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Chapter 442: The art of being able to foretell misfortune, Cannot possibly care about childhood sweethearts (Part 2)

In the end, she kept thinking about it and deduced the magic technique to seek good Luck and avoid Evil.

With this talent, Tang Wan became prosperous in the Wan Dao Business Alliance.

Everyone who knew her had to respectfully call her “Miss Wan”.

This talent could not be missed even for hundreds of years.

It was only a while ago that Tang Wan deduced Gu Changge with her secret pen, trying to get a glimpse of the secret.

But she unexpectedly suffered a backlash.

This situation shocked, horrified, and puzzled her because it had never happened before.

In the end, after thinking a lot, Tang Wan came to the conclusion that Gu Changge was hiding a great terror.

For this reason, she even took a huge risk to remind Chu Hao.

Although Chu Hao’s current cultivation base was already in the Quasi-Supreme Realm, he could even break through to the Supreme Realm soon.

However, in the opinion of the top management of the Wan Dao Business Alliance, it was still not worth going against Gu Changge because of Chu Hao.

So Tang Wan had to be careful.

Although Tang Wan had created a lot of value for Wan Dao Business Alliance over the years.

But in such a situation involving fundamental interests, she couldn’t influence the decision of the Wan Dao Business Alliance at all.

She didn’t even dare to tell her grandfather about it because at that time her grandfather looked down on Chu Hao’s origin.

No matter how strong his talent was, if there was no strong background support behind him, he could only be reduced to a chess piece played by many forces.

Unless Chu Hao was strong enough to open up an Immortal heritage or Dao sect by himself.

“I hope that Brother Chu Hao can understand my painstaking efforts, otherwise all these efforts will be in vain, he should not have been impulsive at that time… In the end, I can only hope that Supreme Dao Cave can stand by Brother Chu Hao’s side.


“If he can successfully succeed as the future Palace Master of Supreme Dao Cave, then the right to speak will be much heavier, and Gu Changge will not dare to be so reckless.”

Tang Wan sighed deeply.

Before that, she never thought that one day she would be so afraid of a young man.

In her opinion, with the strength shown by Gu Changge, he could even rival a Supreme Being.

Gu Changge’s understatement when he activated the Supreme weapon that day was enough to show that it was far from his limit.

This kind of thing couldn’t be faked.

After being in the Wan Dao Business Alliance for so many years, Tang Wan still had eyesight, and would not easily underestimate anyone.

Especially someone like Gu Changge, who was so powerful that no one in the younger generation dared to provoke him.

“Miss… something bad, something bad happened…”

Yet at this moment.

Outside the courtyard, a famous guard suddenly ran over with an anxious look on his face, his words were extremely flustered, as if something major had happened.

“What’s the matter You are in such a panic, where are your manners” Before Tang Wan spoke, the maid next to her frowned and said displeased.

“It’s okay, what’s the matter, why are you so panicked” Tang Wan waved her hand, indicating that the guard should not be in a hurry.

But for some reason, she felt an uneasy feeling in her heart again, and it was extremely strong.

When she had such a strong premonition, it was the last time she encountered a catastrophe in a Mansion and almost lost her life.

But that time, she was saved and even got the inheritance of an ancient powerhouse and got the secret technique to draw Dao.

“Miss it’s not good, the young master has offended the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox clan, and now he is in the hands of Yin Mei Heavenly Maiden, the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox clan…”

The guard reported with a trembling voice, knowing that the young lady was usually very fond of Young Master Tang Tian.

Now that such a big thing had happened, only the eldest lady could find a way to solve it.

“Tang Tian offended the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox Clan What’s going on Didn’t Tang Tian stay well in the city How could he offend the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox Clan What happened”

Hearing this, Tang Wan was stunned for a moment, then her expression became serious and solemn, and she asked quickly.

She couldn’t ignore things involving her brother.

Although she also knew that her younger brother Tang Tian was very incompetent and had a domineering personality.

But he was not stupid, how could he offend the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox Clan so easily

Could there be any misunderstanding in this

“My lady, the matter is like this.

According to the cultivator who witnessed it with his own eyes, that day in the Immortal Drunken Building, Master Tang Tian kidnapped a Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox girl with bad intentions.

