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Chapter 441: The art of being able to foretell misfortune, Cannot possibly care about childhood sweethearts (Part 1)

In the middle of the dark and damp dungeon.

An incomparably wretched, blood-soaked young man was lying here, completely tied up, staring with angry, frightened, and disturbed eyes.

It was none other than Tang Tian, who had been captured by Yin Mei at the Drunken Immortal Building.

At this moment he already knew that he was framed.

From the very beginning, Boss Zhu of the Drunken Immortal House had arranged everything and even went so far as to say so many words in order to finally put his mind at ease.

But at that time, he was so stupid that he did not suspect.

Tang Tian didn’t know what it meant to be a scapegoat, if he knew, he would have been unable to resist yelling out.

“Yin Mei, I have no enmity with you, why do you want to scheme against me like this”

Tang Tian angrily stared at the white-clothed woman in front of him who was coldly looking down on him, with undisguised hatred.

Before that he still had much respect and admiration for her, calling her Yin Mei Heavenly Maiden.

“What are you babbling about How dare you deny it at this time and try to do sophistry” Yin Mei coldly looked at him, and there was no temperature in her beautiful eyes.

“You’re spitting nonsense, you arranged all this.

You arranged that maid and the shopkeeper Zhu, you wanted to deal with my sister, that’s why you came up with such despicable means.

I want to see my grandfather, Yin Mei.

How dare you bring me here because of a maid…” Tang Tian’s brain was flexible at this time, and he quickly figured it all out.

He thought that Yin Mei was competing with his sister for something.

This was the reason for this tactic, using this to threaten his sister.

“I can’t understand what you’re saying here.

You don’t dare to admit it, right It does not matter, my Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox clan still has a lot of means to deal with people like you, just in time to help you cut off the lower half of your body, even if you are a cultivator, you can not restore it…”

Yin Mei still looked cold, then she went out of the dungeon, to the outside guards and faintly said, “Since he does not admit, then carry on with the execution.”

Hearing these words, the face of Tang Tian in the dungeon suddenly changed, and he also panicked, “How dare you!”

“Yin Mei I am the only son of our Tang family, if you treat me like this, my grandfather and family will not be willing to stop.” If he became a eunuch after this, he would definitely go crazy.

Tang Tian did not doubt the truth of Yin Mei’s words in the slightest, the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox clan really had the means to make a cultivator become like this.

“What won’t be good enough Do you think that the Tang family would really dare to offend my Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox clan For the long lifespan of a cultivator, less your generation, does it have an impact” Yin Mei snorted, then her voice dropped coldly, “Do it.”

“Yes, Miss.” The two guards outside the dungeon smiled and immediately walked in with a sinister smile on their faces, still holding a pair of large crocodile-like golden pincers in their hands, and gestured up at Tang Tian.

“Yin Mei, hurry up and stop it…”

“Stop it!” Seeing this scene, Tang Tian’s face instantly became snow white, without the slightest hint of blood, and he could not stop trembling.

He didn’t expect Yin Mei to really want to do this.

He would rather die than become a eunuch in the future.

This was even more unbearable for him than killing him outright.

“Do you dare to admit it now” Yin Mei smiled faintly outside the dungeon, holding her nine fluffy snow-white fox tails, looking dignified and stunningly beautiful.

“I admit… I admit…” Tang Tian stifled and gritted his teeth, hating Yin Mei in his heart.

He couldn’t wait to cut her to death by a thousand cuts.

How did he not think before that this heavenly beautiful woman was a snake with a scorpion’s heart

“Well then, say what you need to say.” Yin Mei smiled, holding a memory stone in her hand.

Half a quarter of an hour later, she walked out of the dungeon and arrived at a quiet and secluded mansion.

In the courtyard, a white-clothed man was sitting here, quietly drinking tea, with handsome features, ink hair draped, and penetrating a transcendent aura.

It was hard to imagine that the many means in the dungeon would be ordered out of his mouth.

“Did he admit it” Gu Changge raised her eyes to look at Yin Mei and said with a faint smile.

“Indeed, according to the Master’s command, Tang Tian was almost scared, pissed, and admitted everything.” Yin Mei smiled sweetly and said.

She handed the memory stone that recorded everything to Gu Changge.

“Well done.” Gu Changge nodded, swept a glance, and smiled, “Then let’s prepare the banquet now and just wait for our precious guests to come.”

“As for this memory stone, prepare to make extra copies, and find a way to give the rest to the Tang family.”

