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Chapter 440: It’s hard not to have any jealousy, Yin Mei’s so-called means (Part 2)

“Young master, I heard that a new batch of goods came to the Drunken Immortal House this time, do you want to take a look”

On the street where cultivators were coming and going, a young man with a frivolous face and sunken eye sockets was walking.

His eyes swept over the many young beings and cultivators in all directions, and of course, mostly on the young female cultivators, constantly glancing at them.

A wealthy man in the shape of a butler followed the young man and asked with a careful accompanying smile.

“What kind of goods can the Drunken Immortal House have” The young man named Tang Tian said with some disdain.

Although it seemed that he was just walking alone, a number of cultivators with powerful auras were following behind him in the shadows, protecting him.

“I heard that this time the goods from the Drunken Immortal House seem to come from the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox clan.” The rich man still said with a smile.

“The Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox clan” Tang Tian was stunned, then his eyes almost flooded with light, and he could not help but ask, “Is it really true or not Isn’t the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox clan paying most of the attention to this How come it’s in the Drunken Immortal Building”

Although he was a dude, it did not mean that he was stupid.

The Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox Clan was an Ancient Royal Clan, how could they be easily encountered However, the women of the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox clan were almost all stunningly beautiful, and he did know this.

“Young master does not have to worry, the goods this time are said to be expelled from the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox clan…” The rich man smiled heatedly, “So young master, you can rest assured.”

Tang Tian coldly snorted, “If you dare to lie to me, I will not spare you.”

The rich man hurriedly said, “I do not dare, with the status of the young master, who dares to lie to you.”

“Hmph, it’s good that you understand.” Subsequently, Tang Tian hurriedly headed for the Drunken Immortal Building.

When he arrived, under the arrangement of the rich man, he really saw a young girl of the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox clan who looked frightened and disturbed in the room on the second floor, and her appearance naturally contained a lot without saying much.

The only strange thing was that this Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox clan Maiden was being tied up in, and even her mouth was also covered up.

“Young master, her temperament is a little stubborn.

But you can rest assured there is absolutely no problem, when it’s over, I still hope you will put in a few good words for me in front of Miss Wan.”

The rich man hurriedly explained.

“Got it, got it, hurry up and get lost.” Tang Tian, at this time, felt that he was very nagging and said impatiently, that he didn’t suspect anything at all.

As for saying a few beautiful words in front of his sister Did he dare to say this kind of thing

“Then I won’t disturb the young master.” The rich man smilingly finished speaking and exited the room.

“The maiden of the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox clan really lives up to her name, this posture, this body…” In the middle of the room, Tang Tian was incomparably excited and was about to make a move.

Suddenly a horrible aura emerged from outside the Drunken Immortal Building as if it was going to destroy everything, with anger and ice cold.

“Who is it Dare to disturb my pleasure” Tang Tian’s heart was displeased, but he heard several miserable screams coming from outside, his face suddenly changed and an unpleasant feeling suddenly rose in his heart.

This was because the screams came from the cultivators who were secretly protecting him.

“How dare you! How dare you lay your hands on my maids!” Accompanied by a cold and piercing voice like heavenly music.

A sword aura blossomed in the void, horrible and powerful, awe-inspiringly enveloping the air, instantly blasting the Drunken Immortal Building apart! Faces of all the cultivators on the street changed dramatically, in shock, and they all retreated.

Only to see a woman in white in the high sky came, looking cold, the long sword was floating in the air behind her, blooming billions of haze, with killing intent enough to freeze the sky.

In the dark, some strong cultivators were too late to react, and they were pierced by the sword, directly destroyed, their souls scattered into ashes, and one could not even find traces.

“Boss Zhu, what is going on here” Tang Tian’s heart was a little uneasy, his face was white, and he hurriedly walked out of the room to ask the rich man from before.

He was panicking in his heart, what the hell was going on here Could it be that things were wrong

This young girl from the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox clan, could there be something wrong with her

However, Tang Tian couldn’t react in time, and the scene he saw after walking out of the room simply made him thunderstruck, and his whole body was frozen, unable to react for a while.

“You bloody mouth, stop talking nonsense…” Tang Tian yelled in anger, looking incomparably hideous.

