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Chapter 358: As a fellow tool man, he did not play cards according to the routine at all (Part 1)

Gu Changge’s calculations were actually very good.

Now he didn’t actually have to do anything as he just planned to watch the play on the sidelines.

Ying Shuang was well hidden.

Although he was an imposter, compared with the real Prince Ying, most people probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Ying Shuang was not stupid.

After so long, even a pig would know how to disguise itself.

During this period, the people around Ying Shuang had not noticed anything, which also displayed his prudence.

Gu Changge had anticipated this for a long time, so he planned to let Wang Ziji act so that it would be difficult for Ying Shuang to continue to pretend.

After all, demeanor and actions could be disguised, but in terms of strength, he did not believe that Ying Shuang could be the same as the original Prince Ying.

It was worth it as long as people who were familiar with him could notice the abnormality of Ying Shuang.

Therefore, Gu Changge had already anticipated Ying Shuang’s next move.

Using the excuse of showing weakness, he had informed everyone in the Heavenly Emperor Mountain that his cultivation had gone wrong recently.

With regards to Ying Yu’s character, before this, she must have suspected Ying Shuang’s abnormality.

As long as Ying Shuang had a little brain, he would definitely use the excuse of something going wrong in his cultivation, which lead to some confusion in her memory.

Considering the current situation it would be a big deal for him to fool everyone again with such a reason.

And Gu Changge just waited for him to say so.

After all, it could be a mistake in cultivation, but it could also be a transfer of a certain inheritance.

As a descendant of Heavenly Emperor Mountain, Ying Shuang took the initiative to abandon the original inheritance and then switched to another method.

If this basin of sewage was poured on it, Ying Shuang’s Luck points would be hit hard again.

Gu Changge didn’t plan to harvest Ying Yu so quickly.

Before that, the Luck points on Ying Shuang had to be harvested first.

After all, he had to moniker the blame of the inheritor of demonic arts for a longer time.

And finally finding a scapegoat, Gu Changge wouldn’t just let him go until he squeezed all his value out.

Then, Gu Changge’s gaze surged with interest again.


Terrible rune fluctuations emerged, accompanied by terrifying chains of order, descending from all directions.

There suddenly seemed to be many stars exploding, and the energy fluctuations were terrifying to the extreme.

Many mountain ranges collapsed and turned dust under this breath.

Wang Ziji’s sudden action not only shocked the group from Heavenly Emperor Mountain but also shocked many of the younger generation cultivators near the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield.

They naturally recognized that this was a visitor from Emperor Mountain.

Among them, Prince Ying Shuang was the one who had an extraordinary bearing and was surrounded by Immortal intent, and he was also the most suspected inheritor of demonic arts today.

Although Ying Shuang seldom showed up because of his demonic power, he was notorious during this period, but he was the Son of an Emperor from the Ancient Royal Family.

Since he had been sealed for a long time to the present, his own talent was extremely strong.

Many people thought that he would be the most powerful young existence in his life.

Of course, his strength needed no explanation.

However, now he was instantly injured by the hands of a woman in a blue dress, and was bleeding profusely, which really shocked everyone.

Including Ying Yu and Agu, others also widened their eyes and looked so shocked that they couldn’t believe it.

Many of them were still former followers of Ying Shuang, and their strength was the highest among their peers.

They all felt that the scene in front of them was unbelievable.

Why did Ying Shuang become so weak He couldn’t even stop the opponent’s blow Or was it because there was no response

“Little Lord……”

“Stop it!”

Afterward, everyone reacted, and they sacrificed various divine artifacts one after another, all kinds of powerful fluctuations erupted, the brilliance was gorgeous, being reflected in all directions, and attacked Wang Ziji.

“How can you only have such strength” Wang Ziji frowned slightly, with a little surprise, and even she did not expect that Ying Shuang’s strength would be so weak.

He couldn’t even take a single blow from her.

In her perception, Ying Shuang at least had the strength above the Quasi-Sacred Realm.

There was no reason to be this weak.

Even if he didn’t dare to use the forbidden magic, with the inheritance of Emperor Mountain, it should be enough to deal with her blow.

