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Chapter 329: I know who you are, An incomparably desperate Human Ancestor (Part 2)

Gu Changge smiled lightly and said something that Jiang Yang could not understand, but it was clear that it was not a word of praise.

He wanted to speak again amidst his ugly face, even if he could not resist at this moment, his mouth would not yield.


However, Gu Changge did not allow him to speak.

This time it was even simpler, he directly grabbed Jiang Yang in the palm of his hand, just like grabbing a small mole that wanted to jump.

“Just kill me, even if you annihilate my True Spirit, it won’t be of any use.”

“My immortality lies in the fact that there are people in all the Heavenly Realms extolling my name!”

“You are still too young to kill me with your tactics!”

Jiang Yang thought that Gu Changge was annoyed and wanted to directly crush him to death, so thinking this, he could not help but reveal a faint mockery on his face.

After all, this was the only confidence he could find in front of Gu Changge.

So what if he was being calculated

Even if he had to die in this life, so what

He had a long history of pride and would not yield!

“Now you are like a fool.”

“Don’t you want to know who I am”

“When you’re dying, you still think you have a chance Just how stupid are you”

The smile on Gu Changge’s face did not change, it was still faint.

As his words fell, Jiang Yang frowned, and his mocking words also staggered.

He felt that something was wrong.

He suddenly felt, what did he think wrong

At this time, Gu Changge was still so confident

Could it be that he had a way…… to kill him

Jiang Yang did not believe it.


But in the next moment, his face changed violently and dramatically, his eyes were about to pop out as his face turned gloomy quickly and tragically with a strong sense of horror and disbelief.

A dense dark light diffused out, accompanied by palpitating Dao laws, dropping down, forming a waterfall-like astonishing sight.

It was the Great Dao treasure bottle that was floating up and down, being dragged in the palm of Gu Changge’s hand.

As the dark light flickered, it seemed as if heaven and earth could be swallowed up!

“Great Dao treasure bottle……”

“How is it possible……”

“You’re actually an inheritor of demonic art”

Jiang Yang couldn’t help but tremble.

His voice carried an undisguised tremble and terror, feeling fear for the first time in his life.

Why did he go to such length in search for the inheritor of demonic art in every life, to purify the peace for the world and return a peaceful environment for the living beings to cultivate

Because the Great Dao treasure bottle was the nemesis of his reincarnation method, and also the only nemesis!

So he couldn’t let the inheritor of demonic art to grow up and threaten him in the future.

For the sake of the world’s life That was all bull**!

He just wanted to kill the existence that threatened him in advance in the cradle!

“Now you know who I am……”

Gu Changge smiled lightly as always, and with a buzz, the Great Dao treasure bottle sank, dropping down from the sky and enveloping Jiang Yang.

Terrible aura surged up, like a dark divine light that covered the universe.

“How is it possible…… You are actually an inheritor of demonic art……”

Jiang Yang’s face became incomparably pale, full of horror.

There was no longer the confidence that he had just now, feeling that he could still return from reincarnation.

He felt the threat of death for the first time, and he was never expecting Gu Changge’s true identity to be the Inheritor of demonic art.

It seemed that the terrifying figure that appeared outside should also be the Universal Transformation of the demonic body that Gu Changge performed.

He now figured out why Gu Changge had calculated him from the very beginning and wanted to kill him.

“How is it possible…… The inheritor of demonic art of this world, how could it be that powerful……”

Jiang Yang’s voice trembled slightly, still finding it hard to believe.

None of the inheritor of demonic art he had encountered were as powerful as Gu Changge, so powerful that even he could not resist.

“No, it’s you who is too weak.”

Gu Changge’s voice was still light, and as his foot fell, instantly trampling Jiang Yang underfoot.

“No…… Impossible, you can’t be the inheritor of demonic art……”

Jiang Yang was incomparably unwilling and in those eyes, there was a fierce explosion of multicolored divine light.

However, in his current state, let alone contending, it even took effort to speak.

Under the terrifying suppression, there were many mysterious rays of light falling out from the Reincarnation Seal.

But with the suppression of the Great Dao treasure bottle, the light of the Reincarnation Seal began to dim, and even cracks appeared, as if it were about to collapse.

“This is the real Great Dao treasure bottle, and it’s not just a replica condensed from the cultivation method…”

“I understand.”

“I see.”

“So that’s how it is.”

“I know who you are…”

Jiang Yang was paying attention to the treasure bottle that shrouded him, and suddenly smiled miserably, as if he just noticed it.

Suddenly, his expression was not as unwilling and unbelievable as before.

Everything seemed to be taken for granted, so he was calm and able to accept it all.

“Sure enough, you never died.”

He smiled miserably, desperate.

“Why would I die”

Gu Changge raised his eyebrows slightly.