Yin Mei Heavenly Maiden discovered it, and she came directly to the stolen goods and got… This matter has become known throughout the city.”

The guard hurriedly reported the cause and effect.

Of course, this was not what he saw with his own eyes, but the news from there.

“How could Tang Tian be so stupid and so bold…”

After listening, even though Tang Wan had a gentle temperament, she was stunned.

Then she reacted, and couldn’t help but feel a surge of anger, and became extremely angry.

It was no longer as simple as hating the indisputable younger brother who had caused trouble for her.

At this time, she just wanted to lock him in the clan and strictly forbid him to take another step.

“I still understand Tang Tian’s character.

Even if he is lustful, he has no guts, so he must have been framed by someone.

Was there anyone else who was with Tang Tian at that time”

However, Tang Wan quickly calmed down and asked aloud, there was a kind of majesty in her eyes that was hard to look at.

“This… According to the cultivator who witnessed it at the time, it was the young master who made an assertion and saw Yin Mei’s maid come out, but no one followed behind him, so he made up his mind and sent someone to knock her out and take her it to Drunken Immortal Building.”

Hearing these words, the guard hurriedly replied, not daring to hide anything.

“Really Is this really the case Where are the cultivators who were responsible for protecting my brother Where are they, I want to ask them”

Tang Wan was stunned for a moment, her intuition told her that this matter did not seem to be that simple, so she couldn’t help asking coldly.

The iron and bloody wrists over the years were not just words.

At this time, she had a terrible majesty that was hard to look at.

Even the maid who had followed her for a long time felt a palpitation and fear.

“Miss Qiqi, the cultivator who was protecting the young master at that time was killed by Yin Mei Heavenly Maiden when she came in anger.

Their body and spirit were completely destroyed, and no one survived.”

The guard’s voice trembled and stammered.

“They were all killed” Tang Wan’s voice suddenly became much higher, showing her current anger.

Although it didn’t sound right, as soon as she came with anger, the first thing she did was not to find the maid, but to kill Tang Tian’s protector.

No matter how you look at it, it gave people a feeling of destroying the corpse.

However, if it was said that Yin Mei Heavenly Maiden came because of anger, and she could only vent her anger like this, it was reasonable.

But it was also too weird.

Her intuition told Tang Wan that this matter would not be too simple.

“I see, where is Tang Tian now Did Yin Mei ask for anything”

Tang Wan asked in a deep voice and calmed down.

“Master Tang Tian is now being held in the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox Clan, and it is not easy for the family to deal with it…” The guard replied hurriedly.

“I see.” Tang Wan nodded, knowing this kind of thing, the family couldn’t stand for any reason, whether it was true or calculated, it was already known all over the city.

The Tang family’s face had been thrown away.

In her opinion, if this matter was calculated, it was probably what Yin Mei wanted to mention.

Although there was Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox Clan behind the Wan Dao Business Alliance, it was not the only one of its kind.

Yin Mei had been in power for a short period of time and coupled with her young age, her convincing power in the Wan Dao Business Alliance was not strong.

So sometimes, the two of them inevitably had some friction and fights.

As a senior, she was much more mature and stronger than Yin Mei in terms of wrist ability.

It would be excusable if Yin Mei was plotted for this.

“I overestimated the character of this Yin Mei, she even planned to use this method to persecute me… I wonder if she still has more tricks” Tang Wan frowned, then left the courtyard, planning to leave.

It was just that before that, she planned to contact Chu Hao first, but the news she got later made her a little helpless, so she could only give up in the end.

Chu Hao was not in the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom but rushed to the place where the calamity of Heavenly Extinction broke out.

Even if something happened, he couldn’t help it.

She originally planned to let Chu Hao accompany her to go with her for a little more safety and assurance.

“This time the redemption should not be too simple, the family has to be informed.

Although Grandpa hates Tang Tian, ​​he will not sit back and watch him be captured by the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox Clan.”

“I don’t have enough strong people on my side.

The uneasiness in the dark is getting stronger… I need to send more strong people from the family.”

Thinking like this, Tang Wan set off and informed her family by sending a message, after all, it was best to be fully prepared.

This divine ability to predict misfortune and good fortune had allowed her to avoid many crises.


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