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Chapter 366: The secret conspiracy that would lead him to a dead end no matter what his choice (Part 1)

“Ying Shuang’s Luck points have decayed to such a degree.

It’s really another miracle.

Sure enough, that saying is really true, nothing is invincible, let alone the Son of Luck…”

Gu Changge’s expression was a little inexplicable as he was suddenly interested.

On his way to the location of Ying Shuang and the others, he kept paying attention to Ying Shuang’s Luck points as the system kept prompting that Ying Shuang’s Luck points were on the verge of decline.

So he was thinking about whether to secretly help Ying Shuang, so as not to let him die so quickly.

He didn’t want Ying Shuang to die so early, after all, he still needed someone to carry his blame.

If he died like this, he would have to spend a lot of time looking for the next scapegoat.

Ying Shuang was too weak, if he had the means of Prince Ying from earlier, he would not be so passive.

Gu Changge could save a little bit of worry.

However, Gu Changge soon discovered that the Luck points of Ying Shuang had risen inexplicably.

He guessed that it was because of a series of changes caused by Ying Shuang being regarded as the inheritor of demonic art by the world.

It was very likely that there was indeed an organization behind the inheritor of demonic art.

Ying Shuang might have been noticed by them now.

If there was any danger to his life at that time, the real inheritor of the demonic arts’ organization might come to rescue Ying Shuang.

After all, there had been many inheritors of demonic art since time immemorial, although there was only one person in each generation who practiced forbidden demonic art.

But as long as they were not stupid, they were bound to leave some followers.

This saved Gu Changge a lot of effort.

At least Ying Shuang couldn’t die now.

If someone rescued him, it would be even more impossible for him to wash off this blame.

He must wear the hat that belonged to the inheritor of demonic art until the day he died.

As for making fakes come true, he could let Ying Shuang have another power.

Gu Changge wasn’t worried, because Ying Shuang wouldn’t forbid demonic art at all.

Sooner or later, that organization would find clues.

“According to the normal trajectory, if there really exists such a forbidden demonic organization, they should be looking for the mysterious person behind Ye Lang, and it should have nothing to do with Ying Shuang.”

“I just don’t know if there really exists such an organization in the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, but not that it matter it doesn’t exist.

I’ll help you.”

Thinking of this, Gu Changge’s smile couldn’t help being a little playful.

This scene in the eyes of the other cultivators reflected Gu Changge’s expression of concern for the safety of the common people and anxiety in his heart, which made them even more admired.


A stream of light ran through the sky as the geniuses and cultivators from all ethnic groups were rushing away.

The news that the inheritor of the demonic art was now in the world had spread throughout the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, causing a huge sensation.

“Brother Gu is back, that’s great, when he was not in the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, it was really disturbing.”

“Yeah, with Brother Gu around, the inheritor of demonic art probably wouldn’t dare to be so arrogant.

I think he only dared to do it after he knew that Brother Gu left the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield.”

“Brother Gu still had good intentions at that time and helped them.

I’m afraid Brother Gu would never have imagined that so many things would happen in the past few days.”

“Alas, if the descendant of Human Ancestor Hall had directly attacked and killed Prince Ying, it is estimated that there would be no such thing now.”

“But Prince Ying displayed weakness at this time, trying to hide from everyone…”

At this time, Ye Langtian, Wang Wushuang, Chi Ling, and the others also rode the divine beasts one after another, galloping through the sky, and rushing to the area where he was located.

They talked a lot and felt very emotional, and they didn’t contact Gu Changge about this at all.

In their opinion, except for Gu Changge and the descendants of Human Ancestor Hall, it was almost impossible for the younger generation to be the opponent of the inheritors of demonic art.

Now it had almost been settled that Prince Ying was the inheritor of demonic art.

Even if he wanted to justify and deny it, no one would believe it.

So they couldn’t figure out what else they could do to Prince Ying at this time.

Was it possible that he planned to drag the entire Emperor Mountain and become the enemy of the whole world

And even if he wanted to, Emperor Mountain probably wouldn’t admit it.

The Heavenly Emperor Mountain had their inheritance stretched for countless years, it was impossible for Emperor Mountain to make any wrong move at such a time.

It was very likely that Emperor Mountain would chose to abandon Prince Ying.

