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Chapter 412: Calculations are done, And Prince Ying is actually an impostor (Part 2)

“Young Master Changge, please wait, this old man will come with you tonight to investigate first…” However, at this moment, Mo Lao suddenly opened his mouth, as if he had made a difficult decision.

He was disturbed by Gu Changge’s words, would Ying Shuang really do it tonight But he must not bump into Gu Changge.

Therefore, he planned to go with Gu Changge to investigate together, and then there would be a way to cover it up for Ying Shuang.

The other Elders also looked at Mo Lao in surprise, but they were surprised that he agreed to Gu Changge’s request.

“Oh Then the younger generation will thank Elder Mo on behalf of the disciples first.” Gu Changge was slightly surprised, with a slight smile on his face, but he was not surprised at all.

He said so much, only to make Elder Mo take the initiative to speak, only to find out that Ying Shuang was actually a fake inheritor of demonic art.

If this didn’t happen, then his next plan would not succeed at all.

“You don’t need to say more, Young Master Changge, after all, it’s for the sake of all the disciples, so it’s nothing to worry about.” Mo Lao waved his hand and said, but he also had a majestic and awe-inspiring look.

“Elder Mo, why don’t we probe separately, I’ll probe this side first, and you probe the other side.

Then, how about going to the next area”

Afterwards, Gu Changge and Mo Lao turned into divine lights and soon came to the area where disciples usually cultivated.

Gu Changge swept across the nearby Mountains, then pointed to the area where Su Qingge went, and smiled at Mo Lao.

“No problem.” Mo Lao pondered for a while, nodded, but he did not refuse, for fear that Gu Changge would doubt and think too much.

Immediately, the two of them separated.

Mo Lao’s expression had a strange look, and his spiritual sense swept across, exploring all the way.


“Sun Hao, the body of the mysterious cold, contains the origin of the mysterious cold, from the Ancient Sun family…” On the other side, taking advantage of the moonlight, Su Qingge’s figure quickly came to an area.

The mountains here were endless, extremely tall, or glowing with clear light, or filled with dragon energy… There were thousands of atmospheres.

Fortunately, the True Immortal Academy was very wide, especially at night, almost no other people could be seen.

Su Qingge’s actions were very secretive, and she had already calculated the timing.

At this time, she would not get noticed.

There was a cave in front of her, located between the various sacred mountains, and it was spraying out various colors of rays of light.

Coming here, Su Qingge’s expression became extremely indifferent, and her face seemed even more tranquil, like jade.

She walked forward and knocked on the door of the cave naturally, and at the same time touched the prohibition pattern on the door.

The genius who was cultivating, heard this voice and was a little puzzled, and asked, “Who is it in the middle of the night”

He was not stupid, he didn’t rush to open the cave, and the inheritor of demonic art had been making a lot of noise recently.

Many people were secretly vigilant, and he was no exception.

Someone came to visit at night, it felt wrong at first sight.

What if the inheritor of demonic art came to assassinate him

“Senior Brother Sun Hao, it’s me…”

“Chen You.” Su Qingge spoke, her voice was calm, but it seemed clear and pleasant, like a girl.

“What… Junior Sister Chen You” Hearing this, the genius in the cave was a little stunned, and a shy little face appeared in his mind.

Could it be that Junior Sister Chen You actually had a crush on him… During the day, he went to look for Junior Sister Chen You, trying to express his intentions, but the other party ran away.

Thinking of this, the genius in the cave figured it out and became a little excited.

“It turns out that there are too many people during the day, and Junior Sister Chen You is shy, so she only came to find me in the night…” His doubts just now were swept away.

After all, the inheritor of demonic art was a man, so how could it be Junior Sister Chen You At the entrance of the cave, Su Qingge calmly watched the other party open the door for her, not surprised at all.

After all, she had already investigated everything before.

Soon, a face with an excited expression emerged, and the moment he saw Su Qingge, it suddenly stiffened and solidified.

“You… who are you” But his words were not finished.

Su Qingge waved her slender hand and the clear light filled the air.

