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Chapter 468: Both of them can really bear it, The injury is even more shocking and spectacular (Part 2)

Judging from the tragic fluctuations now, the battle just now was extremely tragic, and no one dared to underestimate Gu Changge’s strength.

Since, he was injured like this.

Ying Shuang in front of him would definitely not be better, it was likely to be strong outside and dry from inside.

Many methods had been used just now, otherwise, with his character, it was impossible for him to stop himself from killing Gu Changge.

Instead, he said so much that he rushed over.

In other words, Ying Shuang was actually very afraid of Gu Changge, even in this situation, he didn’t dare to take him lightly, because he wasn’t sure what other means Gu Changge had.

Judging from Gu Changge’s weak, but still calm demeanor, the same was true.

“Amitabha, good, very good, it is the responsibility of the cultivators to eliminate demons and defend the Dao!”

“Young Master Changge, hold on, this monk will stop the inheritor of demonic art.”

Jin Chan opened his mouth, smiled slightly, and chanted the Buddha’s name.

Immediately afterward, he stepped forward and appeared mid-air.

Looking at the figure shrouded in gray fog, he attacked directly, wanting to investigate its reality.

“The inheritor of demonic art should not be rampant, today, this little monk will eliminate evil today.”

After saying that, the light behind him soared to ten thousand feet, and the phantoms such as Buddha, Dharma God, and Divine Ape all manifested.

All kinds of Dharma attacked forward in a single thought.

At the same time, a purple-gold bowl appeared and enlarged in the sky, like a pool of thunder tribulation.

Among them, the dense thunderbolts flickered and made a crackling sound, and all kinds of terrifying real thunder manifested, revealing an extremely dangerous atmosphere.

“Jin Chan came at the right time.”

When Gu Changge heard this, he also looked over at this time.

However, his words did not seem to have any ups and downs, nor was there any excitement or any sense of salvation.

“Unfortunately, you are still a step late, Prince Sheng has been killed by the inheritor of demonic art.

I didn’t expect you two to be separated.”

He said lightly, although his face was pale and bloodless, he still had a feeling of palpitating and not daring to look at him.

Jin Chan did not look back when he heard the words, but raised his eyebrows.

This action looked a bit frivolous, and it gave him a demon-like aura.

He knew the meaning of Gu Changge’s words.

He was saying that he knew it was a conspiracy before, but he never explained it to Prince Sheng.

“Young Master Changge doesn’t understand what the little monk said.

Could it be that you think the little monk intended to harm Prince Sheng”

In this regard, Jin Chan just smiled and said, the attacking technique in his hand did not stop.


A layer of pale golden glow-like color appeared on his palm, and the whole person seemed to be made of immortal gold, revealing an amazing aura.

“You bald donkey, do you want to die”

Seeing this, the figure in the sky snorted coldly and waved it casually.

The monstrous demonic energy surged in, turning into all kinds of ferocious beasts, and drowning the many Buddha shadows of Jin Chan.

The four Great Sacred Realm cultivators were wrapped in dark mist and shot to block the void.

Suddenly, that Great Dao treasure bottle exuded a palpitating aura.

Among them, there were many black runes flowing, and then turned into various rune swords.

At the same time, the mouth of the Great Dao hung down with a black light, and the speed was too fast, like lightning, directly smashing the many means of Jin Chan.

In the end, it hit the purple gold bowl, but the purple gold bowl was very strong.

I don’t know what material it was made of.


Jin Chan smiled and looked very thin.

But at this moment, he was swiping forward violently, the fist was like a Buddha, bright and upright, purifying the darkness, and nothing was invincible.


In the next moment, the two collided, and it was no accident that Jin Chan flew out.

He spat out a mouthful of blood, the Buddha’s light dimmed, his arms spasmed, and his bones were broken a lot, but he was not surprised, and even showed a little smile.

“Amitabha, he is really strong from the outside, and it seems that your means have been spent on the young master Changge just now.

This attack will not hurt this little monk.”

He said, with a stronger smile on his face, and the purple Bowl that flew out fell back into his hands again, which was completely different from the purple Bowl when he fought against Gu Changge before.

Seeing this scene, Gu Changge asked with narrowed eyes,

“The Great Sun and Immortal Buddha Golden Body Jin Chan, you are hiding quite deeply.”

“I don’t dare to hide, but now, I have to be serious.”

Jin Chan said with a smile, the injury just now improved quickly, the Buddha’s light was mighty and solemn.

