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Chapter 364: This Gu will accept your origin, As if he was going to seek justice (Part 1)

“Prince Ying is so cruel! I have never offended him, but he still wants to kill me like this!”

Qilin Clan’s Young Master’s expression was extremely difficult to see, and he couldn’t help shouting again, trying to transmit the voice to a far away area.

But the other two Great Sacred Realm existences had very cold eyes, and they shot, directly isolating his voice in this area.

“Prince Ying You think too much, he is not the master behind us.” A black figure smiled coldly and did not admit it.

“At this time, what else do you want to quibble about Do you think I won’t know if you don’t admit it” Qilin Clan’s Young Master’s eyes were extremely cold.

Then they saw that the place between his eyebrows started to shine with bright brilliance, and there were multicolored lights intertwining as if an ancient god was about to appear.


His aura was changing rapidly, as if there was an invincible existence emerging behind him.

It was an unparalleled Demon Emperor, very vague, accompanied by the sound of footsteps, arriving from a long lost period of time.

The light in it’s eyes penetrated the sky and the earth, shattering the universe.

Seeing this scene, Qilin Clan’s Young Master’s remaining followers suddenly cheered and felt hope.

“Young Master still has the means!”

“We still have a chance!”

“Fight them!”

Thinking of this, they took another shot, unleashing another divine weapon, intending to explode themselves, in order to create an opportunity for their Young Master.

The Heavenly Demon Umbrella covered the sky, the splendid war whip that was several miles long, the Heaven-shattering Seal like a mountain, the blood-colored Giant Sword that ripped apart the sky… all of them were dazzling.

Murderous and wild, igniting and trying to self-destruct.

“Is this the Qilin Demon Emperor’s life-saving means”

In the dark shadow’s eyes existed a coldness, as if he had expected it long ago, “Thanks to the master for giving me this thing!”

The black big palm print pushed the boundless sideways, pressing down on the many divine soldiers in front, not afraid of its self-destructing power.

The strength of this group of followers was only at the level of True God and Heavenly God Realm.

In front of the Great Sacred Realm existences, they were indeed no different from ants.

With that said, the other two Great Sacred Realm existences shot again, and the Dao flower bloomed between their eyebrows with the black light fell from it, faintly turning into a treasure bottle that floated up and down.

It was just that this Dao bottle did not really exist.

Instead, it was made of runes!

At this moment, with the three Great Sacred Realm existences taking action together, the phantom of the Dao bottle suddenly appeared, that was terrifying as if it was covering the whole world.

Inside it was like a star hanging down, and the wisps of Dao were intertwined, like a black hole, devouring everything!

“This… this is…”

“Great Dao treasure bottle…”

The Qilin Clan’s Young Master’s face changed color and he recognized the figure floating in the void of the sky.

After that, the Demon Emperor phantom behind him stepped forward, surging, taking the initiative to attack, and fighting the Dao treasure bottle in the sky.

Soon, a peerless and terrifying fluctuation broke out.

The divine light filled the sky, causing all the peaks to tremble as if they were about to crack.

This kind of terrifying power, motivated by the three Great Sacred Realm existences together, could even slaughter a Quasi-Supreme existence!

After all, this phantom was not real and had no subsequent support.

Although it was absolutely powerful, it quickly became blurred and wanted to dissipate.


Qilin Clan’s Young Master spurted blood, and his complexion suddenly paled.

Then something came to his mind, and he made his decision! He urged the secret technique, knowing that life and death in this battle were unpredictable.

A message was burned by his bloodline and left behind by a secret method.

As long as there was a strong member of the Qilin Clan, he would definitely be able to detect it!

“Murderer, Prince Ying!”

At the position between his eyebrows, there was the aura of a divine weapon to revive.

It was a small golden cauldron that was floating in his vast sea of ​​consciousness.

The Primordial God in it also suddenly became extremely terrifying.

But at this moment!

There were strange fluctuations between heaven and earth, as if someone was walking in time and space, and the sound of footsteps resounded in the heaven and earth.

Immediately after, there were crystal petals blooming in the virtual space.

Boo boo……

The dark fairy flower took root in the void, and then penetrated many creatures below, and seemed to use it as nourishment to grow.


Qilin Clan’s Young Master felt a tingling pain between his brows as if it was being penetrated by a peerless immortal sword.

His expression suddenly changed, and at the end of his line of sight, a vague figure appeared in front of him.

The opponent’s fingers were close together like swords, like ancient immortal swords, they seemed to fall from the vast universe in a trance, killing him all at once!

“How is this possible……”

“How could it be you… Gu…”

Qilin Clan’s Young Master’s voice trembled, and his soul almost froze.

