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Chapter 328: I know who you are, An incomparably desperate Human Ancestor (Part 1)

Within the vast and boundless lotus body that was filled with chaotic aura as if arriving into a new world.

Gu Changge sat cross-legged here, with his eyes filled with interest, overlooking Jiang Yang who stepped into this place.

His star-like light robe was fluttering and there was an incomparably terrifying power brewing within.

The mountains and seas were whistling, the sun and the moon turned dark, and the sky collapsed.

At this moment, each of his cells seemed to have transformed into an ancient and vast universe, making a heart-pounding rumbling sound.

Now the Nirvana Green Lotus had been completely refined by him with the tolerance of the demonic heart.

All of the origins were no longer chaotic and mixed, and they even looked strangely natural.

No matter how monstrous the surrounding demonic energy was, he was imposing.

A wisp of light emerged as if even if the sky collapsed and everything was destroyed, he would be Immortal.

It was like the power of his flesh could resist the collapse of the world!

And these were the physical changes that Nirvana Green Lotus brought him.

There were strands of chaotic mist outside, which were intertwined, isolating all of the aura fluctuations of this place.

This made Jiang Yang even more horrified, his back was cold, and his scalp was almost numb.

He even handed over the Immortal Lun Seal to Zhao Yi outside, which was his biggest reliance before, which meant that his only method now was the Reincarnation Seal.

Gu Changge was waiting here, waiting for him to come for his death.

This made Jiang Yang’s heart sink continuously, sinking into a trough.

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation since his previous reincarnations so many times, and it was also the most dangerous situation.

Didn’t Gu Changge fall into the Netherland Heavenly Pond With his calculations, he was killed by a pit, and even his bones could not be found.

Who would have thought that he would appear here unharmed, and occupying the Nirvana Green Lotus that originally belonged to him

And it seemed that he had been here for an unknown time.

Perhaps the phantom that everyone in the outside world saw at the time was intentionally made by Gu Changge, so that everyone could see it.

Thus he deceived everyone including him.

Jiang Yang was not stupid, he was someone who had lived so many lives.

He had experienced a lot of things, he immediately realized that something was wrong.

He was calculated by Gu Changge, to be precise, he was calculated by him.

It was a pity that he lived so long, but he was kept in the dark without knowing it.

Soon, Jiang Yang forced himself to calm down, knowing that at this time, he couldn’t be in a mess.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, Human Ancestor.”

But in the next moment, as Gu Changge spoke with interest, Jiang Yang’s pupils could not help but shrink again.

His skull seemed to be lifted, cold water poured in directly, and the more terrifying chillness swept through his limbs, almost making him shiver all over, standing still.

“You know who I am… how is it possible…”

“When did this happen”

His voice trembled faintly, and his face changed drastically.

Gu Changge even revealed his identity and said that he had been waiting for him for a long time!

With a bang, his head went blank, which meant… Gu Changge knew his true identity a long time ago.

It was just that he had been pretending not to know, and there was no showdown to inform him

Before that, what Gu Changge did was clear at a glance.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yang didn’t even realize that his hands trembled uncontrollably.

Why couldn’t he see any abnormality before this at all

He just treated Gu Changge as an ordinary person from the Upper Realm, at most a little trick, and thought that he was nothing to worry about.

Who knew that he was the one who hid the deepest.

“When Does it matter”

“What’s wrong You’re so surprised, I thought you already knew”

“Human Ancestor, your performance disappointed me too much.”

“At this time, shouldn’t you be as self-confident and arrogant as before”

At this moment, Gu Changge spoke again, looking at Jiang Yang, who was astonished, with a smile, his words were still so indifferent.

He slowly got up.

The terrifying power swept in like a tide.

The monstrous gray fog outside the dome of the sky made a sound like a mountain and a tsunami.

It was so terrifying that the world trembled.

The stars outside the realm sent out ocean-like fluctuations, turning them all into ashes!

It was because of Gu Changge’s breathing!

“What the hell happened Why do I feel that Jiang Yang’s breath is changing and weakening”

Yue Mingkong stared at the terrifying gray fog in the sky with fear, and was unwilling.

In her perception, Jiang Yang disappeared in the deepest part, and his target was definitely the Nirvana Green Lotus.

But with this terrifying figure, she couldn’t stop it.

“Is there something wrong with Jiang Yang It seems that he is not very relaxed.

The weakening of his aura may be an accident…”

“Jiang Yang is so confident that he has set up a lot of tricks here, but now it is beyond his control.”

