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Chapter 475: I won’t bully you today, The role of the Purple Crown of Luck (Part 2)

Of course, this so-called Emperor could only be regarded as a Quasi-Emperor Realm at most.

If it was someone after being enlightened and attaining the Emperor Realm, he must at least break through to the Quasi-Supreme Realm before talking about it.

Nine steps to the Supreme, one step to another.

So even if it was the Supreme realm, the gap between them was still very large.

“According to Jiang Chuchu’s words, there is an origin of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction in the depths.

Judging from the fluctuation of this aura, it is obviously much denser than the source of Absolute Heavenly Extinction that I encountered last time.”

Gu Changge went into the depths, and then his eyes became a little intriguing.

Because he sensed the aura of the source of Heavenly Extinction was obviously much richer than the source of Heavenly Extinction he had encountered before.

That was to say, after devouring this source of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction this time, his cultivation could be improved again.

At this time, he suddenly remembered the Purple Crown of Luck that he obtained a long time ago.

There was a limit to how many times that thing could be used.

But Gu Changge didn’t know how effective it was.

Just this time, he had the opportunity to try it.

Thinking like this, in his palm, there was a flash of purple-gold light and a purple crown appeared like it was made of immortal gold.

After using it Gu Changge saw a phantom flash in front of him.

In the dark, he felt that the aura around him became unpredictable and mysterious.

However, not long after he walked forward, he suddenly saw a figure rushing toward him in the gray fog.

With unparalleled power, the entire space was rumbling and collapsing continuously.

It was a headless corpse covered in gray fog.

“The headless corpse of the Quasi-Supreme Realm, even the origin is complete… Jiang Chuchu’s luck is really good, she can be called my lucky star.”

Gu Changge couldn’t help laughing.

The space in the crack looked more like a small world, with no visible edge.

But there were mountains, lakes, mountains, and even pavilions and palaces.

This headless corpse had been contaminated by the aura of Absolute Heavenly Extinction for countless years and was even wearing broken armor and battle clothes, holding a spear.

When it swept in, the mountains and rivers collapsed, and all the peaks collapsed and turned into powder.

The prestige of the Quasi-Supreme Realm was like the sky falling down and covering it, was terrifying to the extreme.

“Not only does the Heavenly Extinction aura remain in the body, but there’s also the immortal aura…”

Gu Changge’s figure moved and disappeared in place, still rushing toward this headless corpse.

Immediately afterward, he made a move, and the vast fluctuations suddenly enveloped all directions, wanting to suppress this corpse, intending to devour the origin that was still remaining in it.

The void collapsed and turned into a terrifying big palm print, even if it was a Quasi-Supreme, it would be difficult for him to break free from this bondage for a while.

The spirit of the headless corpse swept over and seemed to be very angry.

But in the next moment, the world exploded and was shrouded in palm prints.

With a rumbling sound, many mountain ranges collapsed, and the ground shattered into countless cracks.

He was directly covered and crushed by a palm, and the tyrannical Quasi-Supreme body almost exploded.

It didn’t take long for the complete source of a Quasi-Supreme to be devoured up quickly, leaving only a piece of ashes in place.

Gu Changge’s figure flashed and left the place.

He was a little suspicious, and encountering the complete Quasi-Supreme source was inseparable from the Purple Crown of Luck.


But at this time, Gu Changge suddenly felt that something was wrong.

His figure swept away, quickly disappeared, and appeared in another direction.

He saw a pitch-black boat emerging in the thick gray fog.

It was rusty, stained with blood, there are traces of various battles on it, broken battle suits, ancient armor… and other headless corpses.

The boat was made of an unknown material.

The whole body was dark and without any luster, but it gave people an indescribable feeling of terror and palpitations.

Who would have thought that such a strange boat would suddenly appear in the place where the calamity broke out in the land of Heavenly Extinction

As long as it was a cultivator, at this time, there would be a burst of horror.

Moreover, the fog rolled, like a terrifying deep sea, looking endless.

It was this pitch-black boat that suddenly appeared, making no sound, which surprised Gu Changge.

He didn’t expect to see someone breaking in here.

In the boat, there was a wave of divine sense, which suddenly swept over, and the gray fog burst, which was extremely terrifying.

Even the headless corpse that attacked Gu Changge just now calmed down and knelt on the spot, as if bowing to the monarch.

On the boat, it could be seen that there were many figures, all of them were Heavenly Extinction beings and they were not weak, and they were all born with spiritual wisdom.

“If you can walk through the land of Absolute Heavenly Extinction it seems that you should be a member of the Imperial Court of Absolute Heavenly Extinction.”

“The guesses of the old guys in True Immortal Academy were correct.

This time, there are people from the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court who are really behind the scenes.”

Gu Changge’s eyes narrowed slightly, with a thoughtful expression.

He remembered the news he got from Yue Mingkong earlier.

The Imperial Court intends to establish Heavenly Extinction Reincarnation, trying to find the successor of Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation.

In Yue Mingkong’s last life, she witnessed with her own eyes that the people of the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court were born and searched for the descendants of the Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation everywhere.

At that time, Ye Ling was very cautious and never showed any trace.

As for whether Ye Ling came into contact with the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court, Yue Mingkong didn’t know that.

Gu Changge had heard a lot of news from her, but he didn’t expect that the people of the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court would be born so early.

“Could it be that the timeline has advanced a lot… Maybe it has something to do with the Purple Crown of Luck.

Maybe I should give it a try.”

Thinking like this, Gu Changge didn’t look at all.

At the moment when the other party’s consciousness swept over, a vague fog suddenly rose above his face, and only a pair of god-like eyes showing indifference were revealed.


The next moment, an even more terrifying aura emerged as if the Lord of Reincarnation had fallen into the world.

The fluctuations of the six realms of reincarnation were vast and boundless, evolving everything, and overturning the sky.


A muffled buzz came, and there was a shudder in the boat.

At the same time, several figures above flew out and fell directly, with a face full of horror and embarrassment.


An obscure voice came, and then in the boat, a man with a pale face and bloodless, wearing a purple-gold armor walked out.

The cultivation base that appears was impressively the early stage of the Quasi-Supreme Realm.

He was a member of the Royal Family of the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court.

Gu Changge almost recognized this person at first glance.

Most of the Heavenly Extinction beings had different shapes, but only those of the Royal Family were the same as the human race.

In addition, the bloodline of the Heavenly Extinction Royal Family was enough to suppress the other Heavenly Extinction beings, making them walk on the ground in the land of Absolute Heavenly Extinction and go anywhere.

The man in front of him didn’t look very old, but in fact, he was very old, and even his clothes were very simple.

At this moment, he was looking at Gu Changge in awe, and the rest of the figures that appeared behind him were also shocked and stood there motionless.

They also didn’t understand why there were outsiders appearing in a place where the aura of Heavenly Extinction was so strong.

And he was still a young man.

What made them even more incredible was that even His Royal Highness the Third Prince was not a match for this young man.

The spiritual sense that investigated just now was severely injured the first moment it touched the opponent.


The man in the purple-gold battle uniform looked at Gu Changge with fear and said in the common language of the outside world.


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