After all, Emperor Mountain had existed for many years, and Emperor Ying was just one of the Emperors.

It was impossible for the entire Emperor Mountain to become his subordinate.

On the day that Prince Ying accepted the inheritance of demonic art, he should have thought of all this.

And soon, Wang Wushuang, Ye Langtian, and others also rushed to the area where the people of Heavenly Emperor Mountain were.

It was just that what they saw in front of them really surprised them, and it was difficult for them to come back to their senses for a while.

The brilliance of the sky was enough to drown all the cultivators below the Sacred Realm.

Even they, at this time, couldn’t help but feel a palpitating feeling, as if they were dream.

“Does Prince Ying really intend to slaughter everyone Does he think that he is invincible in the whole world”

So soon, their faces quickly turned gloomy, and they were extremely angry.

Wang Wushuang and others even directly activated their respective forbidden artifacts and secret treasures, and went on guard.

They saw a mighty aura emerging in the front, as if an ancient god was revived.

That kind of unparalleled aura was really amazing.

The divine chain of laws and order intertwined like a galaxy and were hanging down there, and there was a golden bell floating up and down in the sky.

The golden bell was huge like a mountain range that was stretched across the sky, covering everything.

The terrifying power of time flowing on the golden bell, let out a strong aura almost turning everything to chaos.

The incomparably brilliant and terrifying golden divine light, like a mountain, seemed to have penetrated the universe and shattered the sky.

Even in the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, it was difficult to stop that kind of aura as the sky seemed to have exploded.

This scene deeply shocked everyone and made Ye Langtian and others who came here shudder.

As a descendant of the Primordial Ye Clan, Ye Langtian naturally knew the significance of the current situation.

But he couldn’t figure out why Prince Ying was so bold and dared to use this thing.

“This is the Soul-Suppressing Ancient Bell that had been with Emperor Ying at the beginning.

No, it is not just the weapon of the Emperor, but it was also refined by him and reserved for his own children.”

“I’m afraid that it’s a supreme weapon.

The gods in it are like an unparalleled supreme.

Who can stop them”

“This inheritor of demonic art is too arrogant, and he doesn’t even admit it until now.

Does he really think that with the Emperor Mountain and his father behind him, he can do whatever he wants”

“The young king of the Endless Fire Nation is said to have been accepted as an apprentice by a Supreme.

Now that she is dead here, I am afraid that the Supreme will be arriving soon to demand an explanation.”

“At that time, the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield will not be calm, and it will be even more dangerous for us.”

Among the depleted mountain ranges, many young cultivators were discussing, and when they saw this scene, they were all angry, and then they looked extremely worried.

At the end of their line of sight, a monstrous aura could be seen rising from the sky.

It was a roar from a Great Sacred Realm cultivator; the protector of Qilin Clan’s Young Master.

When he shot at Ying Shuang, he felt that something was wrong.

There was an unparalleled aura in his body, which almost shattered his soul.

“Everyone who inherits the demonic art will get killed!”

Even if you kill me, someone will still kill you.

At this moment, he was roaring furiously.

The majestic Sacred Realm laws were like cracks in the heaven and the earth, symbolizing terror.

Under such fluctuations, even ordinary Sacred Realm cultivators would change their expression, and it was impossible for them to withstand it.

When a Sacred Realm cultivator was angry, the mountains and rivers would change their course, the heaven and the earth would lose their color, and the universe would be destroyed.

If such a battlefield took place outside the domain, many realms would explode and become dust.

But now, it seemed extremely humble and insignificant.

Under the pressure of the Supreme Being, he was like an ant, and there was nothing he could do except for an unwilling roar.

In the next moment, the golden divine light came crashing down, as if the world had been burned down.

The endless power of laws drowned this supreme saint with a puff, and before he could even let out a scream, he disappeared in an instant, and his body and spirit were both destroyed.

“I said that I’m not the inheritor of demonic art, why don’t you believe it”

As the party involved, Ying Shuang’s face at this time was even bluer than anyone else’s.

He stood under the dome of the sky, and the sky was covered with crystals and dazzling lights.

The divine light was brilliant, and it was connected to the golden ancient bells in the sky.

But it had nothing to do with him.


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