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Chapter 365: This Gu will accept your origin, As if he was going to seek justice (Part 2)

Here, he perceived the fluctuation of the secret technique left by his Young Master.

This was a secret technique that only the Qilin clan could perceive.

Other than him, no one else could perceive it.

So in this instant, the face of that old man suddenly became incomparably iron blue and angry, and his eyes were glowing red.

“Heavenly Emperor Mountain, daring to kill my young master, this revenge will never be spared!”

With his angry hiss, horrendous fluctuations roared in all directions, and even the few oldies who had followed him chose to remain silent.

If it wasn’t the work of Prince Ying.

Why would Young Master leave such a message at the end About the secret arts of the Qilin clan they had not understood, but it was also clear if there was no evidence, the protector, would not say this.

After all, he couldn’t be that stupid to offend the Heavenly Emperor Mountain.

Even if the Qilin Clan was strong, but in front of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain, it was ultimately several levels weaker.

Subsequently, many strong people moved out to detect the aura.

But they found that the other side was very careful and cautious, they already removed all of the remaining aura, so that they could not detect anything.

But it seemed that they also did not expect that Qilin Clan’s Young Master would leave such a sentence.

And soon, this matter immediately stirred up the whole Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, causing everyone to be shocked, appalled, uneasy, and frightened.

Prince Ying!

Today’s biggest suspected inheritor of Demonic art.

Most likely…… He was the one who killed the Qilin Clan’s Young Master!

According to all the signs, the possibility was indeed high that he made a move to kill the Qilin Clan’s Young Master.

However, many people associated with the other day when Prince Ying lost in humiliation at the hands of the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall, could it be that he was really showing weakness at that time

In fact, it was only to let the crowd down their guard, so as to secretly strike.

And then within a few days, the second major event happened again, causing a sensation no different from the fall of the Qilin Clan’s Young Master.

An ancient young king of the Endless Fire Kingdom, Yan Ying, also fell in the Heavenly Extinction battlefield.

His death was almost identical to that of the Qilin.

It was just that there was not any evidence left on the battlefield to prove who did it.

These two events were like earthquakes, that almost turned the entire Heavenly Extinction battlefield upside down.

The stir that was created caused countless people to be horrified and frightened.

Many young existences who had entered the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield felt uneasy and everyone was in danger, no one knew if they would be the next target.

“How did he dare to strike so openly Does he really think that the sky is seamless”

“Or is he not afraid of getting exposed…… at all”

At a mountain range.

Ye Langtian, Ye Liuli, Wang Wushuang, Chi Ling, and the others were silent, and their hearts trembling with fear.

The news in the past few days had really shocked and disturbed them.

They had always felt that Ying Shuang was the biggest suspect of the inheritor of demonic art, and now that such a big event had happened in the Heavenly Extinction battlefield, it could be said that it was inextricably linked to him.

What will be the attitude of Ying Shuang this time

Would he continue to disguise Or would he tear the mask and declare war on the world

This made them tremble and uneasy.

Although the fallen ones were two Ancient freaks, but no one was sure that the next one would not be them.

“Moreover, apart from Ying Shuang, there is another inheritor of demonic art……”

Ye Langtian was even more uneasy.


“You claim that it is related to me, but have you ever seen me strike, these days I have been with my sister, almost every inch of the way.”

“Where did you get the evidence that I killed Qilin Clan’s Young Master”

And at this time, in a deserted plain.

The group from Heavenly Emperor Mountain was trying to kill the Heavenly Extinction beings for the True Immortal Academy quota was being stopped by that protector from the Qilin Clan, as well as many beings of the Qilin Clan, coming aggressively.

Ying Shuang stood in front of the old protector and asked with a calm expression, not seeing any stage fright at all.

He did not know why somehow the blame was put on his head, and the other side still took the bait that he killed the Qilin Clan’s Young Master.

He had also heard about the two major events that happened recently in the Heavenly Extinction battlefield.

But he really did not expect the Qilin clan would be so sure that he killed their Young Master.

However, although Ying Shuang was very uneasy, but he also understood that at this moment he could not show the slightest flaw.

Otherwise, this blame would be firmly placed on him.

So he argued, after all, Ying Yu and others could give his testimony that he did not leave them half a step.

At this time, where would he get the time and opportunity to kill Qilin.