Gu Changge’s smile seemed a bit profound, he didn’t say anything more, and he looked into the distance, thinking about something.

Calculating the time, there should be geniuses rushing here.

In order to act in this scene, his injury had to be a little more tragic and shocking, which was not enough.


Suddenly, the Golden Decree lifted into the sky, and the golden light was surging and dazzling, covering everything.

As if the stars were spinning, the majestic and thick sword energy suddenly spewed out.

At the same time, Gu Changge got up from the spot, his eyes were clear, his white clothes were stained with blood, but his aura was surging.

The place where the sky was covered, the aura entwined with colorful divine light spewed out, penetrating through the sky, enough for all parties to notice.

All over his body, every sixty trillion cells turned alive.

“Gu Changge, what are you going to do”

This scene instantly surprised Jin Chan, who was fighting against the inheritor of demonic art in front of him.

Although he was at a disadvantage, and from time to time he was on guard against the four Great Sacred Realm cultivators, he still seemed to have some spare energy.

Because Jin Chan found that the inheritor of demonic art in front of him consumed a lot of strength, and it was not as easy as it seemed on the surface.

In fact, in the fight with Gu Changge just now, he was already seriously injured, but he was just holding on.

The other four Great Sacred Realm cultivators actually couldn’t get rid of their hands in order to condense the Great Dao treasurer bottle in the void.

Therefore, Jin Chan guessed that the treasure bottle was actually suppressing the body protection soul weapon of Prince Sheng.

Just like the Golden Ancient Bell owned by Ying Shuang, the inheritor of demonic art.

That was a Supreme device.

The status of Prince Sheng was comparable to that of Prince Ying, how could he not have the Supreme weapon to protect him.

Therefore, the Supreme Artifact might have been suppressed, and it was suppressed by the treasure bottle in the sky.

It would only take a little longer, and they would have the opportunity today to take down the inheritor of the demonic art in front of him, and even avenge the fallen prince.

Jin Chan was a little bit puzzled, why at this time, Gu Changge suddenly burst out and sacrificed the Golden Decree to kill himself.

Judging from its state, it should be a forbidden technique.

“Young Master Changge, is it worth it”

He couldn’t help but shake his head and recited the Buddha’s chant.

“You sure have the means.

Gu Changge, you can’t stand it anymore…”

And just when Jin Chan Buddha sighed, the inheritor of the magic art in front of him suddenly sneered, his breath also changed, and the magic energy became more and more monstrous.

Seeing this, Jin Chan’s expression changed, and he felt that something was wrong, so he had to step back.


However, a knife that was completely condensed by pitch-black runes and wrapped around black magic flames emerged from the void, and suddenly, it pierced through the unprepared Jin Chan.

The aura of knife split the sky, whizzing past, spreading out an extremely terrifying crack in the void.

His expression turned pale, and he spat out a mouthful of blood, and hurriedly urged his Buddha Dharma to shatter the magic sword.

Then he pulled away and stepped back.

Unexpectedly, at this time, the inheritor of demonic art was still hiding his means.

He and Gu Changge really didn’t fully show their means until the end.

I can bear it!

This similarity made Jin Chan want to curse, he had to use the Buddha’s light to expel the black mist.

This kind of injury was difficult to heal and required a lot of time to heal.

But fortunately it was only a small injury and did not harm his origin.

This made him more or less relieved.


“Don’t you still have the means”

Gu Changge’s face was pale, and he appeared in the sky, his expression was still flat.

As the Golden Decree fell, it was boundless and mighty.

As if ordered to kill, the golden handwriting swept with the boundless killing intent and fell toward it.

Suddenly the land collapsed, the sky and the earth changed, and the horror reached the extreme.

All the means used by the inheritor of demonic arts were swept away by this sword energy.

His eyes suddenly widened and blood spurted out, which seemed unbelievable.

“Not good.

This guy is crazy.

He intends to burn the blood essence.

Today’s matter, I shall remember.”


Accompanied by this loud shout, he took the four Great Sacred Realm cultivators and planned to escape from this place.

In the blurred void, the channel that had been opened up appeared, stepped into it, and did not stop at all.

And above the sky behind him, the gray fog split open, and many divine lights arrived, all of them were mighty geniuses.

Everyone saw the shocking scene just now, and there was a kind of trembling and fear that came from their souls.

Just now, they almost fell to their knees and worshiped.

However, some people reacted quickly, couldn’t help being horrified, and shouted anxiously, “Young Master Changge!”


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