted before Lin Yi could finish.

“Manager Wang, you dont have to waste your time on him. Hes my former colleague, and he was fired today. Hes an orphan, and he cant afford a villa in Jiuzhou Pavilion. Its a waste of time to show him around a house.” Mengyu said.

“What nonsense are you spouting!” Wang Hui glared at Lin Yi.

“Go report to the personnel department. You are to stop working here!”

Mengyu was even more confused. She didnt do anything, and she only said a few words of truth out of kindness. Why did she suddenly get fired

“Wang… Manager Wang, Im not talking nonsense. I really know him. I know his situation.”

“Know my *ss!”

Wang Hui couldnt help but swear. “Mr. Lin bought all the villas in the Jiuzhou Pavilion in one go. You say hes your colleague Do you think youre worthy of holding that title!”

“Bought all the villas!”

Mengyu stared at Lin Yi as if he was an alien.

She hadnt even left her job for a month, so how did he become rich

Even if he won the first prize in the lottery, he wouldnt be that rich, right

Lin Yi was a little stunned as well.

It turns out it wasnt just one villa, but nine whole villas!

In other words, he would be the owner of Jiuzhou Pavilion from now on, and this place would become his private territory!

“Mr. Lin, Im really sorry. I didnt manage my staff properly and gave you a bad experience in buying a house. Its my fault.”

“Its okay,” Lin Yi said generously.

“Now that Jiuzhou Pavilion is my property, I should wrap up the registration procedures. Can you give me the keys”

“Its all ready. Please wait a moment.”

Wang Hui jogged away as she spoke. When she returned, she had nine documents in her hands.

“Mr. Lin, these are all the property rights and the keys to the nine villas. Please keep them well.”

The nine documents in her hands carried a lot of weight.

It turned out that having too many houses was also a problem.

“If theres nothing else, Ill leave first,” Lin Yi said politely.

“Congratulation, Mr. Lin.”

“Dont worry, you guys are pretty busy too, so you can go back to your own matters.” Lin Yi said

Wang Hui walked out anyway, and Mengyu followed behind.

Mengyu was in a bad mood when she saw Lin Yi put all nine documents into his Pagani sports car!

This was a super car!

Why did she try to scold a super rich man

Lin Yi drove back to the Peninsula Hotel and prepared to stay there for the night. He was going to pack up his things and move into the Jiuzhou Pavilion the next day.

Just then, Lin Yis phone rang. It was Wang Ying.

“Little Yi, did you know I heard through the grapevine that the old witch and Li Jiangdong were fired!”


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