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Chapter 7: Newbie Bundle.

System, Spend My Points

After getting Su Qingge’s message, Gu Changge fell silent.

“Young master, I still have one thing I don’t understand.”

Old Ming showed a hint of confusion.

Based on Gu Changge’s personality.

All of his orders are clearly understandable.

They all have proper reasoning for them.

But he just could not understand.

Why did the young master have him suppress the area around Ye Chen today

It was normal for Old Ming to ask such a question.

After transmigrating and integrating his previous self’s memories, Gu Changge had long since thought of a good excuse.

Thus, he answered calmly and evenly, “Ye Chen carries with him a great aura of fortune.

Through him, I can find my own fortuitous treasure.

Those words were actually quite true in a way.

After all, he skill needs to scheme ways to steal Ye Chen’s Fortune Value.

Plus, a Child of Fortune will definitely not lack for fortuitous encounters.

Isn’t it his duty to steal Ye Chen’s opportunities

As Gu Changge thought that, he slightly shook his head.

“So that’s how it is.” Old Ming nodded, enlightened.

The young master was known as one divinely born.

He could see a lot further and clearer than even those of the older generations.

After all, the young master officially descended to the lower realm for training, but in reality, he was searching for a certain treasure.

“Head to the dungeons and observe Ye Chen’s each and every more.

Don’t interfere no matter what happens.” Gu Changge thought of something and added a word of warning.

He already grasped the way to drain away Fortune Value.

One way was by dealing blows to Ye Chen.

Another way is to steal away his fortuitous encounters.

There are some things that not even the heavens can easily help with.

Personal relationships for one.

Just like here.

There’s probably already quite a few fractures between Ye Chen and the heroine Su Qingge by now.

“Yes young master.”

Old Ming acknowledged his orders and slowly faded away into the void.

To decrease Ye Chen’s Fortune Value through the heroine Su Qingge.

It’s not a bad method

Back in the main hall, just by using certain methods via Su Qingge, he had damaged Ye Chen’s mental state.

It proved that destroying the relationship between the Child of Fortune and the heroine was workable.

Plus, after having grasped Su Qingge’s weakness, there’s quite a few things he could do through her.

“Su Qingge has over 300 good Fortune Points on her.

Kinda makes me salivate.”

As he thought that, Gu Changge shook his head.

There was a strange expression on his face.

He’s gotten more used to his current identity.

The next moment, he summoned up his system.

The status board appeared before him.

Master: Gu Changge.

Identity: True disciple of the Daoist Diety Palace.

Physique/Bloodline: Demonic Heart, Daoist Bone

Cultivation: Sacred Master realm, peak stage

Techniques: Immortal Daoist Codex, Myriad Demon Form (Talent), Deity-Devouring Demonic Art…

Fate Points: 550.

Fortune Value: 30 (Black)

System Shop: Automatically unlocked at 1000 Fate Points.

Inventory: Newbie bundle x1 (Awaiting acceptance).

“Newbie bundle”

Suddenly Gu Changge noticed and discovered that he seemed to have forgotten something.

He didn’t notice the existence of inventory before.

“Accept” The System message appeared.

Gu Changge let out a laugh.

It’s not like he could chose no now, right


He mentally commanded.


Soon, a golden chest shining with divine light appeared.

It shined brilliantly before him before slowly opening.

“Ding! Congratulations to the Master for your good luck.

Gained boundary breaker talisman x1, five colored mystic robe x1, 1/3 fragment of a world seed x1.”

The system message rang out next to his ears.

Gu Changge considered.

It seems that this thing was like the gacha in games.

It depends all on luck.

Although his personal fortune value was terrible, it doesn’t seem to actually matter when it came to the system.

Three items.

It doesn’t seem half bad.

Boundary breaker talisman.

The name says it all.

It can break apart boundaries and barriers.

Five colored mystic robe.

It’s a defensive artifact.

Gu Changge took a look at the description and fount that it was actually quite strong.

It can block a single full powered strike from someone of the Demi-god realm.

Mortal Body, Spiritual Sea, Soul Palace, Transcendent, Omnipotent, Sacred Master, Lordly, Royal, Demi-god.

Those are the how the cultivation levels that he is familiar with are broken up.

As for above Demi-god, there are yet more realms.

However, that’s a completely different world.

The powers involved can shatter the heavens and earth, so they’re not to be spoken of.

Right after, Gu Changge put on the five colored mystic robe.

From the outer appearance, it looked like a white inner shirt.

The materials looked rather mysterious, much like a true mystic robe, giving off a faint glow.

Beyond the fact that one could tell that it’s no average item there weren’t really anything special about it.

Then, he noticed that fragment of a world seed and started checking the description.

“A completely world seed, after refining, can allow one to create a world within oneself.

That world can maintain its own life and ecosystem.”


A world within one’s body”

Something like that could be called a divine item.

Gu Changge’s eyes couldn’t help but flash at that.

He was just thinking about how to run away if he really did encounter danger in the future.

An inner world was a great place for running away to.

After all, no one can guarantee that they won’t ever end up in a bad situation.

Too bad that it was only a third right now.

Gu Changge sighed, “Well, whatever.

Let’s leave it be for now.

Right now, let’s raise my cultivation first.”

Whatever the world, strength conquers all.

No one can stop me from cultivating.

“Dark Blue, spend the points.” (T/N note: A reference to a novel, Way of the Devil/極道天魔)

“Oops, that’s wrong.

System, spend the points.”

Can you really call the Fate Points that he worked hard to earn cheating


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