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Chapter 367: The secret conspiracy that would lead him to a dead end no matter what his choice (Part 2)

This golden ancient bell would only actively revive itself when he encountered a life crisis.

Usually, it was simply difficult for him to activate it.

Now, Ying Shuang only felt that the blame of the inheritor of demonic art had been fastened tightly on his head, and he couldn’t take it off like a pluck.

This made him extremely angry, frightened, and uneasy.

Who the hell was framing him, and why did he put this blame on his head over and over again.

“Young Master, stop quickly, the sea of ​​hardships is boundless and there is no turning back.

As long as the forbidden demonic art is abolished, there is still a way.”

“Otherwise, even the subordinates that the Emperor once left behind won’t be able to save you.”

“You are not only hurting yourself, you are also hurting Emperor Mountain!”

“Young Master, are you still worthy of the title of Emperor If the Emperor was still here, he would not want to see you become like this…”

Ying Yu, Agu and other people from Emperor Mountain, at this time, all looked regretful, as they all opened their mouths, trying to persuade Ying Shuang to turn him back and stop being obsessed.

Doubt was one thing, now that the suspicion was confirmed, it was totally different matter.

This made them extremely worried, regretful, and uneasy…

Why did Ying Shuang go astray

As the inheritor of demonic art, no matter what time it was, it was a mortal situation.

In the end, even his relatives would be implicated, and the whole world would be his enemies, and there would be no good end.

Why couldn’t Ying Shuang understand this

“I said that I was wronged.

I’m not the inheritor of demonic art, why don’t you believe me… Ying Yu, are you like this too”

Ying Shuang’s expression was extremely angry, staring at everyone from Heavenly Emperor Mountain, especially Ying Yu.

Even his sister didn’t believe him, thinking that he was the inheritor of demonic art.

This made him feel cold, disappointed, and chilled.

“It’s come to this point, brother, why are you still being obsessed Are you really planning to drag the Emperor Mountain into the water If you knew that such a day would come, why did you choose it in the first place”

Ying Yu’s expression was full of pain, with struggle, sadness, pity, entanglement… She thought about such a day, but kept hoping that this day would not come.

But when it really came, she was at a loss and didn’t know what to do.

“Haha, you still thought I was your brother, and you doubted me like this…”

Hearing Ying Yu’s words, Ying Shuang’s expression suddenly became indifferent.

He clenched his fist, and his body was trembling.

But in fact, he was angry, aggrieved, and frightened to the extreme.

Ying Yu didn’t believe him, which meant that there was no help behind him, and he would face all of the enemies alone.

At this time, he would rather go back to feed the horses than encounter such a thing.


Suddenly, the Ancient Golden Bell above Ying Shuang’s head suddenly burst into an unusually splendid brilliance, with hundreds of millions of golden rays lingering around.

The terrifying pressure swept the heavens and the earth, causing countless cultivators to become terrified.

Even the cultivators in the rest of the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield felt a sense of uneasiness and fear from the depth of their soul, and couldn’t help but kneel down.

“He’s going to kill us all…”

“Desperately fight with him! The inheritor of demonic art, everyone, attack him!”

Everyone looked at Ying Shuang with expressions of anger, hatred, and murderous intent.

They knew that they were not Ying Shuang’s opponents, but they were not afraid at all, and they were ready to fight against him.

Ying Shuang was too arrogant.

Just now, in front of everyone, he strongly sacrificed such a weapon to kill a person in the great sacred realm.

“Brother, I really don’t want to fight with you, don’t forget that I also have the Ancient Golden Bell.”

Ying Yu’s cold voice was mixed with pain resounded between heaven and earth.


In the next moment, in the position between her eyebrows, a large and unusual brilliance appeared, in which a strong aura was rising.

The terrifying phantom suddenly solidified under the sky.

It was also the Ancient Golden Bell, exactly the same as Ying Shuang’s, and it was also refined by the original Emperor Ying.

It was just that Ying Yu activated it by a secret method, and it was not its active recovery.

There was an essential difference between the power and the Ancient Golden Bell above Ying Shuang’s head.

“You also want to kill meWhy is it that you still don’t believe my words”

Seeing Ying Yu’s actions, Ying Shuang was stunned, and his eyes widened.

His expression turned into a bit of disbelief, as if he didn’t want to believe that Ying Yu would attack him in the end.

“You’ve killed a lot of people, stop now.”

Ying Yu’s voice was filled with regret and struggle.

