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Chapter 325: Brother and sister torn apart, I can finally start to close the net (Part 2)

And it was obvious that the group was brought by the same mysterious woman who planned to kill him in the first place, pursuing him relentlessly.

They had actually arrived here.

“It’s been so many days, why haven’t the people from the Human Ancestor Hall come here Even other people know where I am, why doesn’t the Human Ancestor Hall know Is it possible that the Human Ancestor Hall has had an accident”

A vague feeling arose in Jiang Yang’s heart that something wasn’t right, that feeling of being schemed against, surfaced again.

However, that day, he could not wrongly perceive that secret fluctuation from the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall.

But in the end, he did not see the person, but the other side used it as bait to attract him

It was not likely that the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall would fall into their hands, right

“Master disappeared from here”

“Master is really not here anymore……”

And at this moment, at the edge of the endless heavenly pond.

Yaoyao was staring blankly ahead, her face was white, muttering and looking incredulous.

The turquoise like lotus leaves were laid one after another, one could not see the edge and the seam.

Each one was green, as big as a face basin.

Especially a dazzling Chaos Green Lotus, it was incomparably tall, accompanied by the Immortal spirit Dao rhythm, propped up there, emitting the rumbling sound of the world.

All these various divine things were not relevant to her anymore.

Because she did not see the Master, not to mention the figure, even the trace left at the beginning was missing.

“Ooooooooo…… Master, you really do not want to die young……”

Steeply, bean-sized teardrops, like a broken line, slipped down from her face, and it was difficult for her to accept this fact.

The silver haired granny’s face looked bitter, she also did not know how to comfort her.

Within a short period of time, Yaoyao’s Master was already in Yaoyao’s heart and had an unparalleled status.

Now she had to face the fact that her Master died Could she accept it

“Yaoyao, Mr.

Immortal might have really fallen.

You have to mourn and change.

It was rumored that his body was beaten to pieces.

There are many beasts here.

I am afraid that he has been eaten completely, and there are no bones left.”

“I actually don’t understand… Why did he insist on coming to this place He made you so sad…”

At this time, seeing Yaoyao crying there, Jiang Yang frowned slightly in his heart, feeling a little irritable.

He knew that this was the emotion left after the strong fusion of the consciousness.

However, it didn’t affect him.

On the surface, he still said with a regretful expression, trying to comfort Yaoyao.

However, he didn’t care at all, and even made a slight mockery.

The person he wanted to kill had never lived!

A mere Immortal from the Upper Realm, what the hell was this

“Shut up! It’s you who caused my Master to be like this.

If it wasn’t for you, how could Master come to such a place It’s all your fault!”

“At this time, you are still pretending to be pitiful, obviously you are the one who murdered my Master!”

However, at this time, upon hearing Jiang Yang’s hypocritical words, Yaoyao suddenly turned around.

Her small body was trembling, with an icy expression she stared at Jiang Yang with incomparable hatred.

How could she bear it, Jiang Yang still said that about her Master at this time

“Yaoyao, what do you mean by that It’s all my fault”

Jiang Yang frowned and said displeased, “I’m just telling the truth as a big brother.”

As he said that, he closed his eyes and his voice was a little low.

“Could it be that this brother, in your eyes, is completely inferior to your Master”

Jiang Yang could feel the changes in Yaoyao at the moment.

What did she seem to really notice

Or what did Gu Changge tell her when he left for the Netherland Heavenly Pond

“You old monster, not only occupying my brother’s body, but now you are also planning to assassinate my Master…”

“Now, what are you pretending to be”

Yaoyao’s voice suddenly became very cold, it was hard to imagine that this expression would appear on a little girl like her.

One must know that not long ago, she was still frightened by a gangster and her face turned white.

Of course, this kind of change was not surprising to Gu Changge.

After all, Yaoyao was the real Daughter of Luck in the Heavenly Star Realm.

Even without him and the reincarnation of Human Ancestor, she would have undergone a huge transformation.

After all, her original destiny template came from the most talented woman in ancient times, and she was also the fruit of the mysterious Peach Tree.

At this moment, he heard Yaoyao’s words.

Jiang Yang’s expression suddenly changed, and then he became indifferent.

“Yaoyao, what are you talking about I’m your brother, have you forgotten about our childhood At that time…”

“Don’t talk nonsense, at this time don’t be bewitched by demons and forget your own identity…”

He spoke warmly, ready to play the emotional card.

When Yaoyao said this, she planned to tear her face off with him.

To be honest, Jiang Yang was very surprised, and he didn’t expect things to develop like this so suddenly.

He guessed that Gu Changge said something for Yaoyao at the beginning.

Otherwise, how could she be so sure

Therefore, Jiang Yang’s heart was gloomy, and he hated that he didn’t kill Gu Changge earlier, causing so many twists and turns for no reason.


“Damn you!”

“Yaoyao is going to avenge Master today!”

However, Yaoyao had changed a lot, the place between the eyebrows was bursting with dazzling light, the Peach blossoms were blooming, it was extremely gorgeous, and she didn’t listen to his nonsense at all.

She rose into the sky.

Her dress fluttered, her bare feet were like snow, the strands of laws and rules hung down, delicate like a flawless elf, but her face was as cold as frost.

At this moment, there was a kind of power that could break the sky and the earth that emerged on her body.

In the next moment, with a swipe of her small hand, strands of Immortal light emerged, turning into peerless Immortal swords, containing the strongest attacking power, sweeping towards the bottom, destroying Jiang Yang!

“When in the world did she notice me, did the Immortal tell her this from the beginning It’s really bad for me, and it’s not a pity to die.”

“And it’s much stronger than the last time…”

Seeing this, Jiang Yang’s expression became gloomy, Yaoyao actually had a fall out with him and planned to kill him.

As a result, many of the arrangements he had already thought of were completely in vain.

Things had been like a wild horse, and were completely out of his control!

But at this time, his top priority was to stop Yaoyao, so as not to affect his biggest plan.

“Let me block her for you!”

Jiang Yang’s expression was very ugly, he waved his hand and a small crystal clear cauldron flew to Zhao Yi’s hand behind him.

At the same time, he implemented the many tricks in his hand and this piece of Netherland Heavenly Pond began to rumble.

On the outermost side, there was a murderous intent soaring to the sky, along with all the awakening patterns, it had evolved into a place of lore, to resist the mysterious woman who came to the Netherland Heavenly Pond.

The tricks he arranged had started to work!

“Netherland Heavenly Pond is even more dangerous than the Immortal Lun Sect.

It seems that Jiang Yang really intends to use this strange place to fly to the sky.

If he succeeds, won’t he escape from this world”

Yue Mingkong, who saw this scene outside the Netherland Heavenly Pond, her brows wrinkled, and the mighty Golden Armored warriors behind her stood on the horizon, like heavenly soldiers and generals, fighting in all directions.

She felt a sense of misunderstanding.

In the Netherland Heavenly Pond, there was the biggest fetish needed by the Human Ancestor.

In addition, there was also its biggest arrangement.

If she entered this place by mistake, her body and spirit would probably get destroyed if she was not careful.

Human Ancestor was still a cunning man, so he could not be ignored.


At this time, the sky suddenly darkened, as if there was the most terrifying Chaotic demon, awakening in the deepest part.

The terrifying gray fog rose to the sky, and a pair of indifferent eyes appeared in it, overlooking heaven and earth!

The entire Netherland Heavenly Pond, with a vast territory and no boundaries, was trembling at this time.

Farther away, there were countless terrifying beasts, waking up everywhere, looking up into the distance, and were extremely frightened.


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