He didn’t care what Jiang Yang said, and still smiled faintly.

Although he was at a loss, he also knew that the existence of the Great Dao treasure bottle was related to his origin.

After all, many memories were likely to be sealed by him in the past.

Even he didn’t know when or what would emerge.

What the Human Ancestor said was obvious that the Great Dao treasure bottle he possessed was a real existence, cast with endless divinity and immortal rhythm.

At this time, Gu Changge was naturally too lazy to explain anything.

“It seems that the descendants of the Human Ancestor hall in this life have also fallen into your hands…” Jiang Yang was still smiling miserably, very desperate.

He thought of all the things he experienced after he was led out of Immortal Lun Sect.

The secret aura of the Human Ancestor Hall that he sensed at that time was obviously something that Gu Changge had secretly done.

“Oh, do you want to say that to her”

Hearing this, Gu Changge smiled lightly and waved his sleeves.

The space in front of him suddenly cracked, and Jiang Chuchu’s figure fell out of the Inner Universe that had already evolved from the Inner World.

She was cultivating on a bluestone.

During this period of time, she felt uncomfortable in her heart, and it was difficult for her to be at peace.

She felt that the reincarnation of Human Ancestor was likely to have an accident.

But she wasn’t sure either.

Every day was like a torment, and many complicated emotions flashed in her heart, making her sigh, not knowing what the future would be like.

Now that Gu Changge suddenly released her from the Inner Universe, Jiang Chuchu’s expression was still a little puzzled.

With eyes as clear as lotus, she looked at Gu Changge beside her, looking like she was asking.

Could it be that Gu Changge was really merciful and was going to let her out

“Gu Changge…”

Jiang Chuchu was about to speak and asked why.

Gu Changge had already spoken, and naturally wrapped her arms around her waist, smiling faintly, “Meet the Ancestor you want to see the most, this will be your first and last meeting with him.”

“Don’t say I didn’t give you this chance.”

Hearing this, Jiang Chuchu’s expression was suffocated, a little unbelievable, as if she wanted to confirm again.

Then she looked at Jiang Yang, who was suppressed by Gu Changge, covered in blood and couldn’t make out his face.

She couldn’t believe it.

This person who was stepped on by Gu Changge and was embarrassed to the extreme, could be the reincarnation of Human Ancestor

“He… he is the Human Ancestor…”

Jiang Chuchu’s voice trembled uncontrollably, unable to calm down at all.

In the teachings of Human Ancestral Hall, what a mighty existence Human Ancestor was, and all kinds of great achievements were praised by all beings.

The painting hanging in the Human Ancestor Hall was still imprinted in the eyes of all the disciples of the Human Ancestor Hall.

That stalwart figure with his back to all beings, as if no one in this world was worthy for him to turn his back.

Was it this kind of person, who was now being stepped on by this big demon, and who couldn’t even lift his head

But she was a descendant of Human Ancestor Hall, practicing the exercises of Human Ancestor Hall, and the person in front of her was the reincarnation of Human Ancestor.

The origin couldn’t be wrong.

Jiang Chuchu felt that her world was about to collapse.

She thought that although Gu Changge could gain the upper hand, Human Ancestor would not be too weak.

After all, he had a lot of arrangements, and he had reincarnated many times.

In terms of strength and means, how could Gu Changge be his opponent

However, things were just the opposite of what she had guessed.

Gu Changge was so powerful that not even the Human Ancestor was his opponent, so he was crushed by force.

“How is it possible…” Jiang Chuchu murmured, her face was frosty, as if struck by lightning.

She thought about saving the Human Ancestor.

But even the Human Ancestor was not Gu Changge’s opponent, so what could she do

Jiang Chuchu was also desperate.

“Why isn’t it possible He’s just a rooster, and I haven’t stepped on it yet.”

“Your Human Ancestor Hall, the people you believe in, are now under your nose”

“But… do you dare to save him”

Gu Changge looked at her and smiled casually.

Jiang Chuchu’s face was pale and her body was trembling.

If it wasn’t for being surrounded by Gu Changge, she would probably have collapsed to the ground.

At this time, Jiang Yang naturally saw Jiang Chuchu.

This was the real descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall!

Speaking of which, this should be the woman who protected him in this life, but now, judging from her appearance, it seemed that she had already been suppressed by Gu Changge.

She was not even perfect.

This made Jiang Yang desperate, aggrieved, and resentful…

“You…” Before he died, he was going to scream and faint.

It was at this moment that Gu Changge’s eyes narrowed slightly, feeling that the time was almost up.

“There will be no afterlife, nor will you have a chance.” He smiled softly.


In the next moment, the Great Dao treasure bottle trembled and began to fall.

The terrifying black light drowned down, instantly swallowing Jiang Yang’s body.


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