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Chapter 326: The unparalleled Demon revives, I have been waiting for you for a long time, Human Ancestor (Part 1)

This terrifying scene shocked not only Yue Mingkong, but also Jiang Yang.

“What is this”

“What the hell is hidden in the Netherland Heavenly Pond…”

At this time, Yue Mingkong’s face became very solemn.

She was a person from the Upper Realm.

As the future Empress of the Peerless Immortal Dynasty, she would rule the territory of hundreds of millions of miles in the future.

The identity of her fiancé was even more precious.

But at this time, she still felt palpitations, tremors, and chills.

This definitely shouldn’t be something that would appear in the Lower Realm.

Even in the Upper Realm, it was an existence that would make countless ancient Dao sects tremble.

But in it, she felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

“How is it possible, when did Netherland Heavenly Pond give birth to this kind of thing…”

Jiang Yang’s expression also changed drastically, and he couldn’t believe it.

How could there be such an existence where he arranged so many tricks.

That kind of aura was maddening, chilling, trembling, even making the soul freeze.

This was even beyond his cognition as someone who had reincarnated so many times.

Jiang Yang’s expression was extremely gloomy.

Now the entire Heavenly Pond had changed from the Immortal aura just now to a demonic aura, making people unable to see the scene in it.

He was a little worried about his Nirvana green lotus.

Was there an accident

And what the hell is that

He saw that in the monstrous gray fog, covering the sky and the sun, it was surging, as if there was an incomparably ancient, invisible, and indescribable terrifying true demon reviving.

Someone broke into his territory, woke up from eternal sleep, opened his mouth and swallowed, and the whole world had turned into darkness.

At this moment, not only Netherland Heavenly Pond, but even in the farther territory of Heavenly Domain, there were scenes that terrified and horrified countless cultivators and creatures.

Countless powerful existences were terrified under this aura, they got goosebumps, and even their souls were frozen.

In the distant sky, all demons revived and swallowed the sky.

The world turned black in an instant!

The light was gone, the sun and the moon lost their light!

It’s as if the world was going to an end.

“Could it be that the Immortal fell into the hands of this unknown creature…”

Zhao Yi’s voice trembled, and her soul trembled to the extreme.

As an existence in the Quasi-Supreme Realm, she was once the goddess of heaven, but now she was like an ant, with fear emerging from the soul.

Even with the weapon given by Jiang Yang in hand, it was difficult for her to feel the slightest sense of security.


At this time, a headless horseman rushed out from the cliff with the bloody light, he suddenly attacked Jiang Yang.

“Follow my lord’s orders!”

In the deep valley on the other side, a bloody figure swept in, as if a sea of ​​corpses and blood rushed towards Jiang Yang.

“Aren’t these the two creatures I suppressed back then”

“Why are they out of my control”

Seeing this scene, Jiang Yang’s expression changed drastically again.

As soon as they appeared, it was shocking and unbelievable.

He was too familiar with these two creatures.

Before he arranged them, they were caught and suppressed by him, and they all had the strength of the Great Sacred Realm.

In the entire Heavenly Star Realm, it was an unmatched power.

But now, they wanted to kill him

Obviously, many of the surrounding patterns were under his control

This made Jiang Yang’s head a little stunned, what happened

But he had been through all kinds of major events for a long time, and he responded quickly, greeting Zhao Yi to block the changing Yaoyao.

That little cauldron, no matter how bad it was, it was a Great Sacred weapon.

It should not be a problem to compete with the current Yaoyao a little bit, motivated by her power in the Quasi-Supreme Realm.


And he himself, wrapped in the stream of laws and rules here, activated the Immortal Lun Seal, floated on the top of his head and went to the depths of Heavenly Pond to find out.

The two Great Sacred Realm creatures attacked, and the terrain here sent off a huge earthquake.

There were many strands of avenues, radiating light, to drown everything.

Jiang Yang borrowed these methods to resist the attack of the two great creatures.

But some time ago, he just shattered the Reincarnation Seal and killed all the enemies in the Immortal Lun Sect.

If he used the Reincarnation Seal now, it was very likely that one Reincarnation Seal would be shattered directly, and all of his hard work would be wasted.

Therefore, Jiang Yang could only endure, and did not dare to act rashly.

On the other side, the war between Yaoyao and Zhao Yi broke out.

Although Yaoyao’s state was strange at this moment, her power had not surpassed that of the Great Sacred Realm.

Zhao Yi mobilized the Great Sacred weapon, which was still tolerable in a short period of time, but her complexion was also extremely pale, and she couldn’t last for long.

“The Netherland Heavenly Pond has changed, so don’t go in yet.”

“We’ll talk about it when the situation becomes clear.”

Yue Mingkong appeared high in the sky, the mist around her filled the air, her breath was full of powerful aura, and the radiance was bright.

A powerful forbidden weapon was floating between her sleeves.

She instructed the confidants and the Golden Armored warriors behind her, waving her hands to let them retreat.

And the sudden appearance of the monstrous gray fog made her heart palpitate.

Especially the pair of eyes that were so indifferent that they did not contain the slightest emotion, as if they regarded all living beings as ants, which could be easily erased.

Yue Mingkong frowned.

She didn’t know if it was her own illusion.

She felt that the unknowable existence seemed to be warning her not to approach it.

This made her even more confused, coupled with the lingering familiarity just now.

This obviously did not look like an indescribable god of human beings.

Could it be an existence she was familiar with

But for a while, Yue Mingkong didn’t know if she was thinking too much.


At this time, the gray fog covering the sky became more turbulent, and the aura in it seemed to engulf the entire sky.

A big hand suddenly descended from it, and it looked like it was shrouded in a vast gray fog, like a world-annihilating millstone, intertwined with the laws of the Great Dao, and fell down easily.

Zhao Yi, who was fighting against Yaoyao, changed abruptly, and before she could react, the palm covered her, like a piece of heaven and earth turned upside down!


The void burst!

The Great Sacred weapon she sacrificed that suddenly attacked, clear cracks appeared on it, and the runes were dim.

“Jiang Yang, save me…”

Her expression was horrified, full of despair and pale.


In the next moment, she was directly covered and smashed down by this palm, and before she could touch her, her body exploded instantly.

Jiang Yang, who was rushing to the depths, frowned, showing dissatisfaction, but thinking of something.

With a wave of his sleeves, a cloud of clear light emerged, instantly wrapping Zhao Yi’s remnant soul and saving her.

At this time, if Zhao Yi died here, he would inevitably be distracted and exhausted.

After all, she was a Quasi-Supreme Realm cultivator.

And after smashing Zhao Yi’s body, the big hand had not stopped, it was still looking towards Yaoyao below, as if to grab him.

Yaoyao’s current state was very strange, her expression was icy, like an aloof goddess.

She could feel her presence, but she couldn’t fully control the power.

And her temperament, affected by this power, became extremely indifferent.

Even if this palm fell, his expression did not change, and she even planned to fight.

However, with a bang, her small body was sent flying into the Heavenly Pond, and fell into it with a thud.

“Yaoyao ……”

The silver haired granny was incomparably worried and wanted to go forward to save her, but was incomparably afraid of the terrifying deity in the sky and did not dare to move.


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