However, the rich man fell to his knees, ignoring him in the slightest, full of fear and anxiety, regret and panic, and other emotions, and could not stop saying, “All of this is ordered by Lord Tang Tian, and I have nothing to do with!”

“All of this happened because of him, otherwise I would not dare to have the guts to let Lord Tang Tian bring people to the Drunken Immortal House.

I hope the Heavenly Maiden forgive me! I know I’m wrong, I beg the Heavenly Maiden to spare my life!”

“Tang Tian, you really have a lot of guts, you even dare to lay hands on my maid!” The woman in white looked extremely cold, with killing intent, her long sword was hanging in the air, and a terrifying brilliance was intertwined on it, and it could fall at any time.

“It’s all wrong, I don’t know anything! It’s all arranged by shopkeeper Zhu, he framed me…” Tang Tian’s face was pale, his voice trembled, and he was extremely angry and uneasy, trying to explain.

He naturally recognized the woman in white in front of him, who was the goddess of the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox clan.

With a face that brings disaster to the country and the people, countless geniuses had regarded her as a goddess.

And she had the power of the Wan Dao Business Alliance.

How could a playboy like him dare to easily provoke such a character

The woman in white looked colder and colder, and said with a cold expression, “Who should I listen to Or are you all fooling me You kidnapped my maid, if I hadn’t left a mark on her, I’m afraid today she would have to suffer in your poisonous hands!”

Her words were not big, but they spread on the street.

Many cultivators and living beings heard it and were extremely surprised, and instantly made up the cause and effect.

After all, Tang Tian’s reputation was not good.

Many people knew him.

It was not surprising that he would do such a thing.

But they didn’t expect that this time, he was really bold and dared to attack the maid of the goddess from the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox clan.

“I’m really framed.

Goddess, your maid is still upstairs.

If you don’t believe me, go ask her in person, and the truth will come to light…” Tang Tian was still trying his best to explain, and hurriedly said.

His face was extremely pale, as if he was grabbing a life-saving straw, thinking that a rich man wanted to frame him.

“Well, I’ll give you a chance.

If you dare to deceive me, the Tang family behind you will not be able to protect you.” The voice of the woman in white was extremely cold.

Soon, she moved and walked into the room.

Immediately after, a sword light fell, releasing the girl from the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox clan who was tied.

“Miss, save me! Tang Tian is despicable and shameless.

He even sent someone to knock me out.

If you hadn’t come in time, I would have…”

As soon as the girl saw the arrival of the woman in white, she immediately cried and explained.

Many creatures and creatures were angry at Tang Tian, this was simply the worst kind of scum!

And when he heard this, Tang Tian’s face suddenly lost all blood, and the cold swept his body, and he fell to the ground.

At this moment, there was only one thought in his mind, it was over, he was schemed against!

“Tang Tian, ​​what else do you have to explain” The woman in white looked at him coldly and asked.


“These days, there are a lot less creatures in Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

It seems that the geniuses of True Immortal Academy are still somewhat useful…”

At this moment, on a mountain far away from the territory of the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom, Chu Hao’s figure appeared here.

The monstrous gray fog raging in front of him, with his palm falling, was instantly wiped away like snow meeting the scorching sun, and dissipated into nothingness.

He was only one step away from entering the Supreme Realm.

Needless to say about his strength, it was very simple to deal with the Absolute Heavenly beings, but the Heavenly Extinction aura was very difficult to deal with, and even he needed to spend a lot of energy to eradicate it.

Here, he saw a lot of geniuses from the True Immortal Academy, who were fighting with a group of Heavenly Extinction beings, which was very fierce.

Chu Hao knew that this was the trial of True Immortal Academy, so he didn’t care too much.

“At this rate, the calamity of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction should be resolved.”

Thinking of this, Chu Hao couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief and showed a rare smile.

In the distance, he saw a group of geniuses, all shrouded in divine brilliance, their aura was astonishing and majestic.

“The followers of Gu Changge… It seems that Gu Changge has also come here.”

Chu Hao frowned and chose to leave in the other direction, not wanting to meet Gu Changge here.

“Chu Hao is indeed here, the master’s guess is correct.”

And among that group of geniuses, a young creature with the appearance of a Yaksha sneered at the corner of his mouth.

When he noticed Chu Hao, he directly informed Gu Changge of all this with a communication jade talisman.


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