Not to mention whether he had that strength, even the time was not right.

This was the first time he saw that someone was framing him, which made Ying Shuang’s heart suffocate with anger, but there was nothing he could do.

“Hehe, I know you won’t admit it.

That’s why you’re so calm and fearless, right”

The old man Qing sneered and became even angrier.

In his opinion, Ying Shuang’s attitude was that he was not worried at all.

He felt that they couldn’t come up with evidence, so he had confidence and did not panic at all.

“If you want to frame me like this, you better come up with evidence.

I’ve been with my people from Emperor Mountain all this time, who saw me make a move You can ask the people behind me!”

Ying Shuang frowned, trying to keep his composure.

But at this time, even Ying Yu and the others behind him changed their expressions, contacting what Gu Changge said some time ago.

Ying Shuang’s move was to drag the entire Emperor Mountain into his muddy water.

Therefore, even Ying Yu and the others chose to remain silent, and beware of Ying Shuang in their hearts.

After all, what happened last time at the Ancient Immortal Gu Family showed that Ying Shuang had other means.

He could send someone else to do it.

So, even if he didn’t do it himself, he still had other options.

That was why he was so fearless and so calm.

“Don’t think that with the Emperor Mountain behind you and your father being Emperor Ying, so you can do whatever you want.

Let me tell you, as the inheritor of demonic arts, you will soon become enemies of the world!”

The old man Qing was incomparably cold, and he had already torn his face with Ying Shuang, so he almost took it down without making a move.

At this time, Ying Shuang’s expression changed slightly, and he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

The people of Emperor Mountain behind him were also suspicious of him How could that be He obviously didn’t do anything!

“I’ll suppress you today, bring you back to my Qilin family, and wait for the verdict! To give justice to my young master.”

After the old man Qing said this, his eyes were cold, and he suddenly shot at Ying Shuang, and the cultivation of the Great Sacred Realm broke out, and he wanted to suppress him.

Ying Shuang’s expression changed, and at this time he felt this terrifying oppression.

In his sea of ​​​​knowledge, the divine soul weapon that had never changed suddenly appeared bright.

The terrifying atmosphere suddenly burst out here! This was a force that transcended the Sacred Realm, and it was like a supreme being reviving, trying to break through everything.

“How come……”

“This is……”

This scene made the expression of the old man Qing change dramatically, which was a bit unbelievable.


He felt that the Luck point of Ying Shuang was decaying again in the form of an avalanche.

Gu Changge, who had disappeared for a while, under the attention of many monks, appeared at the entrance of the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield.

The smile on the corner of his mouth was somewhat intriguing.

“When I was away, something really big seemed to happen.”

And hearing his almost murmuring words.

A proud woman suddenly summoned up her courage and came to him with a flushed face, and was very nervous.

She stammered and trembled, “Young Master Changge, something really happened during this time…”

Then, she repeated what happened during this time and informed Gu Changge.

In her opinion, Gu Changge was an existence who had fought against the inheritor of demonic arts and severely damaged him.

Only he could make people feel at ease.

Gu Changge listened with a slight smile on his face, then his expression gradually became solemn, and in the end, he sighed slightly.

“Brother Qilin… Yan Ying, I have heard about of both of them.

I thought they were rivals, and I thought I would have a chance to compete with them in the future.”

“I didn’t expect to hear such bad news.

Thank you for letting me know.”

Then, he shook his head, took one step, and disappeared from here.

“Young Master Changge is really as gentle as jade, humble and polite as rumored…”

“His strength is obviously much stronger than Qilin Clan’s Young Master and Yan Ying, but he still said that.”

“Young Master Changge is back to the Heavenly Extinction battlefield, and the inheritors of demonic art should be afraid and would probably stop for a while…”

This beautiful girl watched Gu Changge go away, and her eyes couldn’t help showing admiration.

Many young people around her were envious and admired her for daring to take the initiative to talk to Gu Changge.

They didn’t have the guts.

Soon after, the news of Gu Changge’s reappearance on the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield spread.

Many of the younger generations couldn’t help but be overjoyed and heaved a sigh of relief as if they had found an invincible backing.

Gu Changge first summoned his followers before heading for the area where Ying Shuang was located.

In the eyes of many people, he seemed to be seeking justice for the fallen two Ancient freaks!


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