“Mm.” Yin Mei nodded, then asked with some doubts, “Master, what if the Tang family suddenly gets anxious In my opinion, Tang Wan doesn’t seem like a stupid person, will she fall for it”

“She will not fall for it, not only will she not fall for it she will also inform her grandfather about it.

I want you to give the memory stone to the Tang family first.

As long as the Tang family is not stupid, they will understand that this matter is not that simple.”

Gu Changge casually smiled, long ago everything was calculated, even if Tang Wan has a hundred methods, in the end, it is difficult to fly.

He was still waiting to give Chu Hao, the Son of Luck, a surprise.

Now Chu Hao, as he expected, was in the place where the Heavenly Extinction scourge erupted, solving the matter of the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom.

How could he have the time to care about his childhood friend

“I know, now it depends on what attitude the Tang family and Tang Wan have towards Tang Tian.” Yin Mei nodded and quickly understood Gu Changge’s intentions.

With Tang Wan’s intelligence, she would likely sense that this was a calculated plot.

Even if she went to the banquet, she knew it was just a formal banquet.

So Tang Wan will definitely inform her grandfather in advance when the time comes for ransom, they would definitely be followed by the many strong people of the Tang family.

But now, she would give the memory stone to the Tang family that Tang Tian admitted everything first, just to let them know that this matter, in fact, could be easily solved.

This was a matter of attitude, of course, it could also be considered a threat.

After all, the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox clan did not need to be afraid of the Tang family.

To say the least, Tang Tian was a direct disciple of the Tang family, while the maid beside Yin Mei was far less than Tang Tian in status.

If the Tang family was tough, Yin Mei also could not stand to reason, the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox clan behind her, would not completely cross the Tang family because of a small maid.

This was a simple matter of interest.


On the other hand, in the Golden Altar Ancient City.

It was not far from the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom.

It was an important ancient city under the branch of the Wan Dao Business Alliance, like a throat, as a hub that connected the major ancient cities nearby.

At this moment in this ancient city, in a quiet and unique courtyard.

A graceful woman in a long plain gauze dress was quietly looking at the many jade slips in front of her from behind the curtain.

Her face was gentle and moving, her complexion was delicate and snow-white, and at the same time, she was holding a brush in her jade hand, writing something.

As she started writing, a terrifying vision appeared between heaven and earth, and layers of mysterious power appeared under her writing.

One by one, the text with golden lines, as she waved, imprinted into the jade slip in front of her.

In the vagueness, one could even see the scene of mountains and rivers that seemed to be alive, condensed in it, and it seemed to be manifested from the jade slip.

“Miss’s painting power is even better.

I am afraid that now, just by virtue of the characters she draws, she can defeat the cultivators in the Sacred Realm.”

The maid next to the gentlewoman couldn’t help but cover her mouth and smile when she saw this scene, and she looked very admirable.

“What’s with the enemy in the Sacred Realm Brother Hao is now in the Quasi-Supreme Realm.

And he’s about to break through the Supreme Realm.

Compared with him, I’m really far behind.

I really don’t know how he cultivated these years.

He’s really a monster.

Fortunately, I noticed his talent once… Otherwise, I don’t know how many beautiful girls of heaven have gathered around him now.”

The gentlewoman smiled when she heard these words while looking very helpless.

However, while mentioning Chu Hao, she couldn’t help but express her happiness and admiration.

She was naturally Tang Wan after she quietly left the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom with a space instrument.

But considering that Chu Hao’s current situation was not good.

So she did not leave too far and finally chose to live in this ancient city temporarily.

Although this courtyard seemed to be quiet and peaceful, it was actually hiding many murderous intentions, and there were traces of formation patterns everywhere.

If someone dared to break in without authorization, they would be strangled by the power of many formations, and their body and spirit would be destroyed.

Not to mention that Tang Wan had arranged many experts from the business alliance outside and the one with the lowest cultivation base was also in the Sacred Realm.

She was also not worried that someone would come to her door to find trouble.

In fact, she didn’t have to worry so much.

After all, her grandfather was the branch leader of the Wan Dao Business Alliance, with enormous power.

Who would dare to offend her easily

It was just that Tang Wan thought a lot this time.

Because it was Gu Changge who was offended by Chu Hao.

Tang Wan felt unprecedented pressure from this young man.

Tang Wan didn’t know why but she always felt that Gu Changge would not be too simple.

Although he was in the public at that time, he did not embarrass Chu Hao anymore.

But somewhere, she had a hunch that Gu Changge was planning to deal with Chu Hao.

Because when she was born, she had a special talent for seeking Good Luck and avoiding Evil.


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