His expression became horrified, unbelievable, frightened, and even desperate! He never imagined that… all of this was not arranged by Prince Ying.

From beginning to end, Prince Ying was just the one who took the blame.

The biggest mastermind, the person who played everyone in the world in the palm of his hand, turned out to be Gu Changge!

This made him tremble, and he felt fear for the first time in his life.

Even in the face of death, he could be remain calm.

But… at this time, fear emerged from the depth of his soul.

Gu Changge looked at him with a calm expression, without the slightest disturbance.

Then, he nodded slightly.

“Brother Qilin has a good way.

This Gu will accept your origin.”

In the next moment, the terrifying black light fell, like the endless starlight, and instantly drowned the figure of Qilin Clan’s Young Master.

“Greetings, master!”

“Greetings, master!”

Seeing Gu Changge appear, the three Great Sacred Realm figures who had ended the battle fell one after another and said respectfully behind him.

They were all puppets left to Ye Ling by the Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation.

It was just that now, they had been re-enhanced by Gu Changge and had become his demonic puppet.

Gu Changge closed his eyes slightly and did not speak.

Qilin Clan’s Young Master’s talent was indeed unique, seeking good luck and avoiding evil, predicting the future.

It was just that his strength had not reached the point where he could predict the future.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for Gu Changge to kill him so easily.

“Let’s go.”

Afterwards, Gu Changge felt that the Great Dao treasure bottle had digested it, and only then did he open his eyes, and there was a sense of darkness in his eyes.

Pursuing good fortune and avoiding evil was of little use to him.

What he valued was predicting the future.

After all, he had also studied and cultivated the power of time, and the power of reincarnation involved years and time.

The ability to predict the future was even more powerful for him.

Though with his current strength, he couldn’t reach it.

Gu Changge estimated that it would be possible after he breaks through to the level of the Great Sacred Realm.

He then moved to find the second target on the list that was now in the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield.

A young king of the Endless Fire Kingdom who had been sealed until now.

Yan Ying was a mid-Quasi-Sacred realm cultivator with the talent of devouring fire.

Gu Changge mainly wanted to know what the differences were between his fire-devouring talent and his forbidden demon technique.

In the blink of an eye, several days passed.

The vast Heavenly Extinction battlefield was calm and quiet, and nothing big happened.

In the past few days, there had been several other places where Heavenly Extinction battlefields had been discovered, and many young existences from the outside world had rushed in.

The young existences from far away places also rushed to come here, even Yue Mingkong also rushed to come.

The Heavenly Extinction battlefield she eventually went to was not the one where Gu Changge was.

During this period, the entire Southern Heaven became more and more lively.

In the Outer Realm.

Inside a pavilion, a group of living beings with frightened faces and trembling souls, crouched on the ground, their backs all wet with cold sweat, not even daring to raise their heads.

“The young master’s soul lamp has been extinguished.”

“All of us are going to be finished!”

In front of them was an old man with a clear face, but the old man’s expression, however, was gloomy, ugly, and angry to the extreme.

There was even fear, uneasiness, and panic.

He was the protector of the Qilin Clan’s Young Master.

He did not follow him into the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield because the True Immortal Academy had a rule that the points earned must be based on their own strength.

That was why he chose to wait outside.

But he did not wait for the Qilin Clan’s Young Master but waited for the news of the Qilin Clan’s Young Master’s death from the clan.

This was like a thunderbolt that directly exploded in his head, so he was shocked and frozen for half a day.

Why would the Young Master, who had all kinds of life-preserving means, die in the Heavenly Extinction battlefield

“Something big has happened!”

“No matter what the reason is, I can hardly be blamed, and neither can you guys.”

“At this time, I hope that the young lord encountered the dangers of the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, and not being assassinated ……”

The old man with a clear face was iron blue, with a horrible aura that simply wanted to overturn this place.

Soon, he disregarded the rules of the True Immortal Academy and forcibly broke into the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield.

The news of Qilin Clan’s Young Master’s death was no longer concealed, like a shocking wave, causing an earthquake-like horrific stir in the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, and even in the Southern Heaven.

Hearing this news.

Countless cultivators were shocked and horrified, from head to toe were cold through, and their souls almost froze.

Qilin Clan’s Young Master’s was a famous ancient freak, many people even thought that it was qualified to compete with Gu Changge and others.

But now, he had fallen in the Heavenly Extinction battlefield.

The sensation caused by this matter was too terrible!

In an instant, countless speculations rose in all directions.

Many young existences who had already entered the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield were even more uneasy and terrified.

“The murderer, Prince Ying!”

And soon, the protector of the Qilin Clan’s Young Master led the way to the area where the great battle had occurred in the first place.


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