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Chapter 401: The method to obtain the origin of the Immortal Demonic Body, Gu Xian’er’s inexplicable methods (Part 1)

“Qing Xiao Yi, also known as Immortal Qing Yi in her last life, bearing the Immortal Demonic Body, even though she only began to cultivate at the age of fourteen, she had since risen to the top, her cultivation caught up with many ancient freaks and advanced by leaps and bounds.

I never even heard of her losing a battle.”

“And the True Immortal Academy had a strange stone called the True Immortal Twin suspected of falling from the land of the Nine Heavens.”

“I wonder if Qing Xiao Yi will still suffer at the poisonous hand of the Changge in this life”

“Speaking of her fall, in her last life she was the most brilliant and radiant which triggered the anger of True Immortal Academy.

The result, in the end, was that nothing was found, and it became a headless unsolved case.

So…… She was actually tragically poisoned by Changge.”

“On the contrary, after the disappearance of Qing Xiao Yi, the piece of strange stone bowed to the light, it became more and more low-key, and there were only a few people who had seen its true appearance.”

“But I heard from Changge that piece of strange stone was the only one he fought, and his whole body suffered as a result.

So it seems that its cultivation must be at least the Sacred Realm or above…… But I can only believe a part of Changge’s words.”

“He said that the other party retreated with his complete body.

That was likely only in the case that he did not use his real skills.”

In the palace hidden by the divine light, the immortal mist was dense, Yue Mingkong was sitting on the bed, slender body, immortal face like a painting.

She squinted her eyes, and her bright eyes flashed with various thoughts.

She was not only thinking about her next plan but also how to obtain the ancient weapon from Qing Xiao Yi’s brother.

Many memories from her previous life swept through her mind.

As for Qing Xiao Yi, she had nothing to do with her, so Yue Mingkong naturally did not want to care more.

She did not care what would be her end in this life.

And then with her hand suddenly raised, an ancient bronze mirror, which appeared a bit rusty, appeared in her palm.

This ancient mirror looked ordinary, without any pattern.

But Yue Mingkong urged her divine power which rushed to mask the mirror as soon as it emerged.

Just like the rain washing a street clean, it washed away the lead and removed the dirt and rust on its surface until it became crystal clear.


This crystal-clear ancient mirror was reflecting the void, and there was a destructive aura flowing within it.

Looking at this ancient mirror, Yue Mingkong’s eyes moved slightly and whispered to himself.

“Now among the Heavenly Seven artifacts, I already have two in the body.

The Heavenly Bottle is in the hands of the brother of Qing Xiaoyi.

In my last life Long Song had the Heavenly Jar in his hands.

The whereabouts of the rest of the pieces are still unclear.”

“It is said that once collected the Seven Heavenly Artifacts, have the power of Heaven, and can even find the Immortal Palace relics that were once collapsed in the long river of time.”

The preciousness of the Immortal Palace relics was naturally needless to say, even for the Elders it was the pursuit of a lifetime.

But they were not so easy to find.

The Seven Heavenly Artifacts were the keys to the Immortal Palace Legacy.

Seven pieces of Heavenly Artifacts, including the Heavenly Mirror and Heavenly Seal were already in her hands.

The rest were the Heavenly Sword, Heavenly Wheel, Heavenly Vase, Heavenly Jar, and Heavenly Tower.

According to the memory of her previous life, she had already found the whereabouts of the Heavenly Mirror and Heavenly Seal, and was the first to seize them in her hands.

As for the Heavenly Jar, it seems she heard that it would appear in an auction house, but she did not go there, knowing that it would end up in the Gu Changge’s hand.

After all, once she gathered these Heavenly Artifacts, her purpose was actually also for Gu Changge, so this saved her some trouble.

However, she was afraid of arousing Gu Changge’s unnecessary suspicion, so she did not inform him yet.

And while Yue Mingkong was thinking about her subsequent plans, on the other hand, Gu Changge was also working on his next plan inside his cave.

Prince Ying still has to carry the blame.

In any case, there is no candidate who is more suitable than Prince Ying.

Before that, Gu Changge planned to contact the so-called demonic organization first.

In his opinion, this organization was at best a convergence comprising the Demon Lord’s followers, and they didn’t know much about the Demon Lord and the inheritor of demonic art.

But more or less, they still had a little role.

So in a short period of time, Ying Shuang did not dare to reveal his own whereabouts, and the Elders of the True Immortal Academy were also protecting him.

It was because of these reasons that Gu Changge was considering letting all the young geniuses know that the current inheritor of demonic art was in fact mixed in the True Immortal Academy.

This would create a situation that would cause panic, anxiety, and more confusion, and it would be better for him to fish in the muddy water.

When the time comes, if something happened to a genius.

Ying Shuang would only have to accept that he did it, after all, he was the inheritor of demonic art for the demonic organization.

In this premise, Su Qingge could only dare to do something in the dark.

Gu Changge was also creating an opportunity for her.

Of course, he himself would be moving in the dark, and along the way he would push Su Qingge out, thus making the people of the Demonic Organization pay attention to her.

With this Ying Shuang would no longer be valuable and he would have no value to continue to exist.

“Before this, my strength should also break through to the peak of the Great Sacred Realm, ready to impact the Supreme Realm.

I wonder if the origin of the Immortal Demonic Body can receive the Dao fruit from the past.”

The Dao Fruits of guidance were something he obtained from the Lucky Treasure Box that fell out when Gu Changge resolved the Human Ancestor.

To put it in layman’s terms, it was a means similar to copying.

Nowadays, there were many old monsters and old antiques around Qing Xiao Yi, so if Gu Changge made a direct move on her, it would probably cause great suspicion.

This was not worth the loss.

And he felt that Qing Xiao Yi had a good feeling for him, if he made a little use of it, it would actually be of greater value than directly devouring her origin.

So he planned to obtain the origin of the Immortal Demonic Body in a different way.

Afterward, Gu Changge sat down on his knees, a cloud of immortal haze rose up all over his body, from every pore, spurting out like a starry sea of spiritual energy.

The location of the Heavenly Spirit was even glowing, his Innate God had become an Ancient God, one of the mysterious Ancient Gods.

Its single look would make people palpitate and go crazy, and they wouldn’t help but want to kneel down.

Finally, these terrifying forces coiled in the cave, which should have rushed out of the sky and shattered the heavens, but were suppressed by Gu Changge.

This kind of aura was incomparably horrible, even if a real Great Sacred Realm cultivator stood in front of him, he would feel his muscles cracking as if they were about to explode.

Gu Changge first exchanged the recently acquired Destiny value according to his old habit, although there were many things in the system mall.

But what he cared about most was the transcendental bone.

Now, there were 60 pieces of transcendental bones all over his body, and each bone was interwoven in a mysterious color.

The dense intent spread and the divine haze was shining brightly, just like the immortal aura of ten thousand calamities.

Of course, this statement was not accurate, but rather like a substance that had been metamorphosed to the extreme it contained the supreme aura of heaven and earth from the beginning of time, Xuanhuan, the universe, chaos, Hongmeng, etc..

This was no longer a simple bone.


And then, a familiar aura enveloped down, followed by many fantastic and mysterious lights diffusing into Gu Changge’s flesh, blood, skin, and lungs.

Ten bones once again metamorphosed into transcendental bones.

“The law perceptions brought by the seventy transcendental bones are already far beyond ordinary Great Sacred Realm cultivators, and even some Quasi-Supreme beings would be slightly inferior.”

Gu Changge’s expression was a bit thoughtful.


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