“Why does it look more and more like Changge’s actions… This strangely familiar feeling… Did he really secretly follow me”

Yue Mingkong frowned, she could only think like this, with a wave of her jade hand, she instructed the men behind her to watch out, to avoid some stinky fish and shrimps slipping in at this time.

At this moment, when he heard Gu Changge’s words, Jiang Yang’s face was faintly ugly.

Compared with the contempt at the beginning, the mockery now made him even more angry.

But he couldn’t do anything about it.

When he was in Immortal Lun Sect, he thought that Gu Changge dared to do this because he didn’t know his identity.

But who would have thought that Gu Changge actually knew it at that time, but he just pretended not to know and played with him in the palm of his hand.

“Who the hell are you”

At this time, Jiang Yang’s voice had calmed down, and his mood was very strong, after all, his biggest trump card, the Reincarnation Seal, was still there.

He didn’t believe that Gu Changge had a way to kill him.

At most, all his efforts in this life would be in vain.

But he could still reincarnate.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is that you’re going to die today.”

“Before I die, I can give you a chance to say a few more last words.”

Gu Changge smiled lightly, knowing what Jiang Yang was actually thinking.

He didn’t mind letting Jiang Yang despair before this.

After all, in a desperate situation, the chance of success of plundering his Luck would be greater.

Since ancient times, villains have died because of too many words, right

That was because their methods were not meticulous enough!

In Gu Changge’s eyes, Human Ancestor’s Luck was passing quickly, especially when his protector and Yaoyao fought, it had already reached the lowest point.

After breaking up with Yaoyao, who was supposed to be on his side and helping him expand his territory, it was enough to break Jiang Yang’s last reliance.

In the Heavenly Star Realm, many of the back-hands he arranged had now vanished under Gu Changge’s calculations, and they had all disappeared into nothing.

How much Luck was left with Jiang Yang

He was so stupid that he even destroyed his own city wall, Immortal Lun Sect.

He was still too arrogant and stupid.

He just felt sorry for the reincarnations that he had lived for so many lifetimes.

However, Gu Changge still did not take action against Jiang Yang in front of Yaoyao and many people outside, after all, if he did this then his persona as a Master, would collapse.

When the time came, he would appear with the excuse of being trapped in the middle, the timing was just right, and he would pinpoint it.

Moreover, Yue Mingkong was still outside the Netherland Heavenly Pond watching everything here.

So Gu Changge warned her with his Innate Divine God, so that she would not barge in and ruin his plans.

The main thing was, Gu Changge thought that with her means, she might even suffer a big loss from the Human Ancestor inside the Netherland Heavenly Pond.

What she had to do was done, now Gu Changge just needed to close the net.

“Last words You are still the first person who dares to say this to me…… Since you already know my identity as a Human Ancestor, it should be clear that you can’t kill me.”

“No matter how many times you kill me, I will reincarnate and return again.”

Jiang Yang’s expression, becoming incomparably calm, and he said indifferently.

Knowing that the many tactics of this life were useless, he also gave up resistance.

Although this was counted as a stain among many reincarnations, he did not expect to suffer a big loss on Gu Changge and fall here.

But now it did not matter, he was already planning to shatter the Reincarnation Seal and disappear into reincarnation again.

When the time arrived, his past life memories would wake up, when he remembered all this, he would let Gu Changge understand, what was called regret.

His methods as a Human Ancestor was not for him to speculate.

“It’s already this time, and you are still pretending.”

“Didi you forget what I said to you before, young men should less pretend Especially in front of me.”

Gu Changge could not help but let out a snort at his words, and was not surprised at all.

He turned his big hand towards the front, runes flickered, laws and rules fell down, immediately emitting a mountainous sound, transforming into an incomparably solid, sky-covering giant hand, slapping down towards Jiang Yang.


“Damn it……” Jiang Yang frowned and wanted to dodge backwards, however it was simply too late.

The horrible force smashed down, and he immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood, his internal organs ruptured, and half of his body exploded.

Gu Changge held back, so as not to let him die so easily.

The so-called Son of Luck, always with innate and inexplicable confidence, and the Human Ancestor’s confidence, was that he could not kill him

It was simply ridiculous.

“It’s useless even if you kill me now, I will still return when I should return, no one can stop this.”

“You can stop me for a lifetime, but not forever.”

Jiang Yang’s eyes were incomparably gloomy, cloaked, and wretched.

At this moment, he was covered in blood, lying on the ground unable to stand up, but still had a proud bone that could not be humiliated.

“You can reincarnate many times and return, don’t you feel very old”


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