He only felt a terrifying black light shrouding in front of him.

A large amount of runes emerged, turned into crystal clear flowers, and took root in the center of his eyebrows, causing his consciousness to go black.

If he couldn’t resist, he would immediately lose his mind.

In the next moment, the flower kept spreading and finally bloomed, bearing a fruit with an black light hanging down.

“It went well.” Su Qingge’s face revealed a faint smile as she was ready to pick away this fruit.

“Not good… There is an Elder here!”

But in the next moment, her expression changed violently, feeling a terrifying star-like divine sense sweeping across from the high sky and then landing on her.

In an instant, her body was chilled, her hands and feet were cold, and her back was densely covered with cold air.

Su Qingge couldn’t believe it.


She had clearly calculated that there would not be any Elders scouting tonight, and everything was timed perfectly, so why would someone suddenly come here

“It’s over.

My identity is exposed!” In her sea of consciousness, another voice was also trembling.

Subconsciously, Su Qingge thought of Gu Changge, if he knew her true identity, he might not dare to believe and be shocked.


High in the sky, Mo Lao’s expression changed drastically, he could hardly believe the scene he was seeing.

Why was that female disciple below, actually performing the Forbidden Demonic art

As a person from the Demonic Organization, he naturally understood this Forbidden Demonic art.

Therefore, he immediately recognized that the means Su Qingge was performing was from the Forbidden Demonic art.

“How is it possible…… Why is there a second inheritor of Forbidden demonic art Did the old man see wrong Impossible, there is at most one person in a single life who inherits the demonic art, could it be that the Emperor Ying’s son, Ying Shuang was actually a fake An impostor”

Mo Lao’s mind changed dramatically, and then he took a step, his figure fell from the high altitude, and looked at Su Qingge with no expression.

Su Qingge’s face also turned a little white, and a chill surged on her back, but at this time she was still forcing herself to maintain her composure.

A Supreme being! Now in front of her was a Supreme being, even if she used all her means, it was impossible for her to escape, let alone resist the other party.

Today was a complete dead end! There was not even a single chance of survival! Thinking of this, Su Qingge’s heart was slightly bitter, all of this was really beyond her expectations, she was covered in despair.

She even lost her courage to face Gu Changge again.

The inheritor of demonic art that Gu Changge had been pursuing was actually right beside him, and she had been hiding it from him.

“Come with me.” However, what made Su Qingge freeze and couldn’t figure it out at all was that the Elder in front of him didn’t do anything more.

His expression changed for a while, and he did not say anything more, but just waved his sleeves and took her to hurry away from here.

“Today’s matter, you must not say anything, otherwise no one can protect you.” On another mountain, the two figures reappeared, Mo Lao looked incomparably serious and said to Su Qingge.

Su Qingge at this time was still a little frozen, and had not reacted to what happened.

Why did things suddenly develop like this

After this Elder found out her identity, instead of taking action against her, he said these words to her, did he intend to help her

“It won’t be good to have Gu Changge notice later……” Mo Lao’s expression changed for a while, feeling that things were very bad, Su Qingge’s suspicion was really too big, and it was hard to clear it.

And at this time, just as Mo Lao was talking, a divine rainbow in another direction came flying towards this place.

The person who came was none other than Gu Changge who looked slightly heavy.

“Elder Mo, things are just as I expected, there are indeed disciples who have suffered from the poisonous hands of the inheritor of demonic art.”

“We were still half a step late.” As he was speaking, Gu Changge’s voice froze slightly and he noticed Su Qingge beside Elder Mo, who seemed a bit surprised.

“Qingge, how come you are here” And then, he seemed to think of something, and his expression was suddenly silent.

“Young master……” Su Qingge’s voice was also trembling, her heart was very panicked, uneasy.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.” Gu Changge glanced at her, his eyes then fell towards Elder Mo, and his voice suddenly became deeper.

“Elder Mo, did you get the wrong person, Qingge is my person.

She can’t possibly be associated with the inheritor of demonic art, I can guarantee that.”


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