As she said that, the position between her eyebrows exuded a dazzling glow.

Seeing this, Ying Shuang also knew that it was useless to talk too much, and he had nothing to say and couldn’t justify because of this blame.

At this time, the only thing he could do was to find a way to survive! And soon, the two Ancient Golden Bells were fighting in the sky.

The fluctuations were as turbulent as the vast ocean, and the scene was extremely frightening, as if it would shatter the sky.

The terrifying laws and order, and the divine light were extremely chaotic, and there was an amazing scene like the cracking of the sky.

Even some stars outside the realm were swept by this divine light, and then fell down and turned into dust in mid-air.

The chaotic dust fell from outside the domain and drowned it all.

Many creatures were too late to escape and died directly under this aftermath.

Just like the Great Sacred Realm cultivator from earlier, they didn’t even have time to let out a scream, and their body and spirit were both destroyed.

For a while, this place turned into a purgatory-like scene on earth.

Many young beings were rushing to come here, but they were swept away by the burst of divine light in the middle, and they exploded in an instant, turning into a cloud of blood.

“Run away, Prince Ying has gone crazy, he is going to kill everyone, he is planning to be enemies of the entire world.”

“Go back and report to the clan, the inheritor of demonic art is here, and he wants to kill everyone!”

Everyone was terrified and kept running for their lives everywhere, accompanied by incomparable despair, panic, and anger.

Judging from this move, Prince Ying really intended to kill everyone and destroy everyone here.

After today, probably, there would be no place for him in this world.

So thinking of this, Prince Ying decided to drag everyone to be buried together at this time.

“No, let’s run away.

Prince Ying is planning to self-destruct.

Even if he dies, we will be dragged down!”

Wang Wushuang, Ye Langtian and the others suddenly changed their expressions.

Although they were backed by the Ancient Ye Clan and the Ancient Immortal Wang Family, they didn’t have the amazing means of prince Ying.

Was supreme weapon something that ordinary people could have If they didn’t run at this time, they would just die here like everyone else.


But in the next moment, a strange fluctuation suddenly emerged from the heavens and the earth, which made everyone’s expressions change, and they felt a strange power that enveloped all directions.

“Tsk tsk… I’ll see, who dares to escape! Even if Heavenly Emperor shows up, no one can save you! Everyone is going to die here today.

We have always been hunted and killed by people since time immemorial.”

“I didn’t expect that there would be such a day.

Karma really turns around.

The descendants of this generation sure have the courage.”

Accompanied by a sneering sound.

Everyone who was fleeing to heaven and earth was startled, and they couldn’t help but feel cold all over, and even their souls were trembling.

In the void, three terrifying figures suddenly appeared.

They were shrouded in black robes, surrounded by gray fog, their eyes were cold, cruel and bloodthirsty.

Their aura was impressively the Great Sacred Realm, with the laws of Great Sacred Realm intertwined around them, so powerful that they could easily crush everyone here.


“How is this possible!”

“This must be fake, how could there be a Great Sacred Realm existences hiding in the dark.

Not to mention, there are still three, this is driving everyone to a dead end!”

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded, and then they reacted and couldn’t help but feel cold.

Their face turned pale, their souls trembled, and they were desperate to the extreme.

In the dark, there were still people hidden, and suddenly appeared at this time

Moreover, there were still three terrifying Great Sacred Realm existences! With their single palm, everyone here could be wiped out.

“Descendent, please rest assured, no one can leave here alive today.”

At this time, the three Great Sacred Realm existences who suddenly appeared, in the despair and fear on everyone’s face, saluted Ying Shuang and said with a very respectful look.


At this time, Ying Shuang was also a little shocked, and even became dazed.

Then, there was a burst of ecstasy.

It was really a no-brainer.

He even wondered if the previous Prince Ying was indeed the inheritor of demonic art, but after he took over, he didn’t know that part of his memory.

“No, I’m not the inheritor of demonic art, not from the beginning, someone is trying to frame me on purpose! And the three people in front of me were sent by him.

They seemed to help me, but in fact they had another purpose, to make it harder for me to clear my suspicions!”

“Damn, what a cruel heart! It must be Gu Changge.

During this period of time, I have never contacted anyone other than him, so I knew he would not be so kind…”

But soon, Ying Shuang reacted, and his whole body was cold, with some despair and fear.

But in response, what could he do

He could understand all of this, but he couldn’t refuse it at all.

This was a conspiracy that led him to a dead end no matter his choice.


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