“Are you feigning weakness” She shook her head gently, waved her hand again, and a large piece of clear light emerged, which was filled with a powerful breath.

The sky trembled, and all directions resonated.

At this moment, she was like a supreme female Immortal King with various runes intertwined, like two huge moon seals, pushed by her, to suppress Ying Shuang.


Such a blow instantly changed the expressions of the rest of the nearby cultivators from the Heavenly Emperor Mountain, making them afraid as they did not dare to take it hard.

This had already involved the power of laws at the Sacred Realm.

Only the same level of power could stop it.

“You are the descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall…”

At this time, Ying Yu’s expression changed slightly.

Immediately afterward, her jade hand lifted, and her crystal fingers pointed out in the virtual space that had the sky full of brilliance.

She had used a supreme talisman to resist the attack.

But it could only resist for a breath, and she was not Wang Ziji’s opponent at all.

At this moment, she recognized Wang Ziji’s identity, and her silver eyes were filled with shock.

She never expected that they had just come to the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, and encountered the descendant of Human Ancestor Hall.

With her terrifying strength, unless her brother took action, none of them would be her opponent.

But at this time, Ying Shuang seemed to be in a wrong state.

He had been passive during the previous attack and was constantly wounded, making him cough up blood.

He had absolutely no terrifying strength like the Prince Ying in the past.

“So you still recognize me, that’s fine.”

Wang Ziji still had a smile on her face, her blue dress fluttered, and she looked unparalleled, but she didn’t show mercy at all.

As a descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall, it was normal for her to deal with the inheritor of demonic art.

No one could say anything more.

“My brother has nothing to do with the inheritor of demonic art.

Stop quickly, and don’t accidentally hurt the innocent.”

Ying Yu couldn’t help shouting, although she suspected that Ying Shuang had something to hide from her, she didn’t believe that he would have something to do with the inheritor of demonic arts.

However, Wang Ziji’s expression did not change much, and she said lightly, “Just because you say he has nothing to do with the inheritor of demonic art, it doesn’t make him innocent.

As the evidence points to him… If you want me to stop, then that’s fine, let your brother display his real strength.”

Saying so, her hands became even more ruthless.


The divine light blooming in the sky was like a large piece of petal, gorgeous and crystal clear, and more runes emerged from it as if they were rooted in a small world.

This was a vast and ancient divine art with infinitely evolving mysteries.

In a trance, everyone seemed to notice a door opening.

Countless divine chains of laws emerged from them, causing the expressions of everyone from the Emperor Mountain to change drastically.


Someone instantly sacrificed a piece of forbidden weapon to resist this attack.

This kind of power was too terrifying, and it could not be blocked by ordinary people.

Even Gu Changge, who had been watching from a distance, felt that Wang Ziji’s strength was quite good.

At the Quasi-Sacred Realm, it showed the power that even someone at the Sacred Realm would be afraid of.

It was worthy of being a fellow traveler.


In the face of this terrifying blow, Ying Shuang’s expression changed.

He wanted to resist, but a vague and stalwart figure, swallowing all the world, appeared behind him.

At this time, Ying Shuang didn’t have any indifferent confidence on his face when he entered the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, and he was completely gloomy and ugly.

He didn’t understand why Wang Ziji was waiting at the entrance, just waiting for his arrival.

But he was not the original Prince Ying after all.

In a moment, the brilliance erupted, like countless stars exploded, and the terrifying energy raged here.

Ying Shuang spurted blood again, and his body flew upside down, with severe pain all over his body and many broken bones.

Wang Ziji slapped him with a palm, and the terrifying force collapsed everything like an immortal turned into a mountain.

“Do you still want to feign weakness I underestimated your forbearance.”

Wang Ziji frowned, she really didn’t expect for Ying Shuang to no’t fight back, and continued to feign weakness.

During the time she was cultivating in the Human Ancestor Hall, she had learned a lot of the divine powers inherited from the Dao traditions, among which the divine powers of the Emperor Mountain were by no means only at this level.

So she couldn’t understand why Ying Shuang would choose to show weakness in front of everyone.

This was completely hitting him in the face of Emperor Mountain.


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