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Chapter 10: Who Owns the Pagani Downstairs

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“Thank you, Sister Ying.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Whats there to thank” Wang Ying said with a smile. “You got fired out of nowhere. It wont be easy to see you again in the future.”

“Its okay. Dont you have my contact number Just call me if you need anything. I promise to pick up.”

Lin Yi became the topic of conversation in the room as soon as he arrived.

However, most of the people around him were female colleagues.

The rest of the male colleagues were sitting on the other side, looking at Lin Yi with fake smiles.

“Lin Yi, youre too unlucky. With your skill level, the sales director position would have been yours.” Wang Ying said regretfully.

She had a good relationship with Lin Yi. If Lin Yi could become the sales director, he could take care of her in the future.

Unfortunately, now it would be difficult for her to see him again, let alone rely on him to take care of her.

“Sister Wang, youre wrong. Although Lin Yis performance is good, Dong Bro isnt bad either. How did you know that the position of sales director would have been Lin Yis”

The person who spoke was called Huang Youwei, a colleague of Lin Yis.

The person he called Dong Bro was called Li Jiangdong. Before Lin Yi came to the company, he had always been the sales champion in the sales department.

However, after Lin Yi came, the position of the sales champion changed hands.

Although he was angry, he couldnt do anything about Lin Yi.

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Furthermore, this time, Lin Yi was fired because of him.

“The position of sales director has a fixed target. Lin Yis performance is better than his, so the position of director naturally belongs to him,” Wang Ying said unhappily.

Although there werent many people in the sales department, they were divided into two factions.

The male colleagues were all on Li Jiangdongs side, and Lin Yi and the other female colleagues were on the other side. They only maintained a harmonious relationship on the surface.

“Whats the use of that Hasnt he still been fired” Youwei said.

“Besides, I heard that the resignation papers will arrive soon. Dong Bro is going to be promoted to sales director soon. I suggest we toast to him.”

“Haha, dont be like that.” Jiangdong said with a smile.

“Although Im going to be the sales director soon, the main character today is Lin Yi. How could I steal the spotlight”

“Its okay, well toast him later.” Huang Youwei said with a smile.

“Then Ill accept your offer.”

As he said that, Jiangdong and the others raised their glasses and downed the wine in one gulp.

As for the other female colleagues, they didnt move at all.

“Why do I feel like youre not here to send me off Youre even showing off a little,” Lin Yi said.

“Dont say that. Im just having a drink. Youre still the main character today.” Jiangdong looked at Lin Yi as he placed the cup down.

“You, on the other hand, do you have any new plans after being fired by the company Zhonghai is a big city. Its not easy to survive here.”

“Brother Dong is right. The city is too dangerous. Its better to go to the countryside.” Youwei chimed in.

“What countryside Dont you know about Lin Yi Hes an orphan. He doesnt even have a home. He cant go anywhere,” Jiangdong said with a smile before looking at Lin Yi.

“Lin Yi, if you want to stay in Zhonghai, I have a way out. Im familiar with the property manager in our community. I can arrange a security job for you. Are you interested”


The other male colleagues were all laughing at Jiangdongs joke.

He had brought this upon himself.

Hed only been in the company for half a year, and he wanted to compete with Dong Ge for the sales director position. Look at himself!

“You dont have to worry about my work,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Oh right, Yi, I was just about to ask you the same thing,” Wang Ying said.

“Now that youve been fired from the company, do you have any plans for the future Any update on your work”

“Ill drive for Didi from now on. I should be able to support my family.”

“Drive for Didi” Wang Ying and the other female colleagues didnt seem to believe it.

“Thats a bit of a leap for you.”

“I cant help it. Im doing it for a living.”

“Lin Yi, youre really something. You can actually register that lousy Shari of yours” Huang Youwei said.

“I bet all the passengers will give you a bad review when they see your stupid Shari. It might be a little difficult for you to support your family after that.”

“Its fine, Little Yi. Well order our rides in the future to support you.” Wang Ying said angrily.

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Dang dang dang dang…

Just as they were talking, there was a knock on the door of the private room.

The hotel lobby manager walked in.

“Hello, I would like to ask, which guest owns the Pagani Zonda downstairs”

“What did you say Pagani Zonda”

Everyone in the room was stunned. It was a supercar, and there were only a few of them in China.

At the thought of this, a few male colleagues stood up and looked out of the window.

“There really is a Pagani parked there. Its so damn handsome.”

“As expected of the most developed place in Huaxia. There are so many rich people in Zhonghai.”Huang Youwei sighed.

“This car seems to cost more than twenty million. Only those super rich people can afford such a car.”

“Alright, stop looking at it. You cant afford it no matter how much you look at it.”

As he spoke, Li Jiangdong looked at the lobby manager and said.

“We are just ordinary white-collar workers. We definitely cant afford that kind of car. You can go to another room and ask.”

“Alright, sorry to disturb your meal.”

The lobby manager was about to leave when Lin Yis voice sounded.

“Whats wrong with the Pagani”

“The other cars are being blocked by it. I want to tell the owner to move the car.”

“Lin Yi, why are you asking so many questions Theyre talking about the Pagani, not your stupid Shari.” Huang Youwei smiled.

“That Pagani is mine, so Ill ask as much as I want, okay”

Everyone was shocked when they heard that.

“What, what did you say That Pagani is yours!”

“Why, is it so unbelievable”

Lin Yi took out the car keys from his pocket and waved them in front of Huang Youwei and the others, almost blinding them.

It really was his car!

Seeing that Lin Yi was so young, the lobby manager was very calm.

People who bought this kind of car were usually the second generation of the rich, and they were all young.

However, he was already so rich, yet he was still eating with these poor friends. He was too approachable.

“Lin… Lin Yi, whats going on Isnt your car a Shari When did it become a Pagani”

“Who said you can only have one car Cant I just buy another one”

Everyone felt a little dizzy. That was a sports car worth more than 20 million dollars, not a piece cabbage that cost two dollars a piece.

“Didnt you say you wanted to drive for Didi Youre already so rich, so why are you still doing Didi” Jiangdong asked.

“Dont you have anything else to do Cant I experience life”


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