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Chapter 400: I’m going to stand up for a showdown, I’m a million times better than you (Part 2)

“What! It shattered in one palm…”

“It’s just hopeless, it’s too powerful, isn’t it”

This scene made everyone here tremble, and they couldn’t help but feel terrified.

“It can’t be judged by common sense.”

Even the heir from the Heavenly Phoenix Clan and Heavenly King Zi Yang were slightly frowning, and when they compared secretly, they found that neither Gu Changge nor Jin Chan had used their full strength.

Soon, Jin Chan shot again, and a golden bowl flew out from under his robe.

The Buddha’s light was dazzling, reflecting the four directions, containing the meaning of Doa, which seemed to purify everything.

This was an ancient Buddhist artifact, which contained the power of the Sacred Realm, and shot the terrifying divine light of laws like a galaxy.

Gu Changge’s move was even simpler.

He just flicked his fingers, and a wisp of sword energy burst out.

But there was a terrifying sword sound, and in a trance, everyone seemed to see a peerless immortal sword, piercing the universe, and the sword light fell dazzlingly!

Everyone could not help but close their eyes.

In the next moment, only a click was heard, and there seemed to be hundreds of millions of rays of light blooming, and the golden bowl was cracked.

Soon after, the cracks spread as if it was about to collapse.

If it wasn’t for Jin Chan seeing that the situation was not good and hurriedly took it back, he probably would have lost an ancient Buddhist artifact today.

“Young Master Changge is powerful, and Jin Chan is no match for Young Master Changge now.”

“I am willing to admit defeat.” Jin Chan’s expression changed slightly, but he still sighed and chose to admit defeat instead of continuing to shoot.

“Brother Jin Chan is really boring.

But since you have said so, then Gu will naturally not make another move.” Hearing this, Gu Changge seemed a little surprised, but the smile on his face still didn’t change.

Jin Chan would choose to admit defeat, which he expected.

At such a time, there was no grievance or enmity, who would use all means to fight for life and death

He just wanted to test Jin Chan’s strength to estimate the feasibility of the subsequent plan.

Of course, it was also to let everyone know that even if they were the same candidates, there was still a big gap between them.

Gu Changge actually didn’t like the feeling that people could be compared with him.

In the past, it was because he was afraid of being noticed by others, which would lead to unnecessary suspicion.

But now that ancient freaks appeared one after another, and the inheritor of demonic arts was also someone else, no matter how strong his cultivation base was, he would no longer attract attention as before.

Even if he was still competing with the younger generation, he should let them understand that the gap between him and them was not small.

In layman’s terms, it was a showdown to determine who was better, also with more than 100 million points.

Although Gu Changge didn’t like the various resources of True Immortal Academy, it didn’t mean he didn’t care.

The stronger the strength, the more naturally he could gain.

Hearing this, Jin Chan shook his head and said nothing, and his expression seemed very calm.

There was no unwillingness or anger after defeat.

He still had many means, but he also knew that even after all those means were used, it would still be difficult to defeat Gu Changge.

He was too strong, the kind that penetrates deep into the bones! It was his own bad luck to wake up in this era, and he just happened to bump into Gu Changge.

If he met the rest of the candidate disciples, Gu Changge would also say so.

He just wanted to stand out and make people fearful.

Fortunately, the True Immortal Academy would only cover the sky in the future.

“It’s not unreasonable that this guy would be so strong and confident.

You have become the only inheritor who has been suppressed by the rest of the geniuses.”

Outside the mountain gate, Mo Lao, who was silent for a long time, had a slightly solemn expression and opened his mouth to Ying Shuang next to him.

For the first time, he felt the difficulty of things.

He thought that it would be much simpler to find the inheritor of the demonic art of this life, but why did such a Gu Changge appear

His strength was also outrageous.

Ying Shuang’s expression was also very unnatural.

Gu Changge’s strength really made him despair.

He estimated that even the former Prince Ying could not be Gu Changge’s opponent.

This made him clench his fists tightly, and he was very unwilling.

Now, what reassured him a little was that he was hiding in the dark, and Gu Changge was in the light, and he didn’t know that he had also come to True Immortal Academy.

He will definitely repay this revenge!

“This matter needs to be figured out slowly.

Before that, I have to find a way to tell Gu Xian’er about the danger of Gu Changge.

Although she used to be so indifferent to me, I haven’t reached the point where I can’t help her.”

Heavenly King Zi Yang frowned, his face was heavy, and he whispered in his heart.

He also didn’t know who would win and who would lose if he decided to go all out to fight against Gu Changge.

The first time he didn’t know his bottom line, he didn’t have any confidence, Gu Changge was indeed many times more terrifying than the rumors.

On the other side, the Heavenly Phoenix Lady stared closely at Gu Changge, as if to remember him firmly, and then she flashed and disappeared soon.

“This Jin Chan is really unlucky.” Yue Mingkong whispered, knowing Gu Changge’s purpose.

“It’s not bad luck, he’s already lucky to be alive after the fight.” Gu Changge’s smile was a bit intriguing.

Yue Mingkong glanced at him and felt that he seemed to be calculating something again.

Could it be related to Demon Burying Abyss

And soon, the results of the battle in front of the gate of True Immortal Academy spread.

Not only did it cause a big stir in True Immortal Academy, but it also caused a big earthquake in the entire Upper Realm.

The younger generation was naturally the focus of the major sects.

And the fight between Gu Changge and Jin Chan was even more eye-catching.

The results of this battle were recorded by the memory Stone and circulated in various ancient cities.

For a time, Gu Changge’s momentum once again reached a peak.

Before, many people still felt that he did not have enough time to cultivate, and he was no better than those ancient freaks.

But today’s battle had shocked many people and it was difficult for them to calm down.

Even those ancient freaks, it was estimated that in front of them, they were far from enough.

Many from the older generation felt that they were no longer Gu Changge’s opponent, and before they knew it, he had grown to the point where the older generation would be jealous of him.

In the blink of an eye, several days passed since the battle.

“Qing Xiao Yi really went to True Immortal Academy.”

“The so-called Immortal Body.”

“If my memory is correct now, the bottle is now in her brother’s hands.”

It was very close to a magnificent palace in the area where Gu Changge was located.

Yue Mingkong whispered, and there were various expressions in her eyes.

Regarding Qing Xiao Yi, a very legendary figure, she was actually very impressed in her last life.

Her rise shocked all the Dao forces in the upper realm, and she was one of the two most proud disciples of the True Immortal Academy.

There was also a strange stone that had been sealed for a long time in True Immortal Academy.


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